Wednesday, 2 March 2011


I just think this needs to be read and digested properly, and am reposting it here so that more people can see it:


"In yesterday's debate in the Jersey parliament - the Home Affairs Minister, Ian Le Marquand - launched into a diatribe of ethically and intellectually bankrupt abuse against the the Police Officer who led the historic abuse investigation, Lenny Harper.

The fact is - the work of Lenny and his team did successfully investigate - charge - and secure the conviction and jailing of - a number of the most despicable child abusers; abusers who - for decades - had been protected by the "traditional" Jersey authorities.

Lenny his issues a brief response to the dishonesty words of Ian Le Marquand, which I reproduce here":


"I believe that in the absence of anything truthful and evidence based to say today, Ian Le Marquand has again launched a personal attack on myself in another pathetic attempt to deflect from the sordid cover up of the abuse meted out to innocent children in the care of the States of Jersey. These desperate rantings are the hallmark of those not articulate or reasoned enough to look at the evidence and use the power of logic to deduce that they have been caught with their trousers well and truly down. Firstly though, let me make a couple of things clear. The vitriol which he spits out humiliates only him. Secondly, it pales into insignificance into the further abuse he has heaped upon the victims by the stout defence, by all foul means, he continues to mount on behalf of the child abusers he uses his position to protect. He does this by ignoring the evidence and continuing to mouth, robot like, the discredited version of events circulated by those who sought to defend the indefensible. I could easily repeat again, the evidence which nailed the lies about so many of his pronouncements. However, do I really need to go into "fleshed and fresh", cellars which he said didn't exist, or indeed, the mystery spending which far exceeded mine even though he and his cronies tried to hide that also. It really is unnecessary, particularly as in the last week, a number of blogs have published it all again. He likes to project himself as a religious man. He is certainly as slimy, nasty and cowardly as the religious zealots who crawled out from under the rocks in Northern Ireland and elsewhere. He should thank his lucky stars, and whatever type of god he worships, that he did not have to experience the type of horrors that so many victims recounted to us during that enquiry, accounts which he dare not face up to.

Lenny Harper."