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Thanks to C.H.R.I.S. which published an article last week on pervert sites such as BOYCHAT, I have been able to follow a link and obtain a copy of a book called THE APPALLING VISTA by BRIAN ROTHEWAY.

I am really having to force myself to read this book, it's really creeping me out reading it. The Haut de la Garenne investigation is mentioned in this book, and dismissed as golddiggers seeking easy money compensation. I was really angry when I read what he said about Haut de la Garenne, as I was in Staffordshire Pindown and although I didnt have Mario Lundy looking after me it was still a very frightening and traumatic experience which it looks like I will never be allowed to recover from, certainly if Stafford Jobcentre Plus keep trying to force me to go to interviews near the place I was kept for a year as a child, and where everyone seemed to forget that I was a child.

I think I have recognised someone who abused me in this book, a woman who I met from Mothers for Justice, who led a sustained attack on me which went on for about two years, while I was going through the secret family court ordeal I have already described in earlier posts. She told me her husband had been one of those accused of paedophile activity by the Operation Ore investigation, and that he was innocent. She also told me that it was all a big frame up, and that Gordon Brown and Tony Blair were two people who had also been accused, and that a D notice had been placed on the informatioin being released by the mainstream media. I didnt believe her that Gordon Brown or Tony Blair were paedophiles, and told her so. This lady then told me that she had met Archbishop Sematu of York at a garden party in Birmingham. She also told me that she and her husband had allowed a convicted paedophile to babysit for her, and she must have suddenly realised that perhaps she ought not have told me that, and then she tried to tell me that it was ok, that paedophiles could be trusted with children. The whole thing turned into a big row over the phone, made even worse by her calling me a paranoid nutter by my obsession in denouncing the American paedophiles Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager.

Shortly after this conversation I was thrown off Mothers for Justice. The woman who threw me off was a lady called Michelle, she was a Conservative party councellor, and had objected to me standing up for Gordon Brown, who at the time was being accused of being a paedophile. But Michelle had arranged a meeting with Teresa May, and told me that Teresa May was willing to cvome to Stone and meet me, so I could talk to her about the secret family courts. I was very happy about that, but then, nothing happened, so I asked Michelle when Teresa May was going to interview me, and Michelle said they had had the meeting but I had not been invited by the group, because I was too much of a loose cannon, mainly because I kept going on about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager, like a broken record. Michelle, who is a pagan, had put a post up inviting people to have their fortunes told, as a bit of fun. I very gently interposed, by explaining God does not like fortune telling, and so I would not be doing it. There was an almighty row on the Mothers for Justice site, not about that but about my postings about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager (bothe American paedophiles) and a lot of people denounced me, called me a loose cannon, a religious nutjob, a bully and all sorts, and tried to make out that Gardner had been misunderstood! IKt ended in me being thrown off by the Admin, but the person who had set up the site who is also a Christian re-enstated me. I asked that noone be thrown off the site on my account, but the pro Richard Gardner people all left of their own accord, blaming me for their having to leave for being a bully and a nutter. The other lady followed me onto Youtube, calling herself Chopstick Sue and her husband Chopstick Steve, they stalked my YouTube videos which denounced the paedophile Richard Gardner, and I have copied all the ridiculous and abusive comments they made in case they take them down.

I aqm not 100% sure but I think she is the woman that this book describes as a "loose cannon".

Anyway, that book. It is really difficult for me to read victims of abuse such as Shy Keenan being treated like vomit. Also, the book is so full of self pity, but there is not one little bit of pity for the people who have been abused and had their lives smashed up. It's just wriggle wriggle wriggle squirm squirm squirm. But I am forcing myself to read it, because now I think I can understand just how crafty paedophiles are, how they squirm around and besmirch innocent people. I dont like Tony Blair, and I think Gordon Brown is a bit of a coward, but I do not believe they are paedophiles. I kept writing lots of letters to Gordon Brown, asking him to help stop child abuse, asking him to stop them using syndromes invented by paedophiles in the secret family courts. I got the impression that Gordon Brown wanted to do something but that everything was all a big mess. He had the courtesy to answer all my letters, I got a response every time I wrote to him. I read his books, and it seems like his motivation for becoming Prime Minister was genuinly because he wanted to serve this country, and apparently he was obsessed by politics from youth. I don't believe he really understood about the New World Order agenda, not at the beginning anyway. The people who make these horrible plans do them in such a clever, wordy, insiduous way that a person who is very busy would not have time to wade through all the literature.

