Wednesday, 23 May 2012


They rounded us up like homeless dogs
That was what they were paid to do
They rounded us up like hopeless dogs
They put us in a house of poo.

It wasn't a home - you wouldn't call that a home
The carpets were grimed and the walls were stained
There weren't any books or toys, not even for school
The dining room was dark, and the floor engrained

There was a boy on the table when I went in
Standing on the table, looking weepy
I didnt know why at the time, but I know now
The horrible man was evil and creepy

I was sad, and I still remember that well
I wanted to go home, and I cried and cried
The man came storming in with a yell
And he hit me in the face, just because I cried

So I hit him back, with a great big PUNCH!
The horrible devil got my little fist
Right smack punch! With all the strength of a girl.
I can see him still, beyond the sparkling mist.

I can't think about it all without crying
They made me feel as though I was dying
I can't think of any of it now without crying
It was like I was forever dying

The man went beserk, he grabbed me rough
His big fist hands grabbed my little wrists,
They all came charging into the room
They locked me in a room with windows like slits.

There was a tiny barred window for looking up at the sky
And a tiny window for them to peer with their eye
They left the light on all day and all night
So I lost my purpose and thought I would die

I didn't know if I would ever get out
I pannicked and began to scream and shout
The walls got closer and they squashed me up

The dinners appeared and the tray went away
As if by magic, and I ate my food
like a dog. I snarled and growled at the door
I didnt care if anyone thought I was rude

I looked at the stars and I read a letter
I screamed and cried and it made me feel better
Why am I here? I kept wanting to say
So I said it to God, because I know he was there as well, with me, in that hellhole.

They called it Pindown, and they made excuses
They said we were dangerous, or troubled, or bad
They tried to cover over it, pretend it never happened
But to gloss over that you would have to be mad (or really very very bad)

One day, coming soon, I will "get over" it
One day, coming soon, I won't cry any more
Just like the day, coming soon, for everyone
When there won't be any more tears, and no more war


Zoompad said...

Jesus is coming back soon.

Anon said...

Treated worse than dogs indeed.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Bless you ,you poor love,I send you hugs,lots of them.
You have spirit,stay strong.

Anonymous said...

Jesus doesn't exist you dumbass.

Zoompad said...

I have let that horrible troll comment through because I want people to see how vile these people are. I know who has left that horrible comment, and he is a very wicked man.

Paedophiles and horrible people have been infiltrating the grass roots support groups in order to smash them up and keep people like me isolated. MI5 have been involved in smashing up support groups for child abuse victims, they have been working with child abusers to destroy support groups for child abuse survivors.

Jesus does exist, because if he didn't I would not have survived all the abuse, and Jesus is coming back, and will take the ones who trust him away before the really terrible stuff starts. I do not want to witness the wrath of God, it will be a terrible time, and I am glad I won't have to see it.

Unknown said...

I know you have been through horrendous times, but I always believe that we're not put through things that we are unable to bear so you're obviously someone who is a lot stronger than you think of yourself.

For Paul it was the same with floggings and ship wrecks etc plus the never ending thorn in his flesh which we're not privy to the details and as we know The Lord told him that His Grace was sufficient. Just some thoughts,
not that I am diminishing what you have been through.

Charles Crosby

Zoompad said...

I know you're not, God bless you xx