Thursday, 3 May 2012


They won't leave me alone, they just cannot help themselves can they? I've had those blinking bozos sign me out of all my stuff yet again and I am fuming. So I might as well risk the wrath of Stafford Police (who have twice told me to stop blogging, which is funny because I never realised blogging was against the law, apparently threatening to pour petrol into peoples letterboxes is ok though, which is probably why Charles Dickens said that the law is an ass in Oliver Twist) and the wrath of everyone else, and continue with my blog. As I am going to be harassed wether I do or don't it wont really make any difference. At least if the blog is still going they can't do their nastiness in the dark.


Zoompad said...

MI Morons are right in the spotlight at the moment, and I hope that they are not allowed to get away with murdering any more people.

The desperation of those idiots to cover up their black deeds is laughable. A reasonable person would expect that after 20 attempts to try to zip and padlock yourself into a sports bag and shuffle your bottom over the key would be enough to demonstrate that Gareth Williams didn't murder himself, but they ended up making 500 attempts altogether.

Just wait until the newspapers start printing all the other stuff this bunch of overpaid jerks have been getting up to.

Zoompad said...

And I really think the BBC had no rights to inflict Malcolm Rifkind onto our televisiual screens without issuing a Government health warning beforehand, it put me right off my tea. If he's that bothered about state secrets being aired in UK courts then he should rein in his MI Idiots and tell them and their pet corrupt lawyers to stop harrassing mothers and children in the secret family torture chamber kangaroo courts. If they want to play thier silly James Bond 007 boys games they ought to leave us mums and kids out of it.

Anon said...

Malcolm Rifkind is presumably part of the Kosher Nostra.

NB, computer experts recommend having passwords such as nq8ec9j, rather than something like mary123.

- Aangirfan

Zoompad said...

If the MI Morons want to hack a person you could have the square root of pi as your password, but they would still do it.

Malcolm Rifkind has allowed some bad stuff to happen to children in his Kensington patch and, like John Hemming (re the Colin Tucker affair) he doesn't seem to want to talk about it. If he opened his mouth a bit more on important matters like child protection I might find him a bit less creepy. No use John Hemming saying anything now though, because after that 2 long years of constant harassment on the MFJ forum nothing will persuade me that he is anything other than a really nasty man.

Zoompad said...

Two councillors in Kensington and Chelsea tender their resignations
Breaking news from Kensington and Chelsea where it has been confirmed that two Conservative councillors have resigned.

Council Leader Merrick Cockell informed the rest of the Conservative group in the Royal Borough yesterday afternoon that he had accepted the resignations of Cllr Barry Phelps from Earl's Court ward and Mark Daley from Cremorne ward.

Their decisions follow a complaint to the Standards Committee about an alleged code of conduct breach relating to the use of the council email system.

By-elections are expected to be held on September 16th.

Jonathan Isaby


5.45pm From the Kensington and Chelsea Chronicle: "Former Kensington and Chelsea mayor Councillor Barry Phelps fired off a series of emails to Councillor Mark Daley, displaying black and white images of young boys with sexually suggestive captions added by Mr Phelps... The emails were reported to the council by Justin Downes, leader of the Residents First campaign group, who had been alerted by a concerned resident. "These were innocent images and Councillor Phelps has created sexual overtones to them," Mr Downes said. "I think it's absolutely right for them to go when the council proclaims itself as a council which is absolutely intolerant of child abuse.""

Dirty pigs

Zoompad said...

I think its good that the Conservative home site have published this though, rather than to pretend it hasn't happened.

Zoompad said...


I don't see how anyone can defend these. Good councellors would not write about boys like this, they just wouldn't.

Zoompad said...

And this creature has tried to blame his wife

Zoompad said...

It seemed appropriate to put this link here

Anonymous said...

I wonder why a rich MP who could afford to sue but didn’t got to keep his baby when thousands of families lose theirs ? Did he require psychological testing or his mistress to keep their baby would the council have dropped the case if another mother had done the same thing? Did he ever sit on an adoption panel like his mistress who retained her councillor seat till 2011?

“In a statement, the council said it was "confident of all the actions taken alongside police and health colleagues" and the writ came to nothing.”

