Monday, 30 March 2009


Jeremy Beecham, David Abrahams, Professor Robert Ash, A Very Sinister Network,

Mossad A Part Of The 77 Bombings, Mossad In Control Of Social Services.

What The Hell Is Going On In Blighty

Here we have two interviews taken by Journalist Tony Gosling with an extraordinary lady, originally from Germany, but moved here to the UK by the European aspect to a very sinister network; moved so this network through the UK state system created by Blair and Brown, would allow this vey powerful network in which the very dubious Labour Party donor David Abrahams has a connection, can operate the British system for their own spy ring creation within this country.

Natalie Bracht states that this network is based in Northumbria at the Newcastle reformed Synagogue in Gosforth. The Rabbi at this Synagogue is named Dr Professor Robert Ash who also has connections with Jeremy Beecham who took charge of all the social service’s moves against Natalie and her five children.

What can be clearly seen with Natalie’s information; is a clear cut case of spy- ring creation within our Universities, something Natalie refused to take part in, all hell broke loose for Natalie and her children from that point onwards. Here is Natalie Bracht’s story of life in the UK 2008:



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