Thursday, 8 August 2013


I have had enough of YouTube messing around with peoples channels.

They have fixed it so that I have just lost all my inbox, sorry because the technicalities of what they have done are over my head, but they fixed it so that I could only get at my inbox by renaming my YouTube channel, so I renamed it by the old name that everyone will know it by, which is REALZOOMY, it would have been ZOOMPAD but I couldn't have that name because it had already gone, so thats why I had to choose the name REALZOOMY. I didn't want to change the name of my channel, but YouTube but a notice in the way of me and my inbox so that I was forced to!

I have also chosen to make my channel for 18 plus, NOT because I have posted any immoral video on there or anything I am ashamed of, but because there are so many videos talking about the abuse I have experienced that I thought it was the right thing to do, to stop children stumbling onto my channel and making them old before their time, because I had my childhood innocence robbed off me, and I don't want to do anything like that to any child, I think children should be allowed to have a happy and innocent childhood, which is what I had until the abuse started, aged 11.

Anyway, I am not happy that all my YouTube inbox is empty now, I am glad I copied and saved some of the nasty comments I got from the paedophile human trafficking gangsters who were trying to shut me up by calling me a nutter all the time though.

YouTube shouldn't be doing this to peoples channels, blocking their inbox with forms about changing the name of their channels, I expect most people just want to keep their channel the same.


Zoompad said...

The trouble is, my anti child abuse channel might now be classed in the same catagory as the horrible channels that churn out immoral videos that glorify vice and horror, and I think its a crafty way of gagging people.

I've had problems with YouTube in the past, because I once got a 6 month sanction for complaining about an immoral video, a man having sex with a dog, he came onto my channel to insult me, and I had sharp words with him, but the YouTube moderators took his side, the YouTube moderators have done nothing about the complaints I have made about horrible offensive videos, they never do, but they sanctioned me instead!

I can see why so many people wont say anything about child abuse now, the cover uppers are so very very crafty, they are always looking for new ways to gag and discredit whistleblowers.

Jesus said all the truth will be known to everyone in the end though, so I cling to that, covering up stuff and gagging people is a horrible thing to do, ie Dunblaine and the 100 year gagging order, WHY???

Anonymous said...

My 8 year old son brought some children back for his birthday party, one of the mums while waiting to collect her son told me her brother then aged 10 was abused by Jimy Saville on several occasions, she climed that he had phoned several organisations to register the abuse but was told they were only detailing stories from women who were young girls at the time.
Why is this ? why are they shutting boys out of this ?
Simon Cowell has been revealed as protecting several abuse offenders
but only if they are fellow jews, i heard this moring tat child abuse is not an offence to jews is this correct ?

Zoompad said...

I'm a Christian, so I can't really speak for any other people's religion, but my observation is that no-one from any religion be it Jewish Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, no-one who with all their heart truly wants to serve God can feel anything but loathing about the abuse of not just children but any creature. Even meat eaters hate the death of the animals that provide them with food, and I suspect that if they had to do the slaughtering themselves to get the meat on their plate most people would become vegetarian.

I think that there are really very few actual child abusers, the problem as I see it is that most people of any religious denomination prefer to turn a blind eye to what is going on right in front of their noses, because they don't see it as any of their own business - that is, until it happens to one of their loved ones.

There are a very small but very nasty group of what I would call militant paedophiles. These people have got themselves into some very powerful jobs. When I found out about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager - who I think are two of the wickedest men ever to walk on this planet - and tried to tell all the politicians about them, I was shocked at how the politicians deafed me out.

I don't feel like blaming any one religion for the protection of paedophiles as people involved in my own Christian religion have also been involved in covering up this horrible mess.

Zoompad said...

If most of the musicians I like listening to had had to audition for Simon Cowell's music program before they had been allowed to make any records my ipod would be empty apart from classical music.

Anonymous said...

Simon Cowell had indeed been protecting jewish abusers of young boys but only young boys, The ADL
is a special interest group for jewish supremacy and Simon Cowell is a big donator

Anonymous said...

I picked up a copy of the Gay review, which is the old Homosexual Times froma bin in a London park, and among the advertisements in the back was this little gem.
"MIDDLE AGED GENTLEMAN SEEKS YOUNG TEENAGE BUMBOY FOR LOVE AND EXCITEMENT" this was one of several similar, how sick as a nation are we now ?
And i see Simon Cowell is supporting what he calls the sport of "boy-nobbing"
makes me feel sick

Zoompad said...

