Tuesday, 30 October 2012


I went to see my GP yesterday, and told her how I am feeling.

I am giving that GP surgery one last chance to put things right. I haven't forgotten what was done with my medical records.

I told her that I want to feel well and happy.

I am now waiting to see what will happen. What I hope will happen is that I will, at long last, be treated with respect and courtesy, and not be subjected to yet more psychological abuse, but be given the means to be well and happy. I was very specific in what I asked for, which was simply for a PROPERLY QUALIFIED AND APPROPRIATE doctor to assess me to see if I have the condition that I strongly suspect I have. I do NOT NOT NOT want to see any more stitch up artists like Joanna Simpson Blake or that bloody Trevor!!!

If I finally get the help that I should have been given in the first place, it will be good, but if I end up getting stitched up and hounded again I will carry on fighting like 3000 tigers, as I have had to for all my life.


Zoompad said...

I am giving them this last chance to put things right now.

It's their choice, they can either choose to try to smash me up even more, or help me to heal and be well.

One thing I do know is that the Lord Jesus Christ will never allow me to be completly smashed up, no matter how many more dirty tricks are pulled, no matter how much pain they put me through with their trickery. The Lord will protect me, and I cling to the Lord.

I don't think I am asking for the moon, just wanting to see an appropriatly qualified specialist. I don't think I am being selfish just wanting to be happy and well instead of frightened and sad.

They've got the chance to right some wrongs now. I hope and pray they will choose to do what is right, instead of more evil. The ball is in their court now.

Anon said...

Hope you have good health.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

They say that The Lord never gives you more than you can possibly handle, but at times that is difficult to believe.
You are a brave and courageous lady, Zoompad,I wish you strength to fight this and hope that one day you will find peace and learn to smile again. Don't let this beat you, because that lets the buggers win.
Stay strong and God bless you.
Sending you an ENORMOUS hug.
Kindest Regards

Zoompad said...

Hi Maria,

That's very kind. xx

The Lord did say that the first shall be last and the last shall be first, didn't he? I look to the words of the Lord for strength and wisdom, and comfort.

It's funny how so many of the respectable people on pedastals are having to humble themselves over the horrible things that have been going on. I think it must be hard having your pedastal crumble away from underneath you.

Every time I feel an urge to rejoice at the fall of any of them from their high pedastals, the Lord urges me to pray for them instead. Jimmy Saville is dead and beyond redemption, so it would be a complete waste of time to pray for him now. It fills me with horror to think of the dark place he has gone to. He's had his life now, and it's over, and he will have all eternity to repent. He could have done so much good from that high pedestal, but he chose to do evil instead, and prey on children, and trash up their lives.

The Lord always told us very clearly how to live, and gives us the means to live in this dark world if we humble ourselves to ask for it off him.

I would like not to wake up in the mornings feeling frightened and sad, but how can anyone feel happy waking up every day in a world that puts people who molest children up on high pedastals and ties to bury the victims, and gives all the law to people who deliberatly and systematically hurt other people? I don't think any child of God can understand such a topsy turvy world, or feel really happy in it, unless they block it all out in their mind, and I don't feel able to do that, and I feel as if it would be wicked to ask God to numb my mind so that I can't feel the pain of the world, because surely it isn't a right thing to ask God for, to block your ears and eyes, even if the sights and sounds are sometimes almost too ugly to bear?

Zoompad said...

It looks like I am to be given the run around some more.

No-one has been in touch so far, and everyone is fully aware of the hell I have gone through.

I do not understand at all why they do not want me to be well and happy. Surely they must want me to stop finding out more and more of their horrible secrets? If they would let me be I would not have to do blog postings any more, and would be able to do my music and watercolour painting and nice things like that. I can't concentrate on those things, because the more they persecute me the more determined they make me to find out more ofr their horrible secrets!

Why dont they just leave me alone?