Wednesday, 23 February 2011



I am waiting for my GP to call back as I write this, I phoned my GP at 5.40 and it is now 6.13. I have called my GP because this morning I had a fit, brought on by a telephone call from Stafford Job Centre’s continuous harassment of myself, by keep trying to go for a six monthly work focussed interview near the place I was kept incarcerated as a child. I have got a numb lower lip and jaw on one side, as if I had been given anaesthetic by a dentist, am short of breath, have had pins and needle sensations around my chest. I am not a doctor but I think these may be signs of a mild stroke or heart attack. I gave these symptoms details to the receptionist at Abbey St Mansion House surgery, and then I emailed my friend who told me that the symptoms sound like a heart attack and to get the doctor and take two asperin, which I have done so.
The harassment Stafford Job Centre is giving to me, they have written things down on a piece of paper, about me being a survivor of the Staffordshire Pindown chuld abuse scandal, and subsequent abuse ie from being incarcerated at St Georges Psychiatric Hospital, on a “place of safety” order as a child, the inappropriate NLP “therapy” the secret family courts tried to force me to have, without any involvement of my GP or any sort of proper consultation, but a series of secret meetings at Stafford Court, which is illegal, and the “therapy” I eventually received inappropriately at Emerge based at St Georges Psychiatric Hospital, which was inappropriate because it was the place where I was placed at and abused at as a child, and so the therapy triggered off a fit on the way home, which resulted in me being taken to Stafford Hospital and assaulted by staff in front of about 40 witnesses in the A and E department, thrown off a trolly so that I had a cut and bruised right knee, shouted at by staff and threatened, laughed at and generally ill treated. I had done absolutely nothing wrong to deserve to be treated in such a vile way, I had been given inappropriate and dangerous “treatment” and the fit was a result of that so called therapy.
Stafford Job Centre are well aware of all this. I have had to explain all this to them on at least 4 occasions. They have a piece of paper telling them of all of this, and the impression I am getting now is that they are deliberately trying to upset me as much as possible because surely someone ought to be able to understand how upsetting it is for a person to have to go through all oif this horrible ritual every six months? If they want me to do a job, fine, I will be glad to do any job that I can, but I cant do anything about the fits, it is not my fault that I have fits, it is because of the abuse, and Allan Levy recommended that us Pinjdown survivors get the best help available to help us get over the trauma, but all I have had my whole life is more abuse and harassment. I asked Stafford Job Centre could they come to my home to do this interview, but they said no, and arranged for me to go on the Job Bus in Stone, which was terrible as they left the doors wide open so that people could hear every word that was said, the woman was a bully, she made me feel like a tiny little mouse and I had to go through all my whole life (again) the rape, the buggery I was subjected to at the age of 11, then the forced vaginal examination done without my parents and my consent, in front of 4 male police officers, a policewoman and the policemen were there because I said “NO” to the examination and they said I had no choice and they bwould hold me arms and legs if I did not do as I was told so I gave in, I was scared to death as I coulkd hear clanking around and did not know what the police surgeon was putting inside of me and thought it was sharp knives, I had to explain all this again WITH THE DOORS WIDE OPEN SO THAT ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE COULD HEAR, I do not think Allan Levy said we Pindown abuse survivors should be treated like this at all, its inhuman, its vile and completly wrong!

I don’t like living on DHSS handouts, its shameful, but who wants to employ me now, I am on the scrapheap, I went to a perfectly good Grammer school having passed my 11 plus, I was at Stafford Girls High School with Carol Ann Duffy, the Poet Laureate, but Stafford Social Services put me in that hell hole which was Chadswell Assessment Centre, and then St Georges Psychiatric Hospital, and I was there a year, not a month, they have altered my medical documents, a police statement and social service records and done a terrible job of it as well, to try to cover up them putting me in a psychiatric hospital for a year on an adult ward when there was nothing up with me apart that I had been raped and thumped about. And they lied and tried to make out that I had been expelled from Stafford Girls High School, but I wrote to my old headmistress Miss Dawson, and she was such a lovely lady, we exchanged a few letters before she died, she remembered me, she was so kind to me, I told her that I could not stay at Stafford Girls High School after being in a psychiatric Hospital for a year, because I would get bullied, she tried so hard to persuade me to change my mind and stay there but I would not, I was too scared, I really wish so much I had trusted her more, she was a lovely kind woman. Stafford Social Services were not happy that I got in touch with Miss Dawson, because they told a malicious lie that I had been expelled and it was not true.

