Tuesday, 24 June 2014


I have had yet another blow. I have been referred to an organisation which claims to be there to help people who have complaints about NHS treatment they have recieved, and I really did think they were going to help me, but I have just been reading an email from a member of that organisation and there was virtually steam coming out the top of my head when I read it.

I suppose I was naive to think that us Pindowns can ever expect any olive branch to be given, or taken. I made it perfectly clear that I just want my life, and have been pretty much told in no uncertain terms that I am to be kept on the grindstone of endlessly complaining in vain, and that the door is to be slammed shut in my face.

All I can say is so be it then. Its the only Phil Bailache quote I will ever want to make, but it seems highly appropriate in this circumstance, so be it.

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