Thursday, 6 December 2012


I am posting up the details of this phone call I recieved yesterday at 10:55 am from Womens Aid, Stafford.

The woman who rang me said I had been referred to Women's Aid from Savanna, who I saw on Friday 30th November at 10.00am at the Dudson Centre.

I told the woman all about the Pindown child abuse and cover up - the withdrawing of the Allan Levy QC/Barbara Kehan Pindown report from all the Staffordshire public libraries, the witholding this important document from victims of Pindown child abuse, the disgraceful way I have been treated by Stafford Police over the years, including the way I was treated like a criminal for reporting a death threat made to me.

It is impossible to talk about this stuff without getting upset, and I must have raised my voice during the telephone conversation, which most compassionate people I am sure would find pretty understandable.

The woman accused me of getting angry with her!!!

I told her that I was not angry with her, and tried to explain that if I had raised my voice it was for the reason above, that it was impossible to talk about stuff like that without the emotion getting into my voice.

She asked me what I wanted. (Savanna had asked me the same question)

I told her that I wanted to be treated like a normal person, that is, to have the same right to access exactly the same services - healthcare, police ect, as someone who was not a victim of Pindown child abuse and subsequent cover ups.

She told me that I am a normal person, and she also hinted at me having "councelling"

I told her about the Emerge councelling - that they had sent me to one of the places where I had been abused as a child for theraputic councelling, that it had obviously been a deliberate and malicious act to send me there as I had repeatedly protested very strongly not to be sent there, and to instead be offered an alternate venue for the councelling at a place which wasnt associated in my mind with child abuse, but that EMERGE had refused and lied to me by saying that no alternate venue could be utilised.

She told me that she didnt think they would do such a thing on purpose.

She asked me if I was working and wether I owned my home. I asked her why she was asking for that information. She said in case I was out, so that she could see when the best time to contact me would be. She didn't tell me why she had asked me about my home status.

The conversation ended by her thanking me for contacting her. Which is strange, as it was she who rang me!

So I am posting the details of this conversation onto my blog, for my own protection, in case of any more malicious vindictive persecution.


Zoompad said...

This is my weeks ratings, of how many people read my blog this week country by country:



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Zoompad said...

I don't know why all these people all round the world are reading my blog. I feel a bit like the Jim Carrie character in the film The Truman Show. It is all a bit bizzarre.

But I think these agencies I keep approachig for help should take heed.

If there is any double handed monkey business, well, a lot of people are going to find out about it.

Zoompad said...

I am going to continue to ask for help (as people keep maliciously telling me "You need help") until I get the help I want.

All I really want is an apology, and I don't think that is asking for the moon!

millie fiore said...

hi Zoom. I like your blog. Social Work will be privatized in due course, then they WILL answer to the law. It's high time those verminous freaks had their jobs cut, we need the NHS and law firms training them, stop them from believing they know anything, of course the DO, but sadism is passe. They will all pay. Watch them go.

Zoompad said...

I think it is disgusting how the caring professions such as nursing and social work have been hijacked by what I can only describe as a bunch of crafty legal expert murdering gangsters.

It wasn't that long ago when nurses were known as angels. Now, we have them getting their hands red with blood by doing the dirty work of the social engineers who are desperate to legalise mass murder with their Liverpool Care Pathway. The truth is that doctors, with human kindness and desire to end suffering as their only motive, have in the past quietly issued a high dose of morphine to put people out of their misery, but what the mass murderers have done is to deliberatly make a big noise about this, pretending they give a damn about people when really they don't, so that they can get a tide of public opinion to legalise euthenasia, once that is done, well, I think you understand very well what they will do next.

Zoompad said...

Social workers are being dragged into doing stuff they ought to know damned well is evil, but the problem is, these days, the aforementioned murderous gangsters have poisoned the well to such an extent that people are having a lot of difficulty telling basic right from wrong. because I am one of the oldies I still remember what happened to murderers in the 60's - I am just about old enough to remember that. But these days, a murderer can easily get away with pretending he was sleepwalking, or use extreme provacation as an excuse for getting a light tap on the wrist for murdering someone.

I also remember that there was a time when people in high authority caught doing something they shouldn't have done would express deep shame. Nowadays they are more likely to find a guttersnipe lawyer to sue and destroy their victim.