Let hope he answers these important questions when he speaks at the Birmingham & Midland Institute Conference (child stealing)on 9th June 10 - 4pm

Anonymous said...

Another 'lucky wealthy’councillor who ‘managed’ to keep her child – wonder who got her on TV (JH perhaps?) was this a set-up to keep things under control who knows?

Looks like she is promoting the family rights group , didn’t they just get massive funding from the government ? – trustee Nigel Priestly Ridley Hall Solicitors have doubled their office spaces and also offer an adoption service.

Anonymous said...

The family rights group what did they or Nigel Priestley do for unwealthy former councillor Sheena Williams when she went to them and everywhere else for help ?

Why didn’t she get her on TV obviously she's not in the JH fan club ?

Why was this video taken down when it had over 3000 hits and then put back up? Wasn’t she already in danger when the conservatives hounded her for a second time after she refused to stand for election because she was raising “really awkward questions with her MP Hugh Robertson surrounding childrens services” ?

Sheena speaks at the UK Rally Against Child Abuse 2010

Zoompad said...

Thanks for that. I did ask John Hemming and Ian Josephs to help me when I was going through what I can only describe as being systematically tortured in the secret family courts. Both of themn refused to help, and I had very abrupt and unsympathetic replies from both of them. Other PAS accused mums told me that they had been treated just as abruptly.

Although I was upset, I assumed that the reason I had been treated like that was because Ian Josephs and John hemming were probably overrun by people begging them to help them. But when I discovered (praise the Lord) about Richard Gardner inventing PAS, and his creepy paedophile friend Ralph Underwager and the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, and tried to tell other people and got treated in such a disgusting way for doing so, I began to suspect that the reason Hemming and Josephs didn't want to help me was nothing to do with them being too busy. I did ask Hemming to make his position clear for everyone to see regarding Gardner and Underwager but he declined to do so.

And now that I realise they are sending unsuspecting victims to Ludwig Lowenstein, the whole thing takes on a much more sinister hue.

So thanks for posting that info. I don't know anything about Nigel Priestly or Sheena Williams, but it sounds very much like the people who go to the family rights group need to find out.

I assumed that the person who was stabbing me in the back when I was going through secret family court hell was Lord Falconer, and also Jack Straw, as they were the ones I was corresponding with at the time, but now I am wondering if other MPs - members of the Secret Service - were contributing directly to my misery. I know that someone was putting pressure on my judge during my case, and I would like to know who it was. What they did to me for all those 7 years was inhuman.

Zoompad said...

I might be naive thinking this, but I am praying that David Cameron will take a lead in this.

I have posted on my blog about him attending a meeting in 2002 with some really devious characters who were trying to stop the police investigating institutional child abuse.

I think Cameron is definatly against child abuse, and I also think the same about Gordon Brown. But what seems to happen is that the bad people wangle their way into key positions.

I know what they were trying to do to me now. They were trying to get me to say certain things. I know they were trying to make out that all the social workers in Stafford are corrupt, and that just isn't true at all. It's clever what they tried to do, clever and really wicked. They had that banner specially made to match my dress, that they knew I was going to wear. The Lord kept me from falling into their trap!

There is a network of some really wicked people, and the whole thing needs to be taken apart.

I don't know what to do now apart from just praying, and especially for the Government. We Christians are not allowed to be anachists, the Lord said that we are supposed to pray for the people in authority. That is why I keep saying, we need a revival, not a revolution. The justice system is in a great big mess, Jersey doesnt even have anything you can call a justice system, Rico Sorda's amazing journalism has revealed the corruption, and as Jersey is a tax haven for the UK it is really important that the whole sordid mess is sorted out. But it will be a brave man who resolves to do it, it's got to be done though.

Zoompad said...

"Let hope he answers these important questions when he speaks at the Birmingham & Midland Institute Conference (child stealing)on 9th June 10 - 4pm"

I didn't know about this, perhaps I ought to see if I can get to it. I would like to ask John Hemming a very important question about Colin Tucker.

Zoompad said...