Also, from this book it is apparent that there are some really good police, who are doing their best to stop child abuse.

I hope other people will have a look at this book, its not easy reading, its making me feel very upset and angry reading it, but the only way this horrible child abuse is going to stop is if we find out who these people are, and how they cover their tracks. These people are so crafty, and we have to be even more crafty. The chapter I found most disturbing of all is the one in which the author tries to make out that he has been covered by God, and that God is helping him win. The author tries to make out that people who complain about child porn are boring soul dead cretins, who hate sex, who cant get sex together in their own lives so they want to ban other people from having it. Everything is so twisted and its just so hard to read this book, but I am going to read it right through to the end.


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“Jersey home dossier to reveal children were murdered - - - then burnt. Exclusive by Lucy Panton

“A SHOCK secret police report into the Jersey House of Hell children's home reveals youngsters there WERE murdered then BURNED in a furnace to COVER UP the atrocities.

“It's feared island authorities may try to hush up the dossier on Haut de la Garenne orphanage but a source told us: "Officers on this case are in NO DOUBT what went on."

“Innocent children WERE raped, murdered and their bodies then BURNT in a FURNACE at the Jersey House of Horrors, says a top-secret police report into the scandal.

“A News of the World investigation reveals cops have shocking new evidence of how the killings were COVERED UP at the Haut de la Garenne care home. Our chilling revelations come as officers prepare to hand over their damning dossier from Britain's biggest ever child abuse probe to the island's States of Jersey authorities.

“A total of 65 teeth and around 100 charred fragments of bones are all that remain of victims detectives believe were abused and killed before their tortured corpses were thrown into a fiery grave inside the house of hell.

“But records of children who stayed at the home over past decades have been destroyed so police have an impossible task of putting names to their grim finds.

“A source close to the four-month investigation told us: "There's NO doubt in the minds of the detectives on this case that children WERE murdered in the home.

"Officers believe they have compelling evidence that youngsters' bodies were burnt in the home's furnace then the remains swept into the soil floor in the cellars—the area that became dubbed ‘the torture rooms'.

"The problem has been identifying the children that went missing over the years. No records were kept of who came and left that place.

"Kids were shipped to the home from all over the UK and were never heard of again. All the inquiry team have to go on is this grim collection of teeth and bone fragments and no names to match up to the remains.

"Because this investigation has seen so many twists and turns people seem to find it hard to accept that children WERE slaughtered and their deaths WERE covered up."

After many months and millions of pounds spent in investigations that included excavations, the police announced that there were no bodies or body parts found and that a ‘piece of skull’ found was a piece of a coconut shell. The police officer who had trumpeted the initial ‘shock findings’ to a delighted media was suspended.

This was not just a setback to the action group by giving back more ground to the alarmists who needed to maintain the semantic environment of sex abuse, but it allowed more than 100 former inmates who, upon hearing about the ‘horror findings’, to rush to their solicitors, or ‘sex abuse compensation specialists’ who were already trawling for them. One of these solicitors even demanded a redress board along the lines of the one in Ireland that had already cost that state over one billion Euros. Several former Jersey staff members were arrested on the basis of claims made by these new ‘victims’.

As could be expected, where the ‘house of horrors’ had been announced in screaming headlines, that it was an invention, now dismissed, was reported mainly in small paragraphs on inside pages.

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That passage is from the end of Chapter 7.

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Chapter 15. The group action begins
In November 2002, one month before the Operation Ore raids began in London, a British web site called Mad, Bad or Sad, or MBS for short, was set up by a man called Nigel Oldfield. It was not directly related to Operation Ore and Nigel Oldfield had not been affected by Ore, although during that summer he had been arrested for taking apparently innocent photographs in a public place. When the police raided his house and seized his computer they found images they decided were, in Nigel’s own words, ‘far from innocent’. Unlike most of the Orees who were shortly to be raided and convicted or cautioned, Nigel was an activist who believed in, and tried to promote certain ideas, which included the need to reappraise the laws concerning the legality of certain underage images, including many of those considered to be criminally inappropriate by both police and child protection agencies. He set up the MBS website during his bail period, as he puts it ‘in response to the research which I was carrying out, and to understand and come to terms with my situation. Also, the early suicides from child porn cases were surfacing. I believed that I could not be the only one who would be facing this situation: thus, the site as created’.

