Friday, 3 August 2012


Here's a funny thing. In my 40 year quest for a simple apology from the people who are responsible for aiding and abetting paedophile scum bags by covering up for the Staffordshire Pindown children's home child abusers and child pimps, I discovered some very interesting stuff about a woman psychologist who got me weeping hysterically on the floor of my own kitchen due to her horrible bullying, trying to force me to have NLP child abuse "therapy" at her nasty little den near St Georges Psychiatric Hospital (one of the places I was incarcerated at as a child on a "place of safety" court order after I tried to run away from being abused, hence the triggering effect which that creepy old bitch was fully aware of)and Stafford Prison. To this day I do not like to go anywhere near that area, because it does not take too much to trigger off a panic attack if I am in that particular area, even looking at photographs of that area triggers me so much that I get weepy.

I discovered that this particular broomstick riding psychologist has been having cosy little meetings with a senior member of Stafford Police. Now, Stafford Police have been very very naughty indeed, not only have they illegally tampered with a police statement of when I was a child, they have also failed to investigate serious hate crimes which I have reported to them. They also tried to shut my mouth by trying to bully me into stopping blogging.

Anyway, all this is very much like someone taking a sledgehammer to crack a peanut. I'm not really sure why Stafford Police have acted in this way, all I can think is that they must have been desperate for some reason to hush up the Pindown child abuse scandal, but as Stafford police were involved in initial investigations of that I really cannot work out at this stage what went wrong.

Like I said, all I wanted, all I still want in fact, is to be allowed to have a life. Which I cant at the moment, as I still suffer from PTSD, every agency I reach out to for help stabs me in the back. I have even been blocked from getting a divorce. I can't "move on" whatever I do, as there is always a bunch of backstabbing shadows ready to backstab me. I have already posted about the appalling way I was stalked when I was posting on the Safeline child abuse forum helphine. So the only thing I can really do is to try to find out who is responsible for this stalking and bullying.

Well then, I dont want to be too longwinded, but I found that someone called Peter Rigby is involved in preventing hate crime. The funny thing, is that in Staffordshire the only catagory of people who appear to be protected from hate crime are members of the LGBT community. It would be a very nice thing indeed to feel that someone cares about the threats and obnoxious messages that I have to put up with, but as I am part of the hetrosexual community I just dont see anyone who gives a monkeys.

Well I was trying to find out more about Peter Rigby. Apparently he is a police officer with Stafford Police, but I can't really find out much about him. But I did find out about another Peter Rigby, who is apparently one of the richest people in the UK, the 12th richest I think. He is the owner of Coventry Airport and has just become the chairman of the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). He has a charity called The Rigby Foundation, Charity Number 1011259 and the contact is someone called Manny Dos Santos. Here is a link to the Charity Commission website entry

I just cannot find out who this Manny Dos Santos is! I know there is a EU politician from Portugal called Manuel Antonio Dos Santos, but I would not have thought it would be him, surely not?

It's a mystery.

I am still waiting patiently for that apology. I am a very patient woman.


Zoompad said...

Ok, the nosy cretin brigade have ILLEGALLY signed me out of all my social networks again.

Obviously someone is very upset about this blog post.

Zoompad said...

Lots of US folk reading this blog.

Zoompad said...

I have people all round the world reading this blog.

Why would so many people from the Philippines be interested in me?

The majority of my audience comes from the US, but I have a big audience from Jersey Channel Islands as well.

That stupid little troll thinks no-one is reading this blog, but the ratings tell another story.

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Zoompad said...

It is really funny, when you think about it. All I want is a flipping apology!

Thats all I want. I would absolutly LOVE to stop blogging, but I can't, not until I get that apology.

Zoompad said...

My dad always used to tell me, never give in to bullies.

My dad was a lovely man, not perfect (who is apart from Jesus Christ?) but he was as obstinate as a mule.

He was friends with Roy Hudd for about 20 years. They used to write to each other, none of us, including mum, never knew what they were exchanging letters about until Dad died, it was really interesting to see what they had been writing about all those years. They both loved old time music hall acts, and the music of their dance hall days, and also they were both in the Royal Air Force. Dad did his conscript service in the Air Force, and they were exchanging barrack days anacdotes.

I remember one anecdote Dad told me from his air force days. He said that one night the other lads in his unit decided to have a seance. They tried to bully Dad into joining in, but he would absolutly not, and he tried to talkl the rest of them out of it, but they wouldn't listen. Anyway, they had the seance, and Dad said all of a sudden the table shot into the air from one end of the room and crashed into the wall. Dad wasn't a church goer, but he said mucking about trying to call spirits from the dead was a really bad idea. Dad hated bullying and he told all of us never to start a fight, but if some other bugger started one, to make sure we were the ones to finish it!

