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The Paedophile Information Exchange

It isn't in any history books that I have read so far, but the Paedophile Information Exchange does deserve to be mentioned in the History of the British Isles, in the same way that The Nazi Youth Movement has a place in the chronicals of Germany.

It was set up as a special interest group within the Scottish Minorities group and was relocated to London in 1975 where Michael Hanson, who was the first Chairman, was succeeded by 23 year old Keith Hose, who had connections with the Gay Liberation Front. The agenda for the GLF was to question the validity of the family as a basis of an economic, social and sexual system.

PIE sought to change public opinion on paedophilia by the means of media publicity. Their aim was to make paedophilia acceptable in society, and to provide a means of paedophiles contacting each other. They produced magazines for this purpose. In 1976 a magazine called Understanding Paedophilia was produced, which included articles from psychologists with the aim of making paedophilia respectable and normal. Another magazine was called Magpie, this contained news articles, book and film reviews, articles, non-nude photographs of children, humour about paedophilia, letters and other contributions by members. In 1977 PIE produced another regular publication called Childhood Rights. When the editor ('David') retired, this content was assimilated into Magpie.

In 1976 PIE was asked to help the Albany Trust, to produce a booklet on paedophilia which was to have been published by the Trust. This collaboration was 'uncovered' by Mary Whitehouse, who alleged that public funds were being used indirectly to subsidize 'paedophile groups'. The Albany Trust was partly supported by government grants. The Trustees decided not to publish the booklet, saying that it wasn't sufficiently 'objective'. A year later a question was asked Parliament by Sir Berbard Braine, but, despite a statement by Home Office minister Brynmor John hat there was no evidence of public money going to PIE, the issue was drawn out into 1978 in the letters pages of The Guardian and The Times.

In 1978 several PIE committee members were arrested for indecency crimes against adults and children. In 1981 Tom O Carroll, the author of Paedophilia: The Radical Case was jailed for two years for conspiracy to pevert the course of justice. In 1984 it was announced that the group was closing down. However, the group has certainly not closed down, but assumed many different names, the Wonderland Club being one of them.

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Anonymous said...

In 1974 I was wrongly convicted of a criminal act involving a boy aged 9 years,that I have since discovered was perpetrated by Keith Hose the chairperson of PIE. The victim of the crime accused a 'Keith' of being the perpertrator' giving an address in Hern Hill, London as the place of the sexual act. The victim lived in Clapham, London. How do I no this? Because it was me who took the child home on a bus with another man {also accussed along with me}. I had been drinking with the man heavely, as I was suffering at the time from a severe mental illness. The man I had been drinking with lived in a squat in Hern Hill,this had multi occupancy.Because I was so drunk, I was invited to stay the night in the squat and as I sleeped a brick was thrown through the window. I escaped the attack on the property and called the police. When the police arrived I was taken to Brixton police station, the police brought in the boy who was the victim and asked him in front of me, the name of his attacker, the child replied Keith. I was left sitting on a wooden chair for hours on end, still being excessively drunk, being refused toilet facilities and being woken each time my head dropped to my chest. In the morning I was told to sign a pre writen confession, which because of the terrible condition I was in I signed. Because I was in such a fragile state I was beggining to believe that I might have commited the act I was accused of. I was told by the police that if I didn't plead guilty to a lesser charge of indecent assault, the case would go to the crown court with an added charge of buggery. I thought at the time, very wrongly that a quike visit to the majestrates would get the mess over with and I could get on with my life. Later when my mind had ceased to be in turmoil, I started to remember things very clearly. I remembered meeting or seeing Keith Hose with a bearded man at the address in Hern Hill, prior to me taking the victim home to his parents, he had no money for his bus fare and appeared to be very vulnerable. I later discovered that Keith Hose lived in a flat on Clapham Common, near to where I took the boy home. Keith Hose was also about my age, our hair and eye colouring was the same, as was our hight and build and general appearance. Because I opted to be tried in a magestrate's court, no evidence was offered, I surrendered to my fate. I have never been accused of such a crime since, indeed any crime since. The whole episode ruined my life and the lives of all those nearest and dearest to me. I heard that Keith Hose later escaped justice for another offence and went abroad. There were three victims that day of Keith Hose, myself one of them. Another interesting part to my story is, the polise had been told of a man with a beard being involved in the crime against him. They kept asking why I had shaved it off. I have never had a beard in my life, but the man with Keith Hose did have.

Zoompad said...

Thank you for posting this comment.

I am very aware that paedophiles frame up other innocent people.

Innocent people WILL be justified, by the grace of God, all the wrongs will be righted. Keep the faith. xx

Zoompad said...

Please will you post onto my blog again, I would love to talk with you about this.

I wish I had seen your post earlier.