He was imprisoned, first, on February 14th 2003 right at the time that the initial great wave of Ore arrests was in progress and released on September 29th 2003. On his release, he received emails from an Oree, who informed him that MBS had helped him through his situation and suggesting a public forum. He said, “I considered it for 24 hours and then created the MBS forum.” The forum was created for what he described as ‘a full, categorised forum for all aspects of the issue, with an area for Operation Ore and related operations’.

Speaking now from the point of view of an activist who needed to expose the grave injustices of Operation Ore, while Nigel created a vital first forum for the coming together, which was necessary for any group fight back to take place, and his fundamental contribution in this respect has been acknowledged by many people who are indebted to him, he was not the best rallying point for such an action. First, unlike many, if not most, of the Orees, he was not ‘squeaky clean’ in the sense of being a victim of not simply an injustice but of false information, and secondly, very unlike most of the others, he was prepared to go public with his philosophy, which simply made him a target and caused further storms of protest. The police, the child protection agencies and a compliant media probably welcomed him as an opponent. I hasten to add that I am not passing judgement on his philosophies, the relevant contentious one of which appears to be the right to free thought and expression, including the creation and viewing of images, but the position I was soon to find myself in required that I take a ruthlessly focused approach to the emerging campaign. For example, when speaking to journalists about what we were trying to prove, which was police corruption, I would sometimes be asked, “But what do you think of real child porn?” And, as this could be during a live broadcast, I would have to reply, “That is not my subject. My concern is about men wrongfully accused and about police and prosecution deceits.”

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I just hope other people will have a look at this book. I am not the cleverest person, I realise that, but I am determined to "get over" the abuse I suffereds, and the only way to do that is by helping bust up the paedo ring, because I know I will never be allowed to "get over" it otherwise, and "move on". Everywhere I try to "move on" to I just get abused even more, and laughed at or despised for having panic attacs such as the one triggered by Stafford Jobcentre Plus trying to make me go to a place that is too full of very frightening memories. They will never ever ever let me "move on" unless it is to the nearest boneyard I think, and I am not willing to oblige them by doing that, so the only other thing to do is to help smash the paedo ring that is spoiling this lovely country for everyone.

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By Robert Stansfield 31/08/2005

Shamed tutor is paedophile 'agony uncle'

A TWISTED teacher jailed for downloading 11,000 vile images of children is masterminding a website for paedophiles from behind bars.

Disgraced chemistry tutor Nigel Oldfield, 44, plays "agony uncle" to perverts who log on to the site, which justifies paedophile activities and demands sex with children be made legal.

The site also advises paedophiles on how to download child porn without being caught.

Oldfield uses the telephone and the post to direct his online sex offenders' network.

One rant on the website's message board states: "Everyone will have sex with anyone unless they restrict themselves - so everyone is a bisexual paedophile. The common sense position is that it is biologically normal that adolescents are sexually attractive."

In response to a music teacher being jailed for downloading 38,000 child porn images, another posting says: "This man has harmed no-one, and is being forced to pretend that he hates his sexuality.

"I'm in a similar situation, having been twice convicted of possession of child pictures. I've just finished a sex offenders' course. Two-and-a-half hours of mind-numbing tedium each week was the real punishment."

The site also provides "model answers" to those caught downloading child porn to help them escape prosecution and offers technical explanations so paedophiles can claim they viewed images by mistake.

Oldfield was arrested in August 2002 after a shopper saw him taking pictures of children in Sheffield's Meadowhall shopping centre. Police then discovered child porn images on computers at his flat in Doncaster. He set up the website, which the Mirror has chosen not to name, while out on licence after serving eight months for possessing child porn.

The site was axed in May by internet service providers after a police probe and Oldfield's probation team ordered he return to prison.

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Sorry, it was the Mirror - my eyesight is not so good

But now he has managed to restart it and Oldfield is in contact with fellow perverts on the running of the website, which offers a mobile number and an email address to offer one-to-one "support".