I am thinking about applying for a job at Stonewall, I won't get it but it would be interesting to see how a hetrosexual Christian gets treated in the interview stage (if I get that far!)

Zoompad said...

I don't know why this country lets so much filth be printed and distributed, if they can harass anti child abuse bloggers and victims of child abuse for posting the truth about nasty old men who put pictures of naked little girls all over their walls they can stop the horrible magazines that get money out of child abuse, the police Parliaments and courts could stop all that - if they wanted to.

Zoompad said...

Its funny how they can spy on and harrass victims of abuse and persecution and cover ups, yet they can't do a single thing to stop the horrible people who are like vultures on children, it makes me sick, it makes me wonder how the hell we got into this state.

Zoompad said...

Its horrible to feel so powerless, knowing full well that most people are nice, its only a few that are really making things hell on earth, why, why, why?????

Anonymous said...

Its coming out now, on the radio last night they had a woman who was a solicitors secretary and she was saying that Simon Cowell gave £50,000 to defend Jonathan King, £50,000 for elton john, and an undisclosed sum for Michael Barrymore, it seems several high level jews have a fund for jewish homosexual attacks on young boys, but not girls as in the gary glitter case. all very strange,

Anonymous said...

thats awful about the youtube channel but does not surprise me in the least, and how people can accuse those who speaK ABOUT CHILD ABUSE AS BEING ANTI-SEMITIC IS BEYOND ME. and talk that abusing boys will soon not be illegal is i personally think very wrong
Sylvia Davis

Anonymous said...

An interesting bit of gossip here barbara for your readers, it turns out that the investigation into elm house has lead to Nimrod house then to another home in Long Sutton Lincs.
The lady who owned this big house is still alive and told of men coming to the B & B there and booking the house for a week ata time, they would dress as woman and be women for those few days, most of them were homosexual but not all, she remembers in theearly seventies Jimmy Saville coming and has photos of the men together including Jimmy in womens clothes with the men, she said at that time jimmy was definately homosexual, so there you go.

Anonymous said...

i am a very broad minded person, i have spoken with criminals and politicians, queers and welshmen and even a socialist once, but thes epeople who say it is wrong to speak out about boy-nobbers because its anti-semitic really get my goat.

Zoompad said...

The abuse is ongoing, it hasn't stopped, the Secret Family Courts are still the source of children for paedophiles.

I have been reading my diaries this morning, of when I was going through hell on earth (the years I was being hounded in the Secret Family Courts) it is horrific what they did to me, the diaries I kept are so full of pain and dispair, how can I ever doubt that God exists when it could only have been God who got me through those dreadful years.

The worst was when my dad died, the hounding of those wicked bastards continued even though they all knew I was grieving terrible and having to cope with my son, who has Asperger Syndrome. My mum let me use their caravan for the last time before she scrapped it (she couldn't bear to keep it any more without Dad) and I wrote about a huge weight being lifted from me while I was away from the horrible persecution, it is so very very very sad to read what I wrote at that time.

The Lord is going to ask every one of those people what they have done to put things right. Some of them have apologised to me since, the Cafcass woman tried to put right the wrong she had done.

Theres people involved in those secret courts that don't realise what they are involved in, and theres others who do. The Lord will seperate those two groups. I just know it, and the really wicked evil ones will be left isolated. The Bible talks about seperating sheep from goats, and that is what is going to happen.

As for me, I am still licking my wounds. Anyone who goes through those horrible secret court trials gets very smashed up. and their health is affected.

Zoompad said...

There is a forced adoption industry. Its an actual industry that people are making big money out of.

Look at who is in charge of the adoption agencies. Follow the money trail.

Anonymous said...

i can remember when i was a social worker, colleagues ould take away a child from a happy home to give themselves work, and yes homosexual attacks are being downgraded to the non crimes section, how eveil is this to promote homosexuality

Anonymous said...

one of the comments asked if jews are allowed to abuse children ?
I tooka degree in comparitive religious studies, it is allowed if the child is a non jew, and most prefer to have sex with the anus, as the circumcision makes it un sensitive hard and leathery, so they need this extra tightness.
I asked a jewish neighbour about is sex ok with children to jews he would not discuss it but said i should look at the old jewish texts, which incidentally do say its ok for them to steal from christiand and have sex with their children
susan stroughton

Anonymous said...

barbara you speak for all of us who were abused children... but its come out now about why the police raided jimmy savills homes after his death.. they wanted to get his correspondence from other abusers... not to investigate but to protect them... and why was the sinister ADL the jewish organisation protecting saville ?....
i want these questions answered

Anonymous said...
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Zoompad said...