I think it might be a better idea for someone else to ask Hemming the important Colin Tucker question that needs to be answered. Thanks for that info xx

bill said...

im glad your not closing your blog down zoompad your a good writer and are saying things that need saying as for all the hassle you have been getting saying the truth can hurt some people thats when they start
hassling you, you know your hitting back harder

Zoompad said...

Thanks Bill. I'm a lightweight compared to some of the other bloggers, but I am one of the Pindown survivors and I think it's disgusting the way they have tried to isolate us Pindown survivors from each other.

I wouldn't have started blogging again if they had not hacked all my social networking accounts again.

Anonymous said...

Right just got your message.

Stop coming onto Rico's blog and filling it full of stupid christian rubbish you stupid cow. I am fucking sick of reading your attacks on others who don't agree with you and I thin your a public nuisance. The sooner you have an accident the better.

Zoompad said...

How low can you go? Pretending to be a victim of church abuse in order to attack one of the Pindown survivors is pretty much rock bottom, I would have though. Cheapo Tesco 4 pack O Clock has come early tonight!

Zoompad said...


Anonymous said...

You are nothing but a pain in the arse and need sorting out. You have nothing to do with Sorda's blog and why we have to read your stupid Christian shit all the time is tiresome. You are a deranged women that can't keep her mouth shut and then attacks others who do not agree with your weird view of things. You are a TROLL.

Zoompad said...

You are a wicked man. The Bible is very clear about the fate of the wicked. You should beg God to forgive you.

Zoompad said...


Anonymous said...

I posted the following on the Jersey ex-Health Minister's blog


Unless there is another (more intelligent?) monkey imitating him, the source of those threats can be listened to here.

The audio (directed at Mr.Syvret's landlord) includes:

"we're going to [have sex with*] you" (repeated in the conversation)

"Nurse M is going to kill you and your family"

Who "we" are is unclear, and "have sex with*" replaces another word (but even the literal meaning would not surprise me)

It is worrying that "Worthless" indicated common propose or association with ex-military "nurse M" -presumably that is what "we" meant.

People like Jon (and possibly "nurse M") are useful to the present jersey authorities, just like the blackshirts were useful to the Nazis.

It seems unlikely that this was a one off but it is an occasion on which he was caught and with it being on tape even the authorities had little choice but to act, in spite of the previous co-operative PR enterprise.

Care in the community is perhaps not working -this could be a train crash waiting to happen.


Do you see what we have to contend with in Jersey? As he suggests in the recording Jonathan does have inexplicable protection of the politically controlled Jersey police but even they can't help if you forgot that you had used your own name before launching your attack and death threats
-and it was all on tape PMSL

Zoompad said...

I didn't realise nurse M was ex military, thanks for that.

Now that explains a lot. MI5/6 are involved in the Pindown/Haut de la Garenne cover up. There was Eagle Associates involvement in bringing Richard Gardner (Ralph Underwager's paedo pal) to the UK. David Abrahams was the chairman of Eagle Associates.

Then there is the David Rose (MI5) involvement. Also, the beeline John Hemming MP (secret service agent) to "help" Stuart. Hemming doesn't help anyone except himself, his involvement in PAIN is a wicked sham. He avoids questions about Richard Gardner, Ralph Underwager and Colin Tucker like the plague.

People like Jon and Nurse M will bring down the present Jersey authorities, because they are defending the undefendable. They are like a sort of Achilles heel.

Anonymous said...
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Zoompad said...
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Zoompad said...
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Zoompad said...

I've taken three comments down, because I won't publish anonymous rumours, there are too many naughty trolls around at the moment, causing mischief.

If you want to submit information please can you say who you are, and the source of the information, thanks.

bill said...

hi zoompad thanks for writing have you tried a hosted blog as i dont think they can hack into those are you still going to do your blog best wishes bill

Zoompad said...

Stafford Police have told me twice to stop blogging, which is quite scary. I think they should go and tell Shy Keenan and Sara Payne to stop campaigning against child abuse, and Esther Ranzen as well, if they are going to pick on me. I think its disgraceful the way I have been treated, but I was scared and was going to give up blogging because of being so scared. However, the malicious vindictive persecution carried on anyway, so I might as well carry on blogging.

Anonymous said...

nice to hear it zoompad the first thing gutless people do is to try and scare some on their afraid of

Anonymous said...

