Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Anyone with even a tiny speck of common sense can see that this is a really repulsive and evil pagent. So why are so many world leaders in attendance? Were they all drunk, or drugged or what? HOW CAN ANYONE THINK THIS IS RIGHT?

Listen to the screams when the sacrificial fire is lit. Do they sound authentic to you? They sound like screams of terror and pain to me.

Even if this really is a mock human sacrifice (and I am convinced that it is genuine), IT IS HORRIBLE!

What are the International Police going to do about this? Have the MET done anything about this? What has David Cameron to say about this event, and has he ever attended it? These are questions that we all ought to be asking, and I am going to write to him about this. I hope other people will also write about this, it must not be ignored any more, it is evil.

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