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To Portsmouth residents who care about their city and hate paedophiles.

Important: This report is rather long but it should be read by all

Portsmouth residents who care about their city and hate paedophiles.

The story of Detective Inspector John Geden, Mike Hancock and PCC

In 2006 Les Cummings and 19 others report abuse they were exposed to as children in the care of PCC. DI John Geden was an investigation officer for Portsmouth Police. 2007 Les and Ralph Mitchell set up The Children’s Cottage Homes Justice Project and do battle with PCC through our solicitor and public demonstrations.

In the early days PCC basically laughed at Les Cummings (spokesperson) as he attempts to make representations in PCC council chamber on behalf of all the other victims. Les is treated with disrespect and disregard in his quest for justice.

Because councillors have no biographical information on the PCC website we challenge councillors to place bio information on the website. Not one did (If you look on the PCC website you will see some have at last placed their bio info on the site) so we then decided to investigate all councillors and discovered there is one serving councillor Mike Hancock who is a paedophile and two ex-Lord Mayors are also paedophiles. We also discover two councillors who were discharged from public service. So we are certain some councillors are hiding from their pasts. Cllr Vernon-Jackson for example and his less than honest dealings whilst a Mayor for Newbury, plus the lies he’s told since he’s been a councillor in Portsmouth. We are given much information about certain councillors by a 'civic minded' local resident and also travel the country to investigate these councillors who refused to give background information about themselves.

The Children’s Cottage Homes Justice Project then decided to post letters to neighbours of various councillors in order to discover more information. The News reported this incident titled ’Spy for me’ by Alex Forsyth. No laws were broken as these councillors are public officials. Cllr Hugh Mason is quoted as saying.’ I believe the man has gone beyond the realms of rationality. We say is it irrational to want to know who your councillors are. We say it is rational because we all have the right to know who is representing us as councillors.

A day later Inspector John Geden calls Les Cummings and tells him to stop posting letters to councillors. Les asks DI Geden if he’s broken any laws and Geden says ‘no but I’m your friend Les and I don’t want you to get into trouble.’ Les refuses to continue discussion over the phone and insists on meeting Geden and they set up a meeting later that morning. Ralph Mitchell and Les Cummings attend. We are at Fratton Police Station for over two hours. Why did Geden spend two hours attempting to dissuade us from our actions exposing corruption unless he’s acting for PCC?

When we arrive we observe Mark Austin protesting outside the station, Geden is agitated by this. Geden is spitting blood whenever he speaks about Mark Austin. It is apparent to Les and Ralph, Geden actually HATES Mark Austin. Why does Geden hate Mark Austin, because of Geden's relationship with PCC. Geden is angry throughout most of this interview and tells us not to associate with Austin because ‘he has a nasty shock coming to him.’ we tell him Mike Hancock is a paedophile and give him all our information. We tell him the victims married name and her address. We told him we got her name from Cllr Jez Baker. Geden tells us Baker is going to prison. We tell him not until the jury have convicted Baker. Geden tells us he will investigate the Hancock situation. Geden is frustrated because he sees he cannot prevent us from exposing corruption, even if it means breaking the law. He starts shouting and Les shouts back. We realise Geden is in fact working for PCC. Geden gets frustrated because he cannot deal with Les because he knows that Les is right. Note: The whole of this interview with Geden was recorded and is in the custody of a London firm of Solicitors.

Geden calls Les a few days later and basically shouts and rants down the phone. He’s not going to investigate Hancock being a paedophile and Les needs to stick to The Children’s Cottage Homes Justice Project. I reminded Geden he told us the victim could be treated as a 'hostile witness' and he shouts down the phone a denial. We can now see Geden is a LIAR. Note: One of these conversations was recorded and it is in the custody of a London firm of Solicitors.

Les Cummings makes a statement for Mark Austin’s High Court Action against PCC Compulsory Purchase Order. Austin needs this to show the history of PCC and their less than honest actions. In this statement Les tells of the meeting with Geden where Geden tell Les that Austin was in for a nasty shock. PCC lawyers get copy of this in the High Court and in turn pass it on to PCC. PCC then give copy to Geden.

Geden calls Les 7 days later and this is a gist of his conversation. ‘Hello Les I have read your book and never realised you went through so much. My wife is now reading it. I see you as the national spokesperson for abused victims not a trouble maker. I have the name of another victim can I give you his number?’ Les is obviously stand-offish to Geden because he knows Geden’s working for PCC and this rather timely phone call supports this fact. We contact this victim and he tells us he reported kids going missing with a possible connection to Jersey. Geden has no contact with this victim for months but visits him after he gets Les statement for the High Court. We interview the victim who tells us he is confused about Geden’s visit so long after his original report to Geden. We believe that once Geden realised Les had made a statement for Mark Austin, he wanted to distract Les away from Mark Austin yet again. This attempt fails.

(Below is a short version of events regarding Mark’s case as he intents to write a fuller account of his own.)

Mark Austin is invited to lunch by Cllr Eleanor Scott (who is acting on behalf of PCC) to make an offer to settle the Compulsory Purchase Order on his property in Commercial Road. Mark tells Scott he can’t settle because there are many other property owners and some of them were elderly. Due to this, Mark believed if he settled, he would be ‘stabbing them in the back’ and therefore declined to do a deal .Whilst at the lunch, Austin in all innocence mentions he knows someone who lives near her. Scott asked what was it about. He just mentioned a very good friend of his died and he was looking after the inteest of a little girl. Scott asked for the details which he gave in innocence, what he did not realise was that when Austin said that he would have to decline the offer, because he would be selling old people down the river. Scott and others from PCC, put in a train of events to destroy Austin.