The abuse I suffered had a really bad effect on me, and it drove a wedge between me and my dad, I dont think my mum and dad knew what to do, but I remember him doing a round trip of 400 miles hitchiking to visit me in hospital. That meant a lot to me when he did that. After I went into "care" Stafford SS were circling round like a flock of vultures trying to get at my siblings. My brother who abused me always said that mum and dad didnt love him, but he was so wrong, he was so very very wrong.

In my young days, schoolteachers were allowed to abuse young children by beating them. That is child abuse, they pretended it wasnt in my uyoung days, but they knew it was, they used to joke about it in childrens comics like the Dandy and the Beano. Some of the teachers used to get their sexual gratification from whacking kids, you could see it in their faces, everyone just covered it up. I am so glad I had a gentle father who loved me, because otherwise I think I would not have survived.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb, good to hear stories about your pop, didn't know he was RAF too. Sadly we're dealing with (online) a lot of hyenas, p*ss takers and losers, emotionally immature, sadists. They think it's OK to bash and rape little kids. Some of them are probably hassling you from in jail. Keep up the good work, not everyone is nasty - and I wish they could learn to apologise. I'm sorry for all your were put through, you were (and are) obviously a good and wonderful person and deserved to be listened to. Please keep writing, you're very good at it. Liz xx

Zoompad said...

Yes, Dad did his National Service with the RAF.

The bad ones who attack me are paedo protectors and vested interest protectors. I feel sorry for them, because they will go to everlasting damnation unless they repent of what they are doing, it CLEARLY says so in the Holy Bible, but of course that is one of the things they hate and despise me for, believing in the Word of God, so what can I say, what can anyone say, they just won't listen, no matter how much even the humblest person pleads with them to leave their sinful ways and surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ and plead to be forgiven. I am just mocked and called a "nutter" and lots of even worse unprintable things for pleading with these people, I have tried it, they just sneer and laugh in my face, they absolutly despise anyone who tries to get through to them. I don't print all the comments on this blog any more, Stuart and others told me not to feed the trolls, so I don't.

Not everyone is nasty, that is so very true, and I have met a lot of very lovely people along the way, Stuart Syvret is one of them, a good good man, he said not to hero worship him but its a bit difficult sometimes as he is not even a Christian believer as I am, yet that man has laid down his own life for the victims of Haut de la Garenne, there aren't many people who would be high principled enough to do that, Christian or otherwise, if that man is standing outside the pearly gates because of his lack of faith I swear I will bend in the bars to let him through, because it would not be heaven for me if such a man was left outside. Theres others who have been so good, yes, you are absolutly right, not everyone is nasty, not by a long chalk, praise the Lord, if they were I would not be here today!

Zoompad said...

Looking at my stats is quite revealing, looking at who is looking at me, and what they are looking at.

I am quite sure that there are some very decent people reading through those posts - REAL police officers, rather than the corrupt phonies who were involved in trying to truss me up like a Christmas turkey. Oh yes, I know what was happening now, tut tut tut, very very naughty.

I am hoping that pretty soon I can stop political blogging for good, and just carry on with my nice crafts blog, and all lovely nice things. The day a certain very wicked and crafty man who has a ring of protection all round him gets arrested I will whoop for joy and devote my spare time to the lovely healing craft blog that I started but dont have enough time for.

Kristin in Arizona said...

I am on of your US readers- I found you through aangirfan. I read it daily, in fact refresh the page every few hours. Addicted! I had no idea UK was fraught with such corruption. The first I heard of it was somehow landing on a site with a link to a Brian Gerrish vid about Common Purpose. What an eye opener.

I think the only time those crying out from their graves for vengeance is when Christ returns. He can't come too soon!

Zoompad said...

I agree with you about Christ.

I didn't realise how corruption was flourishing in the UK until I started writing to politicians about the secret family courts, I had thought that what happened to me as a child was just a few bad people, and had no idea what an industry organised child abuse is.

When it started to dawn upon me that most of the politicians already know all about the Pindown child abuse I felt so sick inside, I got very run down and ill, and weepy. It was like biting into an apple and finding it crawling with maggots.

Zoompad said...

I also stumbled upon Brian Gerrish, and thought he was also a campaigner against child abuse and corruption, until he invited John Hemming MP to his Stoke conference, and Hemming is one of the people who was on a website called Mothers for Justice, when I discovered about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager I was posting things on that site, ie the Paidika interview and quotes from Gardner's books, and was shocked when other people started attacking me for doing so, but I discovered that the ones who were attacking me were mainly people who had been convicted during the Operation Ore police investigation, and their supportive relatives. And Hemming was on that site and other sites at the time, and witnessed me being bullied relentlessly, and he let it happen.