"A SECOND convicted paedophile teacher worked at the Suffolk school which is at the centre of an inquiry into nearly 100 child abuse allegations, it has emerged.


An internal report obtained by the East Anglian Daily Times has provided proof that John Wills spent six years helping care for boys at the former Oakwood School in Stowmarket on one, or two, evenings a week.

Suffolk Constabulary is currently conducting what is believed to be its largest-ever child abuse investigation after 95 ex-pupils of the school made accusations of being physically or sexually abused.

In the late 1980s Keith Hatton, a teacher at Oakwood, was sentenced to four years in jail after pleading guilty at Ipswich Crown Court to nine indecent assaults on pupils.

A further inquiry into sex allegations against a clergyman connected to Oakwood led to his arrest in 2003. He subsequently took his own life before a decision was made on whether there would be any charges.

However, now it can be revealed Wills, who was a teacher and a single parent foster carer, also worked at Oakwood as a part-time assistant, according to a county council report before his conviction 17 years ago.

Wills – who was aged 43 at the time and taught at Claydon High, Westbourne High and Holbrook High - was jailed for eight months in October 1995 after admitting indecent assault on a boy.

Wills is also one of the people who have been named to Cambridge-based solicitors Andrew Grove and Co which is pursuing a civil claim against the county council on behalf of the 95 former pupils.

It is understood one of the claimants has made an allegation against him.

Andrew Grove said: “We are claiming against Suffolk County Council as Mr Wills’ employer, and possibly against Mr Wills himself.”

Wills, who was also a scout leader, was only ever convicted of sexually assaulting one boy. However, a second male was awarded £11,400 in August 2000 by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board after allegations of sexual abuse. It made the payment on the ‘balance of probabilities’ with the bias in favour of Wills’ alleged victim.

The allegations being made against staff at Oakwood School range from the 1970s to the 1990s. The school, which catered for boys with behavioural problems, closed in 1999, after concerns were raised. It re-opened, but then closed for good in 2000.

A spokesman for Suffolk Council said: “It would be inappropriate for us to comment on the particulars of the allegations during a police investigation. We would however urge people who feel they have any relevant information to contact police to help with their inquiries.”

Meanwhile, earlier this week several former pupils of Kesgrave Hall school called for an inquiry into physical and sexual abuse allegations to be re-opened. The original investigation occurred in 1992, although no charges were pursued at the time. Central Suffolk and North Ipswich MP Dan Poulter has also sent a letter to chief constable Simon Ash urging him to re-open the inquiry.

A major investigation is also continuing into abuse at a third Suffolk school, St George’s in Great Finborough, near Oakwood. Two former teachers at the independent school have already been jailed. Another took his life after being arrested on suspicion of sexual assault.

On Tuesday a 59-year-old man from the Ipswich area was the fourth person to be arrested during the long-running investigation over an allegation of sexual abuse. He has now been released on bail until March."

Zoompad said...

Please can you post some information about the Frederick Atkinson/Peter Tatchell comment, thanks.

Anonymous said...

The government is pushing homosexuality onto the people, and for this reason have blocked all cases of abuse of boys by jimmy saville
how evil is that ?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Barbara i love your site and i also enjoy all the comments, people ask why Elton john Freddie Mercury and Robin Gibb were never prosecuted for abusing young boys,
the truth is that if you are a jew you will not be questioned, because to them its not a crime, Robin Gibbs roadies said he abused over 1000 mainly young boys.

Anonymous said...

I cant find it now but one of your comments said only those who abuse girls are being sought, when i think of it that is correct, why ? is the cameron/miliband agenda to push homosexuality that important ?

Zoompad said...

6 May 2011 Last updated at 14:21 Share this pageEmail Print Share this page

ShareFacebookTwitter.Bishop of Winchester retires after 15 years Bishop Scott-Joynt is looking forward to a new lifestyle
The Right Reverend Michael Scott-Joynt is stepping down as the Bishop of Winchester after leading the diocese for 15 years.

The 96th Bishop of Winchester wants to be remembered for helping Christian people be "more confident and effective followers of Jesus".

He said: "My hope is that we are more cheerful, more focused and relaxed and more explicit about being Christian."

A service will be held at Winchester Cathedral on Saturday to farewell him.

