Thursday 6 March 2008

The UK has got cancer!

As someone who has been both a victim of the evil Pindown child "care" system, plus had the misfortune to be dragged through the secret family courts by the man who raped me for almost seven years, I have come to the conclusion that the main source of danger to vunerable children comes from the area labelled "child protection".

I have set up this blog to try to unravel exactly what is going on in the UK regarding institutional child abuse. I have been concerned about the failings of the government for many years, and have gained a great deal of insight as to where they are going wrong.

That is the purpose of this blog - to uncover and destroy the international paedophile ring that has laid down roots in this country, my homeland, the United Kingdom. I intend to look at the history of this country, to weed out the very roots of this paedophile ring. The police have made very few arrests so far - they found over 7000 people involved in paedophile activity in this country during Operation Ore. The people they arrested and charged were not the ringleaders, who are very powerful and have used their wealth, power and influence to avoid the exposure and punishment for their evil crimes against the children of the UK. The time has come for these vermin to be fully exposed, and for them to be brought to justice for their crimes.

Some people might think that this is an impossible task. How can one weedy old woman take on this enormous paedophile ring? It might seem like a very big joke to some people, but the people who watched David the shepherd boy slay Goliath the giant must have laughed and mocked as well.

God has got His eye on this country. He is not pleased when children are abused and He is not pleased when the justice system, which is meant to administer justice in His name (hence the Holy Bible to swear oaths on in every courtroom) is perverted in favour of the miscreant.

This is my homeland, and I do not want to leave it and live elsewhere. It is a beautiful country, full of good things, but it is being ruined by just a few bad people. We all know that our country has something seriously wrong with it, we all grumble about the government and the violence on our streets, but what many people do not see is the link between the destructive behaviour of many of our young people, who feel utterly let down and beyond hope, and the complacency and corruption at the very top of society. This is what I intend to expose, just as a surgeon cuts the flesh to expose the cancerous growth, which needs to be removed before the patient can get well. The UK is suffering from such a cancer, it is called Corruption In High Places.


Anonymous said...

Here for you Zoom, always. goodluck with your campaign. Much love and Blessings, Kerry.xx

Anonymous said...

What about the Cullen Enquiry.

They left Blair, Brown and Jack Straw in power, but put a "D"notice on the enquiry for 100 years.

So what was in this enquiry? Why is it such a risk to publish?

Yet, they've left them in power?
What about this, is totally bizarre.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant blog Zoom . Keep up the faith .

Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading you blog when you return.
Best wishes for any future campaign.
You are a very special lady who also helps other come through the reality of being so un -looked after or cared for by the corporate parent.
What an awful thing to happen being a victim of pin down. I recently saw a video on YT were a child died in a similar process .
Your friend always
Lyndamac xx