Cllr Scott went to see Karen Howe and Scott then went to…you’ve guessed it…PCC’s own private policeman, non other than DI John Geden, the officer with other senior officers who had been protecting PCC from Planning Fraud and clear Fraud in relation to Palmerston Road. If you think we are making this up, just go to another page on this site, where a senior officer from PCC, came to Austin's house and told him there was a cover up. Cheif Superintendant Peacock ignored Austin, when he informed him and the day Austin received confirmation that Peacock had failed in his duties. Austin's home and business was raided. Once again Geden acts for PCC and goes after Mark Austin in a vindictive and malicious prosecution. But as we all now know, it fails because the jury saw this case for what it was, another attempt by Hancock and co to shut Mark Austin up.

(Now we know why Geden told Les Cummings and Ralph Mitchell, Mark Austin was in for a shock.)

Les Cummings starts up this website because he can see the troublesome links with Mike Hancock and all these developments. He can also see the corruption that PCC and certain councillors are involved in.

Les uses satire and humour to lighten this website and several homosexual councillors run to Michael Lawther who in turn runs to (guess who?) DI John Geden. In the mix of these complainants (according to the conspiracy email posted on the Portsmouth Police Alert Page) is Mike Hancock’s name. As all the complainants are known homosexuals we are puzzled by Hancock’s name being on the email. It is obvious to all Hancock is the controlling force regarding PCC.

PCC and Geden fail to get the Crown Prosecution Service to act for them. The attempt is to shut down by accusing the site of being homophobic. By now it is plainly obvious that Geden’s name keeps on popping up everytime PCC has problems with those who PCC sees as potentially harmful to them by exposing to the public their corrupt activities.

The realities are, these homosexual councillors used their sexuality in an attempt to close this website down because this site is dangerous for them. This site exposes PCC as a corrupt organisation that will use any means, foul or otherwise to stop POI2BG.

When PCC and Geden fail in their bid to get Les into court, Geden and DCI John sends the conspiracy email to Michael Lawther. In this email the CPS have made their decision not to prosecute Les Cummings but DCI John and Geden decide to pursue the matter further. When we obtain the conspiracy email and publish it, Geden and DCI John go into some kind of pathetic damage-control exercise. They attempt to fob it off as some kind of victim support advice.

Les writes a complaint about the conspiracy email to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, they refer it to the Professional Standards Department. Les and Ralph Mitchell meet with Supt Sherrington at Fratton Police Station. He stammers and stutters his way around the complaint and admits, although he has asked DCI John what he meant in his email, DCI John could not clearly lay out, exactly what he meant in the email. Supt Sherrington said he would ask DIC John what he meant in the email. We call it a conspiracy whilst Sherrington calls it a mystery but assures us there is a professional relationship between PCC and the police. We disagree and nothing is resolved. Note: This meeting was recorded and is in the custody of a London firm of Solicitors.

Reading the email we would have expected, unfortunately the CPS is not going to pursue this case and we are sorry we could not do more. However, the email doesn’t end there because DCI John and Geden want to meet again the following week to discuss sorting this out and Geden wants to take it somewhere to find a way forward.

If there isn’t a conspiracy the email should have stopped at…the CPS is not going to pursue this case.

There is a definite pattern of a conspiracy between PCC and John Geden and it is shown throughout the events we have pointed out in this report. Both Mark Austin and Les Cummings have been the victims of many serious crimes.

Les Cummings has had threatening phone calls, poison pen letters and recently his car was firebombed and destroyed. So far, the police have not arrested a single person.

Mark Austin has been physically attacked, arrested, subject to a malicious prosecution, had a gun held to his head and is constantly in fear of his life. So far the police have not arrested a single person.

If Austin and Cummings make any complaints they are summarily dismissed but if Hancock, PCC and co make complaints against Austin and Cummings, up pops Geden to attack and defend his co-conspirators.

Why would anyone support Mike Hancock a known paedophile? The answer is not baffling. We believe he has so much knowledge regarding the illegal activities of his supporters they have no option but to support him. We have been told, Hancock has often said ‘if I go down, I’m taking you all with me.’

But in the mix and throughout this whole experience, there is one name that pops up time and time again. JOHN GEDEN.

DCI John was also involved in the Jez Baker case, another link to Hancock. Les sat through the first Baker trial and could see it was suspiciously like the Mark Austin case.

It won’t be an easy case for the CPS and we won’t comment on it other than to say, don’t be surprised when Baker’s found not guilty. Les predicted not guilty in the Austin case and he’s predicting it in the Baker case.

Next Geden and DCI John go crying to Russell Jones & Walker who act for the Police Federation. (See letter on the News Page) Both cry into the laps of solicitors forgetting they were willing to put Les Cummings into prison for attempting to add a little satire onto a corruption busting website. So forgive Les Cummings if he doesn’t jump up and dab your crocodile tears away. Same old sad tired story, you can dish it out but you can't take it when it gets dished out to you.

Les says...Russell Jones & Walker...see you in court because Les won't stop telling the truth. Your clients went playing with the bad guys, got caught and now they're attempting to use good guys to bail them out. Well guess what, Les the sheriff just rode into town on a horse with big balls and in this world, big balls will always rule the day. So Russell Jones & Walker start polishing your balls.

This whole story is so obvious, if it was a murder mystery the reader would know who the murderer was on page one.

What’s next for Austin, Cummings et al? We will keep battling on as we ain’t afraid of whoever you are. Because only the guilty are afraid of the TRUTH!

People are now asking questions regarding who is responsible for all these criminal attacks against Mark Austin and Les Cummings. What we've been doing is testing and challenging Portsmouth City Council and Portsmouth Police with reference to corruption withing PCC and Portsmouth Police.

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MIKE HANCOCK has undergone open heart surgery his womanizing days are over and possibly his career as portsmouth MP.glad to be the bearer of this news to your site.