All we need now is Bono & Geldoff for the full trinity.....

MP Releases charity song for family miscarriages of justice

John Hemming, a Birmingham MP who chairs the organisation "justice for families" is releasing a charity song called "bring the sunshine in" to fight miscarriages of justice against mothers and fathers.

"The song", he said, "calls for more openness in the Family Courts. Britain has a network of secret courts that lock up mothers, fathers and grandparents for heinous crimes like talking to their children or grand children. These secret courts make lots of money for lawyers and expert witnesses, but the general public is not allowed to know what goes on".

"The verses in the song refer to real situations although some of the names have been changed. If the names had not been changed then people could be sent to jail for playing the song because of the secret courts."

"The money raised will go to the Angela Cannings Foundation and to pay for advisors to help parents fight for justice."

"Not all of the decisions of the Family Courts are wrong, but many are. However, people are not allowed to reveal publicly what goes on in the court without permission. We do need a system to protect children, but it must be accountable. Those who abuse their power need to be held to account."

Anonymous said...

Explanation of the lyrics:
Lets bring the sunshine in
lets end this awful sin
mums and dads are being convicted
because the truth has been evicted
The chorus is one of the campaign's objectives. We need people to be able to talk about what happens in the Family Courts so that miscarriages of justice can be prevented. At the moment people have their children removed when they have not done anything wrong.
Sarah they said was slow
So her babe she had to go
In court the experts said
They turned the truth right on [upon] its head
This verse refers to a case which has been in the Court of Appeal. The judgment has been made public for the first hearing, but the second judgment is due for publication on Thursday 8th May. The name has been changed. It refers to someone who was told she was too stupid to tell her solicitor what to do. Hence an organisation called the "Official Solicitor" was appointed and they decided not to contest the case so there wasn't a trial. Let me stress the situation this woman's baby has been put up for adoption, but there has never been any trial at which she was allowed to challenge the assertions of the local authority. This fails under "audi alteram partem" aspect of Natural Justice.
Poor Sally's children died
in court the doctors lied
they put poor Sally inside
What have the courts got to hide
This verse refers to Sally Clark's case where the Doctors were thought to have so badly misled the jury that one of them was found guilty (after a number of court hearings) of "misconduct". Although this was a case in the Criminal Division it was infected by the bad practise in the unaccountable Family Courts.
Molly was wanted for a family switch
So they said [that] Fran was a Munchausen’s witch
She flew to Sweden to keep her babe
Of course The Doctors they got paid
This verse refers to the case of Fran and Molly Lyon. Fran left to have her baby in Stockholm which she did in January 2008. She is now a refugee from the Family Courts. It refers to the fact that the doctors make a lot of money out of being "expert witnesses". Some experts have admitted that they simply write what they are asked to write by the Local Authority that pays them.
The boys they say that they won’t talk to their mom
The judge says foster care is what must be done
Dad says its wrong by writing a book
He’s put in jail ‘cos somebody looked
This verse refers to a surreal case where two teenagers were placed in care because they refused to talk to their estranged mother. The local authority have continued to misbehave into May 2008.
Danny was eight when was stolen by the state
He ran away at 4 by the gate
Mom ran to France with her new baby’s dad
Sending him to jail the judge said he was bad
The middle 8 refers to another "mum on the run" who escaped to France with her 8 year old son (whose name has been changed). Her husband was imprisoned for 16 months for driving her to France. He was released from prison in late April 2008. Whilst in France she was airlifted to hospital to have her new baby.

Lyrics Note: The lyrics are not totally precise a number of things have been changed for legal and artistic reasons.
Production: The tune was written by John AM Hemming MP in collaboration with John A Hemming (no relation). The Lyrics were written by John AM Hemming MP. The song was produced by John A Hemming of Moseley Sounds who performed most of the instruments and sung by John AM Hemming MP.
Distribution: The tune will be available via iTunes, Amazon, Coolmusic, orchard, beatport and eMusic and is a worldwide digital release.

Zoompad said...

John AM Hemming in collaberation with John A Hemming (no relation)???

Who the dickens is he then?

Strewth, I was not born yesterday!!!