Sunday, 15 December 2013

Gilbert Keith Chesterton

I haven't been online so much, because I have been reading. I got a book called The Outline Of Sanity by Gilbert Keith Chesterton, actually I bought it because of the beautiful pen and ink sketches in it, but I have found myself hardly unable to put it down.

I am very happy to read that he was also totally against eugenics and slavery.

I have also been rereading Uncle Toms Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe.


Zoompad said...

I'm sorry, but I can't post your comments about Cliff Richard, but I will just say that I do find Cliff Richard's personal testemony as a Christian very bland and peculiar in that if it were to be compared to a bowl of soup it would be bland with no meat or even vegetables in it. His testemony of life is in the words he chooses to sing and utter - Misletoe and Wine? Devil Woman?

Gilbert Keith Chesterton on the other hand, from what I have read of his writings so far, his writings throb with the urgency of the stirrings of the Holy Spirit. So does the blog of Stuart Syvret (who is STILL in La Moye jail, for whistleblowing) although Stuart calls himself an athiest. Funny sort of athiest though, whose big brave heart is driven by deep pity and charity, who is urged in his soul to care for downtrodden people that he doesn't know the faces of and has never even met face to face (yet) But we will all be gathered up into the clouds one day, when the risen Lord returns to take his children home.

Zoompad said...

The Holy Spirit, once you have heard His voice there's no mistaking it for any other voice.

I have heard murderers trying to claim as defence that they thought God was telling them to do what they did. But Jesus Christ never ever told anyone to commit a crime.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Zoompad said...

I'm not posting the last three anonymous comments either.

Some people think its a big joke to muddy the water.

I'm only interested in posting the truth, not slander

Anonymous said...

I see the BBC are admitting they knew most of their DJs were kiddy fiddlers, then how can they say they knew and yet keep them in their employment ?
The sheer number of complains from kids is amazing, and they are legalising this ?
am i on the wrong planet ?

Anonymous said...

My aunt Maude always said that the years she worked for the BBC were very educational in so many ways, she said do not truth the news and that Harry Corbett who was a close freind and a real gentlemen, tried to tell people at the top about Jimmy Saville Alan Freeman and a couple of others and the BBC management told him go away and keep his mouth shut
I bet they wish they listended to him now !!

Zoompad said...

I feel like I'm on the wrong planet a lot of the time as well.

This planet seems like the Land of TopsyTurvey to me, with the victims of crime being persecuted by the lawyers and wicked people openly defying the laws and going unpunished.

Anonymous said...

I saw the comments removed on Cliff Richard and this got me curious, i see he has denied ever going to Elm house ot any other boy brothel,
Greville Janner is named on Chris Spivey, its time this man was prosecuted and put inside where homosexuals can have a go at his backside and he can see how he likes it

Zoompad said...

"I saw the comments removed on Cliff Richard "

I don't particularly like Cliff Richard, but I do remove comments and refuse to publish comments which I personally judge to be muddy water comments.

As for Aangirfan, well, sorry but this is my blog, and you wont find me making comments on this blog making out that paedophiles make the best child carers or criticising other Christians for following the Word of God.

I've gone off Aangirfan since I realised he/she/they did that sort of thing. I thought Aangirfan was 100% anti child abuse with zero tolerance for paedophile activity. It seems I was wrong.

And I don't care if anyone calls me a religious bigot or anything like that either.

Zoompad said...

I personally dont believe Chiff Richard when he says he never went to Elm House, and so far (give the corrupt legal bullies time though!)you can't be prosecuted for what you do or dont believe in.

The other anonymous comments about Cliff Richard that I am getting and refusing to publish, well, I don't believe those either.

If you want me to publish stuff like that you're going to have to drom the anonymous and provide some proof.

Oh, and dont bother trying to post crap using someone elses identity either, because I'm onto that malicious caper as well.

Anonymous said...

Just reading the comments barbara,
not just Cliff Richard but Rolf Harris and Greville Janner have been at it too.
Tony Blair holidays with Clif Richard and before a prime minister goes anywhere his MI5 people check them out, so Tony knew what Cliff Richard was and still holidayed with him, what does that tell yout tony blair ?

Anonymous said...

