Tuesday, 13 April 2010


There will be more videos of this conference posted soon.


Anonymous said...

God loves you and wants to help you deal with the sh** that happens - but He won't necessarily step in and stop other people doing what they want to do. Freewill and all that.

Faith helps you deal with it - that's the point. Life isn't fair, it's just a trial to put up with to qualify for the afterlife.

God Bless

Zoompad said...

I know you meant that remark kindly, but I don't believe it.

God does step in - His ways are mysterious, but I know He answers prayers, otherwise it would be a waste of our time praying, wouldn't it?

Jesus told us to ask God for what we need. I need to live in a land where the vunerable members of our sociaty are not abused and persecuted. I need that, just as much as I need the food which gives my body nourishment, and the clothes which keep my body warm. Jesus told us to ask God for those things that we need, and that is why I am never going to stop asking God to stop these wicked people abusing the children of my country.

I live in this country, and I do not want to see these disgusting abuses all around me. And I can't just shut my eyes to it, as many people appear to be able to do - I feel wretched whenever I try to do that.

That's why I keep banging on about this stuff. It certainly hasn't won me many friends - I get despised and mocked, called horrible names wherever I go, because of how I keep speaking out about these abuses. It hurts like hell, I sometimes read some of the horrible comments made about me in tears, because I just don't understand how people can say wicked things about someone who only wants to protect the most vunerable people, wether they are babies, disabled people or old people. Those are the ones getting destroyed, and I do not understand why all of the communities are not protecting their brothers and sisters.

Sometimes I feel like an alien on a strange planet. I don't understand why people do not care more for one another. That's what Jesus came to this planet 2000 years ago for, to make people be able to love each other, instead of hurting each other. But the ears are blocked and the eyes are blindfolded.