Thursday, 9 July 2009

Stuart Syvret charged by Keystone Kops - but for what?

Jersey news Channel online TV

Thursday 9th July 2009

Syvret arrested and charged

Senator Stuart Syvret faces two charges of breaking Jersey's Data Protection Law. It's claimed he published two confidential police reports on his web site.

Together with his advocate, Philip Sinel, Senator Syvret voluntarily went to Police headquarters at 5pm yesterday night.

He was later released on a warning and told to attend the Magistrate's Court at 10am on Thursday 16 July.

Senator Svyret and his lawyer Advocate Philip Sinel say they'll fight the charges.

They spoke to ahead of going into police headquarters.

After a short time, Senator Syvret and his lawyer walked from police headquarters. Advocate Sinel said it was difficult to understand exactly what his client had been charged with.

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