Cliff Richard has been named as visiting Elm house and Nimrod house, he has emphatically denied touching any boys at any time.

Anonymous said...

This blog has been so helpful to me.
I have been reading up on one of the worst of the protected boy rapists.
If you object to the rape of young christian boys please email him and tell him at

Anonymous said...

Barbrara if you are going to delete what people say there is no point us contributing, and without us you have no blog
love susan foster

Anonymous said...

Al Goldstein the jewish pornographer who heped to popularize boy-buggery has died

Zoompad said...

"Susan", I'm not going to fall into that Mcpaedophine trap, if you want to post comments about people sucking other peoples dicks you'll have to provide some proof.

Sorry, but this is my blog, some posts do get censored if I think they are just a wind up muddy up, if you dont like it dont bother coming to read, I dont care if I have no-one else reading this blog, even if it ends up with just me and the Lord reading it, I wont post comments that I think have been posted for malicious purposes, all I'm interested in is the TRUTH!

Zoompad said...

"He should be remembered as a man who had the guts to get in the face of his enemies," DeStefano said. "He was fearless."

Al Goldstein will have to face the Lord God, he will have to give an account of his whole life. What a dreadful testimony he has, how blind some men are, to sell their eternal soul for a short life of shameful wicked activity

Zoompad said...

Blown out like a candle. Everything we have belongs to the Lord God, who created Heaven and Earth. Our bodies are so frail, we are lucky if we get 60 years of good health, we are just star dust.

We do have free will for the short lifetime we have upon this planet, but woe to those who use their freedom to curse mankind rather than bless their fellow men.

The Lord Jesus Christ offered us eternal life, why do so many reject His love? Why would a man reject the love of the Lord and choose instead to pander to the devil?

Zoompad said...

Incidentally, IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE is one of my all time favourite films, I don't understand why anyone would think the theme to it has anything to do with a Communist agenda, I thought it was all about the effect of a clap of a butterfly's wings.

Anonymous said...

Barbara we all share your beliefs on child dafety, but dont all share your jesus beliefs, and neither do the jews.
Jews dont believe there is another life just this one which is why theu steal and bugger as much as they like, lets not lose site of this excellant blog

Zoompad said...

Well actually, anonymous, in case you haven't noticed, this is MY blog, so I am the one who chooses what to post on it.

I had enough of people telling me I was a religious bigot on the Mothers for Justice site for posting prayers for the victims and whistleblowers of Pindown and the Secret Family Courts, so I'm not really going to stop posting about my Saviour and friend the Lord Jesus Christ on my own site am I?

If me posting about Jesus alienates some people, thats too bad, and their problem, not mine.

If some people consider that my being a Born Again Christian bars me from being a passionate campaigner against child abuse and institutional abuse of any kind, well, I'd call that bigotry!

Zoompad said...

This is an anti child abuse site, NOT an anti Jew site.

I refuse to hate anyone on account of their religion.

I'm not a Jew, I daresay a lot of Jews would despise me for my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, but I refuse to despise them back on account of that.

Its NOT in the Jewish faith as I understand it that buggery is allowed, and I know most people including Jews would be horrified if it was. So if their Rabbis are doing such things and attempting to teach others that its ok they are going against the laws that God gave to Moses.

Me hating the Jews for what their leaders do would make as much sense as me hating all the Catholics and Protestants for what THEIR leaders do! It would mean an awful lot of hate, and I just can't hate people for blindly following bad leaders, all I can do is pray for them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara, i can only imagine what you were replying to.
But jewty is different because in Talmud it teaches you that it is Ok to sodomise small kids as long as they are not jewish.
If you look at those names as attending boys homes a large proportion were jewish males.
thankyou barabra and god bless you

Zoompad said...

I have not yet read the Talmud, but I am going to, to see for myself what it actually says.

Its so obviously NOT right to sodomise young boys, the Jews were already taught that, so if the Talmud is teaching that then the Talmud needs chucking in the bin.

Zoompad said...

I will post your comment about Grenville Janner if you just remove the last 4 words at the end of it, sorry, but I wont judge millions of people by their religion, these wicked people who prey on children worm their way into all the religions, thats why I cant post your comment, sorry