Against homosexuality

During his 15 years in service, the bishop has tackled some prominent social issues.

Continue reading the main story

Start Quote
The crucial thing is going to be a real change of pace and a different kind of lifestyle”
End Quote
Bishop Scott-Joynt

He chaired a Church of England committee in 2000 to relax the rules governing the remarriage in church of people who have been divorced and took a stand against homosexuality.

He said: "It's never been a comfortable stance to take because many of my friends, colleagues, people I respect and like and people in my family have either disagreed with or been embarrassed by the position I have taken.

"As the Church of England, the place for the fullest human sexual activity is within the lifelong marriage of a man and a woman."

For the longest serving Bishop of Winchester in over a century, retirement is going to represent a huge change from the hectic schedule he is used to.

'Change gear'

The 67-year-old said: "The schedule is punishing, but it's also energizing in its variety and somehow those two live in tension like a rubber band.

"Stopping that, getting off that relentlessness really will be quite new.

"I don't know what else I'm going to find myself involved in, the crucial thing is going to be a real change of pace and a different kind of lifestyle."

After the bishop steps down, his wife of 46 years, Lou, is looking forward to the change in lifestyle.

She said: "I shan't miss the hard work of trying to be manager, entrepreneur, sorter of events!

"We've got ideas of what we'd like to do, but we are determined that we're going to have six months without any more commitments. I think we need time to wind down, time to regain some energy and time to change gear."

Zoompad said...

Bishop of Winchester: legal system discriminates against Christians
The Human Rights Act is protecting the rights of minority groups while encouraging judges and politicians to discriminate against Christians, a senior bishop said yesterday

By Rosa Prince, Political Correspondent
10:00PM GMT 26 Dec 2010
The Bishop of Winchester, the Rt Rev Michael Scott-Joynt, warned that the death of “religious literacy” among those who made and administered the law had created an imbalance in the way in which those with faith were treated compared to sexual minorities.

Highlighting the case Gary McFarlane, a relationship counsellor who was sacked by Relate for refusing to give sex therapy to a homosexual couple, he said that the judiciary now went out of its way to protect the rights of minorities.

At the same time, for the first time in British history politicians and judges were largely ignorant of religion and so failed to

appreciate the importance Christians placed on abiding by the scriptures rather than the politically correct values of the secular state.

The Bishop’s concerns were underlined by Lord Woolf, a former Lord Chief Justice, who agreed that in some legal cases the balance had gone “too far” in tipping away from Christians.

Related Articles
Discrimination debate: the cases
27 Dec 2010
Campaign launched to get people to display their faith
27 Dec 2010
Telegraph View: wisdom of an Archbishop
27 Dec 2010

His words echo recent warnings from other church leaders about what they perceive as attacks on Christianity.

The critique of the Human Rights Act is likely to fuel the criticism of David Cameron for failing to abide by a pre-election

pledge he made to replace the controversial European rules with a home-grown Bill of Rights.

Other recent high profile legal cases involving Christians include bed and breakfast owners sued for turning away two homosexuals who wished to share a bedroom, and adoption agencies forced by the Government to close their doors after they refused to place children with same sex couples

Bishop Scott-Joynt told the BBC’s World This Weekend: “The problem is that there is a really quite widespread perception among Christians that there is growing up something of an imbalance in the legal position with regard to the freedom of Christians and people of other faiths to pursue the calling of their faith in public life, in public service.

“Probably for the first time in our history there is a widespread lack of religious literacy among those who one way and another hold power and influence, whether it’s Parliament or the media or even, dare I say it, in the judiciary.

”The risk would be that there are increasingly professions where it could be difficult for people who are devoted believers to work in certain of the public services, indeed in Parliament.

Zoompad said...

“Anybody who is part of the religious community believes that you don’t just hold views, you live them. Manifesting your faith is part of having it and not part of some optional bolt-on.

“Judgement seemed to be following contemporary society, which seems to think that secularist views are statements of the obvious and religious views are notions in the mind. That is the culture in which we are living.

“The judges ought to be religiously literate enough to know that there is an argument behind all this, which can’t simply be settled by the nature of society as it is today.”

Appearing on the same programme, Lord Woolf said that the law should be the same for everyone, regardless of faith or lack of it.

But, he conceded: “We may have gone too far. If the law has gone too far in one direction, then the experience of the law is that it tends to move back.

”The law must be above any sectional interest even if it is an interest of a faith but at the same time it must be aware of the

proper concerns of that faith.

