Thursday, 23 September 2010



Zoompad said...

The Archbishop of Canterbury MUST explain why this was allowed to happen. I realise it was nothing to do with Rowan Williams, I have a great deal of respect for him, as he put his head on the chopping block by saying that freemasonry and christianity did not mix, and was attacked for doing so.

I am going to write to him again, hopefully I might get an answer from him this time, I will post my letter online in case moles keep him from getting it.

Zoompad said...

Mr Williams, sir, just in case you get to read this blog, or someone tells you about it, why are you not speaking about these things? Have you been bullied and threatened as well?

Please do not be scared of the bullies. You know that Jesus Christ did not give you your authority so that wicked people could smother it down. You are the chief priest of the British Church, and you have massive power for the good, if only you would use it.

When you spoke out against cronyism, freemasonry, you got criticised, and attacked, but you did the right thing, because it is absolutly true.

Please trust the Lord Jesus to look after you, and do what Jesus told you to do, which is take care of His sheep and lambs. Please, just be honest, brave and true. The Lord Jesus will take care of you, it says so in the book which gave you your authority!