Saturday, 22 September 2012


Which is SUPPOSED to be illegal. Only problem is that some people appear to be immune to the laws of any land. The secret services top dogs consider themselves to be above the law.

MI5 are involved in the Pindown child abuse cover up.


Zoompad said...

And now I have been onto my Facebook account, I had been signed out by someone overnight, and I did manage to sign in. Not for long though, as Facebook have put a tempory ban on me due to "site issues".

I am getting pretty sick of this nonsense now.

Zoompad said...

I am back on now. I don't know what the heck has been going on overnight, but it looks like someone has been mucking round with all my social networking again. Sick of it.

Anonymous said...

apparently some plod from up north told mi5 that they are 'not above the law' but we'll see, they have a lot to get through - think about 20 odd years of paperwork - is -covering maybe thousands of cases- could take years- we just have to keep it going - very distressing for everyone - they should be able to say 'we are investigating' but they can't even say that, they just leave you in the dark with a million bad guys to fighjt, it's bloody scary - you're doing great stuff zoom, good for you x

Anonymous said...

keep up the great worl zoom, lots of love xx

Zoompad said...

Re the Northern plod: yes, another victim of the Pindown abuse told me that it was a senior police officer who had stopped the Pindown investigations, but I can't publish the Pindown victim's name, as the paedo network would set the police and probably the army on me before you could say Jack Robinson, as they have managed to persuade her that they are the good guys.

Yes it is bloody scary, I'll tell you what's even scarier, it's the thought that these bastards are in the child protection system and that there are children in their evil hands, and I know exactly how frightening it is to be placed in the "care" of such people and not be able to escape from them, don't I just!

Zoompad said...

But I thought (and I am not saying anything negative at all about him) that it was very interesting that Jimmy Saville took Frank Bruno with him to visit Peter Sutcliffe in jail. Frank Bruno was a victim of child abuse as well.

What the MI5/paedo networkers have been doing is pretending to be protectors of children. Saville did a video I think it would have been in the 80's called Stranger Danger.

The paedoscum have also been sidling up to adult child abuse victims pretending to be on their side, whilst stabbing them in the back.