Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Dear Lord Jesus, please help me.

The wicked ones are trying to cover up what they did.

I want the horrible nightmare of the abuse I suffered as a child to end, and I crave for that apology that has been so long denied to me.

I know what Jimmy Savile did is somehow connected to the abuse and cover up that has hurt me for so long.

Dear Lord, now the BBC spokeperson is saying that there are probably 25 victims of Jimmy Savile. A few hours before that, they were saying there were probably 30. They are trying to whittle it down - it's not their job to do that! The BBC isn't the police!!!

Please don't let them cover this stuff up any more. It really hurts me every time I see them doing that. I feel like I am being squeezed into a box and they are trying to slam the lid down every time they do that.

What Savile did was connected to the Pindown child abuse. Please don't let them cover this stuff up any more. Please don't answer their prayers or allow them to curse anyone, please strip them of their power, please don't let them go on hurting their victims. Please let what really happened be seen and not hidden away any more.

Love Barbara


Zoompad said...

"Today at the Conservative Party conference, Hunt excelled himself by suggesting to his audience that his father “worked as a manager for the NHS”. It is an exaggeration served with lashings of deception: Sir Nicholas John Streynsham Hunt (Daddy) was Admiral of the Fleet in his main career and, once retired, became a quangoista par excellence. He was Chairman of the South West Surrey District Health Authority from 1990 to 1995 and then Chairman of Nuffield Hospitals from 1996 to 2001.

Ring any bells? The clues are ‘South West Surrey’, ‘Health’ and ‘Nuffield’. And it might not be too hard to imagine where he got the assist into those cosy sinecures: for not long previously, his niece Virginia Bottomley had been….Minister of Health.

Admiral Sir John had an elder brother (now carefully airbrushed out of the Wikipedias and other genealogies), one Roland Colin Charles Hunt. He married Hilda Pauline Garnett, whose brother was W. John Garnett. WJG had a daughter called Hilda Brunette Maxwell Garnett….aka, Virginia Bottomley.

Virginia Bottomley eventually became MP for South West Surrey.

Ring any bells? Ah yes, that’ll be the same South West Surrey for which her cousin Jeremy Hunt became MP when Virginia decided to quit open politics and become a quangoista…just like her uncle the Admiral of the Fleet.

And this wasn’t the first time La Bottomley had been helpful to cousin Jeremy. She’d joined infamous quango The British Council. And it might not be too hard to imagine where Jezzer got the assist into becoming a monopoly supplier to the British Council with his company Hotcourses.

Nor would it involve much of a lateral leap in thought to understand how – after Hotcourses completely cocked up the first job it did for the Council – an elaborate system of shelf companies and oddly-headed invoices enabled Jeremy to carry on secretly being a preferred monopoly supplier to The British Council for the next five years…on the back of which he amassed the fortune of which he is so proud today.

Then Virginia moved upwards into Another House, becoming Baroness Bottomley of Nettlestone in 2005 – handing her seat to Jeremy Hunt as if it might be a family heirloom. Hunt was duly elected, and South West Surrey thus became a Rotten Borough.

This is what Baroness Nettlestone mainly gets up to in the Lords: she lobbies on behalf of the private health sector via her directorship of BUPA. She must’ve been a shoe-in for that little earner, she having been Health Secretary in charge of the public sector an’ all…but then, probably Uncle Admiral’s contacts at Nuffield helped. You know how these things work."


Virginia Bottomley was involved in the Staffordshire Pindown cover up.

Zoompad said...


Anonymous said...

They are all puppets of the United Nations

Parents pointed out genocidal crimes of the United Nations


Zoompad said...

I am watching the video now, yes, the UN is involved in human trafficking in the secret family courts. SECRET FAMILY COURTS. What sort of country allows parents to be tried in secret?

Some of these secret trials last years. It is torture for someone to have to go through a secret trial for years.

The secret family courts are using syndromes that were invented by paedophiles.

I do not understand though how any parent can kill their own child.

Anonymous said...

Barbara, thank you for being honest and for working to protect us all. You are a wonderful mother.
Do you see answers to your comments on aangirfan's blog ?

Zoompad said...

Hi, I do my best to do my bit, don't know if I am wonderful though, I don't feel very wonderful, just a mum, wanting to expose the bulldung. I get very tired and weepy sometimes, when I think too much about all the corruption, but all a person can do is what they can do in their own little corner.

The secret family court gangsters tried to use Parental Alienation Syndrome on me, and when I found out that a bunch of paedophiles had invented it I fought like fury against being slandered with it, there was NO BLOODY WAY I was going to let anyone slap a label onto me that a bunch of child abusing perverts had invented.

I don't know if I do always see answers to my comments on Aangirfans blog, I do my best to read everything but might miss things sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Well done, Zoompad.
Did you win your trial ?


Zoompad said...

I don't think win is the right word for it. Nobody wins in the secret family courts apart from the scheming moneygrubbers.

I fought those bastards with all my strength and ended up seriously ill in hospital with pneumonia. My wonderful children saw me sobbing my heart out quite a few times because of those hard boiled money greedy unprincipled bullying bastards threatening me with jail every five minuites (Richard Gardner's Threat Therapy), and what mother would ever want her children to witness that? My son lost access to his father because of them, and I never wanted that to happen at all.

I don't feel like our family gained anything at all from those wicked secret courts. I hope all those people who did that to our family are on their knees repenting, because God is not going to be too impressed with any of them when they struggle to find an excuse for persecuting our family and there is none, it was all about money! I shudder to think what God will say to them on the day of reckoning, I really do.