Thursday, 26 March 2009


So, the former terror suspect Binyam Mohamed has called for George Bush and Tony Blair to face trial over the alleged torture of Guantanamo Bay detainees. And Foreign Secretary David Miliband is denying that British officials were involved in any of this torturing. "The UK do not torture" I heard him say on Radio 4 tonight.

What a lying hound! I was myself tortured at Staffordshire County Court for two hours on Tuesday 29th November 2005 by a family court solicitor and a family court barrister, who tried to force me, with threats, to sign papers against my will and by not allowing me to leave the room until I had done so. There were many witnesses to this incident, including the man I have repeatedly accused of raping me 12 years ago, who was sitting directly outside the room, placed there, I now believe, on purpose. I was crying for most of this two hours, and for the last 20 minuits I was screaming at the top of my voice so loudly that I had a sore throat for days afterwards. Eventually, the security guards came rushing in to the room, but they must have been able to hear my distress for the duration of this attempt to bully me into signing papers against my will.

I have repeatedly complained about this incident, and others, to Stafford Police, The MET and members of Parliament, and I am sorry to say that no-one has lifted a finger to find out why I was tortured in this vile way, I have been treated as if I werte the invisible man. It is astonishing how I have been treated

Not only that, but I have now met many other ORDINARY (not terrorists) men and women who have been treated in a similar way, or even worse way, in the secret family courts. I tell you, if you are unfortunate enough to be dragged through those secret family courts, you will find that you have far less human rights than suspected terrorists - in fact, you will scarcely have any rights at all! And if you are stupid enough to try to complain about it using all the correct channels and proceedures, well, you will simply find that everyone you speak to, who is supposed to be there to help you, will suddenly become blind deaf and dumb as far as you are concerned. You might as well be on another planet!

So, when I heard David Milliband insist that the UK is not involved in torture, I couldn't help myself - I guffawed loudly and sarcastically - and stuck up two fingers to the radio.

But, you see, it's only when you see their lips are not moving that you can tell they are not lying!


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