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I have posted this on someone elses blog, but thought I would post it on my own knackered up (because of hackers) not working properly blog as well.

I have been puzzling over the Edge TV that the UK Column uses for ages. They got my picture onto RTV and yet no-one from RT is interested in talking to me, and I find that really very strange.

RT's Max Keiser's real name is Timothy Maxwell. I think he looks like Robert Maxwell.

The Russian Revolution. I have been reading about Prince George, Duke of Kent.

"In 1917 George V took the controversial decision to deny political asylum to the Tsar Nicholas II and his family after the Bolshevik Revolution. People where shocked by George's unwillingness to protect his cousin but his advisers argued that it was important for the king to distance himself from the autocratic Russian royal family. Some people questioned this decision when it became known that the Bolsheviks had executed Tsar Nicholas, his wife and their five children. "

His grandson is Prince Michael, Duke of Kent

"Prince Michael has a strong interest in Russia, and displays some physical resemblance to Tsar Nicholas II, a first cousin of three of his grandparents. When the bodies of the Tsar and some of his family were discovered in 1979, the remains were later identified by DNA, using among others, Prince Michael's blood sample for recognition. [19] He attended the 1998 burial of the Tsar and his family in St. Petersburg. [20] Prince Michael speaks fluent Russian, and travels to Russia frequently. Prince Michael is an Honorary Member of the Romanov Family Association"

Postman Patel did an interesting blog post called Dukes, Freemasons, Jersey and all that sort of nonsense

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Zoompad said...

It's too big to be covered up

Zoompad said...

"For years, MI5 had been aware of a homosexual vice ring operating within the Kincora Boys Home in East Belfast, which was run by William McGrath, a notorious homosexual....

"McGrath... was employed by MI5 since the mid 1960s.

"Amongst various other Loyalist members of the homosexual ring were John McKeague, who ran the Loyalist paramilitary organisation, the Red Hand Commandos, which was involved in many sectarian killings...

"So, MI5 allowed the ill-treatment and sexual abuse of residents at the Kincora Boys Home to continue..."

3. "The role of MI5 sponsored boys homes/abuse circles in Kincora, Northern Ireland, Dunblane, Scotland and probably Cardiff mirrors on a smaller scale the systematic role that State- sponsored child abuse has played in the centres of power in the US and Brussels."- portland imc - 2007.05.11 - Scotland’s May 2007 Election Fiasco

4. "Scallywag Magazine alleged that MI5 used to take foreign diplomats to the North Wales homes, give them boys to 'play' with, secretly filmed them as they buggered, abused and tortured boys then kept the tapes as evidence.

Over a dozen victims who complained of abuse by the paedophile ring 'have met suspicious deaths'." - North Wales paedophile ring, top people, the police and the security services

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You might be interested in looking at this website and listening to Abel Danger RMN Radio Broadcast - Wednesday July 18, 2012

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Fantastic. Spot on, Thanks for