Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Broken knee

I fell over last week and my knee is still very badly swollen,it hurts like crazy if I touch it, I think it might be broken or chipped. I haven't been to see my GP because quite honestly I am too scared to go anywhere near my GP now, because of those creepy stalking incidents and that really creepy man Mr Singh, and my GP lying to me.

I can't even change GP because there is only one more surgery and I had to change from that one because of Stafford Police colluding to alter my medical records. I wish Dr Taylor was still there because he wouldn't have let them do that to me, he was ok.

So now my knee appears to be broken, I can still walk but it's very painful.

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Zoompad said...

I don't think I had better even try to get any medical treatment for my knee. The creepy phone calls have started again. I am using arnica to reduce the swelling and comfrey poultice.