Victims' charity Phoenix Survivors is now joining British police and the FBI in a bid to shut down the site. Phoenix chief executive, Shy Keenan, said: "Oldfield has somehow managed to get this up and running right under the noses of prison guards.

"He's made contact with his cronies for the day-to-day running of the site, while he is still on hand to offer his sick form of 'advice'.

"The worry is site users have their warped opinions reinforced by other paedophiles and go on to abuse. It makes their behaviour seem normal and seeks to justify their actions.

"It also helps them cover their tracks, making their crimes even harder to detect."

The original site was shut down by US service provider iPowerweb when it learned of the nature of the site. The site's latest version went online last week but the new American internet provider was unavailable for comment.

Police have vowed to monitor the website.

The latest web scandal comes as the Home Office consults on plans to outlaw the downloading of violent and abusive images.

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Just so sick of it. Sick of having to do all this bloody reading and campaigning. I would like to do nice things, not be forced to read all these sickening books and long documents. I HAVE HAD A FRIGGING LIFE SENTANCE BECAUSE OF BEING ABUSED AS A CHILD NOW WHEN IS THE PRISON DOOR GOING TO BE OPENED FOR ME?

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I wanted to do som many nice things, horse riding, ballet, all sorts, and I kept trying to do this and that, I trained 7 years for ballet, did IDTA and RAD, but I was so depressed, because you cannot put all the bad thoughts and the fear away, you never get over PINDOWN, I was so frightened, and you just cant get over it, you can if someone will help you, but people put their fingers in their ears, they assume you deserved it, that you were evil from birth or something, you cannot get over it because the crying puts people off. My life has been like a frigging nightmare. I have not been able to "get over" it because people have lied. I was not a nasty girl, I feel so hurt still by the vile things that Cynthia Weaver put on my SS reciords, AND I DID NOT HAVE CONSENSUAL SEX AT THE AGE OF 11! I am still hurting because of the past AND I AM NOT A FRIGGING COMPENSATION CLAIM GOLD DIGGER I AM SOMEONE JUST TRYING TO SURVIVE WITH FALL OUT FROM CHILD ABUSE!

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Then just about two years after the public relations setback to the campaign suffered by the Jersey Haute de la Garenne ‘House of Horrors’ scare, in May 2010 the plight of the Orees again took a turn for the worse. Chris Wittwer, whose listed interests were martial arts and football and who had committed a recent public order offence for breaching a banning order caused by his football hooliganism, set up a Facebook system to name and shame sex offenders. He included everyone for whom he could find a record of being charged, cautioned or convicted, even if subsequently cleared, including as many Orees he could find. Now we had a situation where thousands of Orees we might be able to clear whenever we had an appeal being once again held up to public contempt and hatred in what could be construed as an invitation to attack them and their homes. More and more did David appear correct about the injustice of this latest delay by the courts.

On Thursday May 6 2010, Jim Bates and his wife Jo answered a knock on the door to find they were being visited by two policewomen from the local Sex Offenders Management Team. This is the same Jim, our expert, who had been wrongfully raided and subsequently publicly cleared by the High Court. The policewomen apologised for disturbing them and asked if they were aware that Wittwer had set up the Facebook page attempting to name and shame sex offenders. They said that they were not aware of it. The women then told them that if they were worried about any potential, local vigilante action they should call them immediately. They even left their mobile numbers should they need them urgently.

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Jim mentioned in passing that this whole problem was created by the police in the first instance, mainly via Operation Ore. They replied that ‘to an extent they agreed’ or words to that effect. But they could not stay to discuss this has ‘they had lots of other people to see and warn’.

After they had gone, Jim and Jo just looked at each other and fell about laughing. Jo remarked that she felt much better now that they had police protection. They had suffered immense police intimidation, their home raided and he arrested twice.

This new police action, however, raised two interesting points. It re-enforced any claim that Wittwer and Facebook were furthering the damage being done to any Orees who might be cleared in future court actions, and while both Wittwer and Facebook were avoiding any action for libel by simply reprinting news stories, they could now be open to charges of inciting a breach of the peace. For me, however, the sight of British police running around trying to put out a fire that they themselves had begun in the first instance was somewhat satisfying.

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