PLEASE will you do something to stop these people persecuting me any more? Can you tell them that I am very sorry that I am having to claim DHSS, and that if they want me to do some job to earn my benefit money I will be very happy to do anything, as long as it does not involve going anywhere near that place where I was abused as a child?

It is now 6.52, and it looks as though my GP cant be bothered to ring back, I expect they would rub their hands in glee if I dropped down dead, judging from their past disgraceful treatment of me. So I am going to another town to visit a friend, and try to see a GP in another town, where they might be less inclined to bring about my premature death!

PS I was not allowed to give eviodence at the Stafford Hospital Enquiry. I know you and Julie Bailey worked hard to bring about that second enquiry, and the QCs opening words were “No stone shall be left unturned”, well, I am not the only person hopping mad at being not allowed to tell what happened, its not right at all and gives lie to the “No stone will be left unturned” declaration.


Zoompad said...

It is now 7.40pm, and I have just had a phone call off a Dr Chakrabarti, and I described the symptoms over the phone to hem. I am happy to say that he says I have not had a heart attack or a stroke, but a very severe panic attack.

I do think the GP ought to have got back to me a bit faster, as if it had been a heart attack or stroke I might be pushing up the daisies, but anyway, at least I know now.

I am really fed up of all this, IT HAS GOT TO STOP RIGHT NOW!

Zoompad said...

And I dont want anyone coming onto this bloigsite any more, telling me I amn a nutter or a f*cking nutter or a drama queen or any other vicious vindictive crap. I have had enough of bullies, I hate bullies, I hated bullies when I was a jid and I still hate bullies now. So anyone coming onto this blog with the intention of bullying me even more, nI wont publish any of your nasty comments and so you are wasting your time.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry and sad that you have had to suffer so much because of the horrendous treatment you have suffered as a child. It would be surprising if anybody could come out of that unscathed. I remember you from Safeline Forum and know how you have suffered so much in your childhood. Hope things improve soon so that you can get back to work and feel content.

Zoompad said...


I wish I could as well. I dont exactly twiddle my fingers and sit around at home doing nothing all day though. Because I have been persecuted so much, in my struggle to defend myself from further abuse, I have inadvertantly stumbled accross all sorts of interesting information concerning corrupt officials, ie Colin Tucker and David Abtahams, to name just two, which I have been able to pass on to other people who have also been maliciously abused. So although I appreciate your kindness in offering me some sympathy, thank you, I think perhaps the Lord has given this suffering of malicious abuse to me, as part of the Cross we have to bear, because although it is very painful to me, to be treated in a wicked and cruel way, every time it happens I seem to stumble accross some more interesting hidden wickedness. I am by nature quite an easy going person, it is only the persecution and abuse that drives me on. If the abuse stopped, I would get on with nice things, and be able to heal. I do not suppose the freemasons of Staffordshire and Warwick will ever allow that to happen, because freemasons are like Staffordshire Bull Terriers, once they get a bite of somebody they have to battle on until they have totally finished that person off. They skulk around, doing nastiness in a sneaky way, to try to trick people that it is nothing to do with them, just like classroom bullies, and will never ever stop. But the Lord will not let them destroy me, you see, they might cause me a lot of pain, but they will end up breaking all their teeth on me, because I belong to Jesus Chriat, who is Almighty God.

Anyway thank you for your kind words. Please, do be very careful of Safeline, they are not an organisation I would encourage anyone to use, for reasons I have already explained on this blog.

Zoompad said...

I have just recieved a letter from Stafford Jobcentre Plus, via my MP Bill Cash.

I think the letter is meant to be an apology. There's no mention of how they left the door wide open on the Job Bus so that all the other people on the bus could hear every word I said, and how nasty the woman was to me on the Job Bus.

The letter says that they are not going to make me go to near that place where I was abused as a child again, but I dont believe them, because they have done it over and over again. It made me feel sick just reading the letter. I dont think the actual woman who phoned me did it on purpose, but someone ought to have had a think to wether it was right what they were doing, because it is NOT right, no-one should be forced to go near the place that is known to trigger off bad memories of child abuse, its a wicked thing to do that to a person.

Anyway, I am glad at least I have had a reply. Thank you Bill Cash, for helping me by writing to them.