“The law should be developed in ways that, wherever practicable, it allows that faith to be preserved and protected.”

The Bishop’s words echo those of Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, who has put his name to the “I’m Not Ashamed” campaign, which promotes the rights of Christians.

He produced a leaflet earlier this month claiming that Christians of “deep faith” faced discrimination and were “under attack” at the start of a campaign to encourage religious people to “wear their faith with pride”.

The Human Rights Act has come under increasing criticism in recent years for protecting the rights of minorities including criminals over those of the wider population.

Before the general election, Mr Cameron had promised to scrap the Act in favour of a British Bill of Rights, but with the Liberal Democrats supporting the current system, introduced under the last, Labour government, the plans were effectively kicked into the long grass following the formation of the Coalition.

Earlier this month, there was anger after it emerged that a failed Iraqi asylum seeker who killed a 12-year-old girl in a hit and run accident could not be deported because he had fathered children in this country and the Act upheld his right to a family life.

The case followed that of Learco Chindamo, who killed headteacher Phillip Lawrence but escaped deportation to Italy, his country of birth, on the grounds that he had moved to Britain as a child and had a right to remain in this country.

He has since been returned to jail after allegedly breaching the terms of his licence by being involved in a street robbery.

Meanwhile, Rowan Williams, the current Archbishop of Canterbury, has warned that the Government’s planned programme of welfare cuts could harm the “honest, hardworking” poor as well as those seeking to abuse the system.

In an article in a Sunday newspaper, he said that the children of the poor had not chosen to live in poverty, and should not be forced to suffer.

To the likely anger of ministers, he also questioned Mr Cameron’s concept of the “Big Society,” saying that people wanted more concrete evidence of investment in their communities.

Zoompad said...

And I absolutly agree with him. I hope he gets better soon as well - he's had a stroke.

Zoompad said...

"I cant find it now but one of your comments said only those who abuse girls are being sought, when i think of it that is correct, why ? is the cameron/miliband agenda to push homosexuality that important ?"

It looks that way.
Though the Staffordshire Pindown child abuse of girls as well as boys has also been covered up by MI5 - they are protecting priveliged clients who used kids in those hell holes as free prostitutes

Zoompad said...

The paedophiles hate the true church (which isn't a building, its a body of people of various denominations colours races ages ect ect, who believe in and try to follow the Lord Jesus Christ) because the devil who they are serving is going to everlasting damnation and they know that those who follow and serve him are also going there, hence the mad attempt to overthrow God in this sad and deluded day and age.

Zoompad said...

Dont anyone even think about calling me a ferocious bigot, as I am only paraphrasing what the Holy Bible (the ancient books of the Word of God) says. Read it for yourselves, please dont just take my word for it.

Thats why they keep "discovering" new artifacts that disprove the Bible ie that stupid stone age book (I notice the internet links have pretty much been taken down to that hoax now)

Anonymous said...

I have h ada couple of comments published here before about Chrsitianty being attacked and its by jews.
how they found out my email i dont know but I had some hate email, saying German soldiers are still being hounded 70 years after W W 2
and anyone who says anything derogatory about jews will suffer the same, and their children will also be targets so keep my mouth shut. how evil are these people ?

Anonymous said...

there is a team in isreal who examine any ancient finds in palestine to se if they accord with jewish law, if they do they get released, if not they are destroyed.The jews even fake up ancient stone carvings showing them ina good light,

Zoompad said...

None of our email is private, because the government allows the Military Secret Services to spy on everyone.

They pretend its for the good of the people, but it isn't. I wouldn't mind if it was, but when MI5 are using their powers to cover up institutional child abuse you know its not for any ordinary persons good that they are doing it.

Zoompad said...

"there is a team in isreal who examine any ancient finds in palestine to se if they accord with jewish law, if they do they get released, if not they are destroyed.The jews even fake up ancient stone carvings showing them ina good light,
bastards "

I have been to see the Staffordshire Hoard. I didn't go when it first went on display because my idea of an interesting day out doesn't involve standing for hours in a long queue.

Having now seen this exhibition with my own eyes, and spoken to the curators, I am now thoroughly convinced that it is a con trick.

Anonymous said...

of course the legal system is biased against chrsitians, its run by jews isnt it ?
In germany the country with over run with filth, homosexuals transvestite clubs male prostitutes
child sex, but when hitler came to power he stopped it all, and many of the jews behind it were imprisoned, laws of child protection were brought in and the only time the abuse stopped at the jersey care homes was when it was occupied by german forces
we need to take a leaf from their book, asap
Dorian Collison

Zoompad said...

