Friday, 10 September 2010



Zoompad said...

It might seem like the corruption is all too much, you might be sitting there thinking "What the heck can I do? I am so insignificant!"

But EVERYONE can do something to bring this paedo ring to justice.

Tell people, anyone and everyone, about how Stuart Syvret is being taken to court for minor offences, how 10 coppers bust the door down in the early hours with his family all asleep in bed, all to shut him up from talking about the cover up of the Haut de la Garenne child abuse scandal.

Tell everyone and anyone what is happening in the Channel Islands and on the mainland. Tell them about Ralph Underwager and Richard Gardner - Dirty Dick and Dirty Underpants I call them, and what those two odious disgusting creeps have done, and how the Secret Family Courts have used their stuff, and how all the Government knows all about it as well, of all parties - every Government minister has been written to on this issue and is fully aware of the wicked activities of the SECRET FAMILY COURTS.

Just TALK to people, down the shops, at the bus stop, anywhere and everywhere. Tell them this as well - a RAPIUST now has the same paternity rights as a decent respectable married man! TYell them women are being taken to court for paternity rights BY THE MEN WHO RAPED THEM! Ask them if they realised that was the law, and if they think that it is a good law. Tell them the Government know all about that as well - well, it's them who passed these stupid unjust laws!

JUST TALK TO PEOPLE! You CAN rise up against the wicked - everyone can, even people in jail can, because we can STILL talk to each other, no matter how hard the wicked ones try to gag us all.

Anon said...

Well done.

- Aangirfan