Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Its a wrist tap, but we have to grateful for any scraps the injustice system throw into our way.

Man fined for response to blog comments

A MAN who made a ‘sinister and evil’ phone call to the family housing former Senator Stuart Syvret was fined £200 by the Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

Jonathan Sharrock Haworth (40), of St Helier, told the court that he made the call after being spoken about in derogatory terms on an internet blog site.

He was bound over for six months, was fined £200 and was ordered to pay his victim – Mr Syvet’s landlord – £200 after admitting making the menacing call on 11 March.

It was not revealed in open court which blog site Haworth was referring to, but he said that an inaccurate entry on the site stated that he had been sacked from previous employment.

Article posted on 29th March, 2011 - 2.56pm

Read more: http://www.thisisjersey.com/2011/03/29/man-fined-for-response-to-blog-comments/#ixzz1I05L5SxZ


Zoompad said...

Hayworth has had more than one victim, he hacked my Google account, and posted evil stuff about me on his blog of doom as well, he is a horrible and malicious creep and I would be surprised if his rich pals didnt pay his fine and court costs. But, at least he has had a public slap on the backside, and for the time being that will have to do.

Anonymous said...

The same night he threatened Stuarts friends he threatened me and I have put up with his threats and evil emails/phone calls for almost 2 years.At least a little justice has been done but watch this space I would say as I think more will come from this now :)

I have nothing to do with Stuart or politics or HDLG at all but just made one mistake in meeting him !!

Wonder what his excuse would have been if he had been asked my I had the death threats as well ! Mmmme

Anonymous said...

A real piece of scum take care Zoompad

Zoompad said...

It's him that needs to take care, not of me but of the Lord Almighty God, who he has offended many many times. I would not like to be in his shoes on Judgement Day!

Ian Evans said...

Two of Stuart's bullies get it back today



Anonymous said...

I think your blog should be reported for encouraging hatred towards another human being. Shame on you Zoompad your no better than the rest.

Zoompad said...

Well Jon, then you had better go and toddle off down to the police station and report me then, hadn't you? And while you are there, you can confess to the hateful things you did to me, such as hacking my Google account and writing horrible and disgusting posts about me on your Blog of Doom.

Zoompad said...

By the way Jon, I thought you sounded like you had had a few in that recording. It might be a good idea to lay off the booze, it's not good for you, and you would not want people calling you a wino and making comments about you pissing the sofa now, would you?

Proud Survivor said...

I can only admire Stuart's host for the cool way in which he responded. You could tell he was shaken by this lunatic but allowed JH to expand on his poisonous message enough to shoot himself in the foot. Most of us would have put the phone down a lot sooner. Hats off to a true friend of Stuart - he needs people like this in his life.


Zoompad said...

I know. Its awful what Stuart is being subjected to, and everyone who is friends with him is targetted by Jon Haworth and his evil friends. And now look, Jon Haworth bis STILL at it, going round all our blogs, threatening people and doing other stuff. How much does this horrible man have to do before he actually gets the punishment he deserves, because that £200 fine was jusr a light tap on the wrist, he's got all his rich friends like Comical Terry, they will not let him pay that! They are a big load of horrible bullies and should all be in jail.