I remember the Beatles going to Hamberg when they started out as a band, it's there that John Lennon wrote "Ticket to Ride". I didn't find out what the lyrics to that song meant until very recently, we Brits were so very innocent and naive, my parents and most other parents I suspect would never have let us listen to that as children had he known what the lyrics meant. I bet Alan Freeman knew what it meant, and more, if you look at some of the stuff that was on primetime BBC TV and radio it was full of double entendre, ie Round The Horne, the BBC have portayed themselves as guardians of moral standards for decades, they were letting kids be corrupted on purpose.

Zoompad said...

My dad used to listen to Round the Horne, he didn't understand what they were saying, none of us did, they were speaking in gay language, Polari, we didn't understand what they were saying, they might as well have been speaking Italian for all we knew. Why on earth did the BBC allow that?

Zoompad said...

They were laughing at us. They were laughing their heads off at how naive we all were. Its horrible what they did.

I felt really sorry about The Naked Civil Servant. I didn't watch all of it, but the bits I did watch persuaded me that there was some sort of hate campaign against homosexuals. The way the television people presented it was to make you feel really sorry for the gay man in it. I felt sorry because I too felt like an outsider - I'd been in a psychiatric hospital through none of my own fault (put there after being abused as a Place of Safety), and I felt sorry for any underdogs, I felt sorry for anyone who was on the outside of society, because thats how I felt.

The Naked Civil Servant was not a honest television program, because it was very lop sided. It only wanted to play on peoples emotions, and Leo Abse and his friends were trying to change the laws, he would be laughing from his grave to see how gay rights have elbowed everyone elses rights out of the way, even the rights of children not to be abused, even that.

Zoompad said...

My childhood ended abruptly when I got abused. One minuit I was a child, the next I felt like a whore. I remember trying to wash the stink away. How sad that is for an 11 year old girl to feel like that!

What amazes me is that so many people, even my own parents, tried to stick the boot in to my soul. I felt like a second class citizen for decades, I felt as if I had no right to even be on Planet Earth, that is what being abused did to me. This is what people who tell people like me to "get over it" don't seem to be able to get into their thick skulls.

Its a very hard thing to live with the feeling that you are tainted and unclean. Jesus Christ gave me my freshness back, and when people attack me for my faith I just think, "You don't know anything about it".

I don't hate gay people for being gay, but there has been a big load of lies from the aggressive Gay Rights campaigners, the political movement and its about time all the truth about it was told by the media, because anti child abuse bloggers have already exposed the lies, and no amount of persecution and gagging is going to cover it all up ever again.

Anonymous said...

so what does ticket to ride mean ?
anyone ?

Anonymous said...

Aangirfan has a piece today on PIE the pedophile info exchange.
The BBc hada memo from the police when i was there warning them about Michael Barrymore being discovered among the men visiting a boys home and taking boys out for the day,and to tell other broadcasters, what did the BBC do nothing absolutely nothing.

Anonymous said...

i was listening toa radio show
when the subject of child abuse came on, i make no distinction between abuse of young boys and girls, but other people are doing this now all the time including the BBC. So how can it be wrong to abuse girls but to abuse boys is now OK ?

Anonymous said...

because some years back my brother was sexually abused by jimmy savile

i have since that time been ratling cages, he was just a 9 years old cub scout.
Tha uthorities even the BBC dont acknowledge homosexual attacks especially by saville, so i went on local radio, and the attacks on me by gays have been horendous for speaking out, this has shocked and upset me. My brother died two ytears ago but how well i remember him in tears with blood sreaming down his legs after saville raped him
Carol Hollis

Anonymous said...

So it turns out that the DJ Paul Gambacini turned queens evidence on Jimmy Saville and others to save his own skin, and there has been complaints about gambacini for some years, but he slips through the net because he is homosexual

Anonymous said...

How dare that social worker on TV refer to abused boys as " kids on the game " and how dare she call them bumbadillos, these boys are not prostitutes they are abused kids, any under age child cannot give permission to be sodomised.
sick people...

Anonymous said...

A freind of mine had intelligence links and he told me that Leo Abse was connected through Lord Goodman to lord Rothschild who runs and funds mossad, the intel service which is against the whole world.
Leo Abse wanted to bring homosexuality into the mainstream
and decriminalise sex with boys
even if this was without consent
* leagl note it should be said that anyone under age cannot give consent