Thursday, 22 April 2010



Zoompad said...

Julia had a little plan
She got her pal McKenna
To brainwash half the world asnd send
The whole thing up the spanner

Jolly Jack, he liked it, oh
He liked it, not a lot
He sat a smarming next to Broon
And watched Great Britain rot

Whats this a mincing into view
Is is green custard pie?
Oh bow to the king, Lord Peter Scum
Ain't he a naughty boy?

The saggy old bear of Parliament
He sets his face to GRIN
Fixed gurn at tragedy and glee
The effect is very grim

"Come unto me, all you little kids"
The man in charge is Balls
The paedos laugh and skip with glee...
The man in charge is balls

The New World Order is their plan
And us lot are thye nutters
Leave Blighty by the nearest plane
And pull down all your shutters

They're killing England. smashing it
please open your eyes and lugs
They're selling your kids and charging you the bill
And you are all the mugs!

Anonymous said...

It has been alleged on the net that Gordon Browns sexual preference is for children. This is either a very malicious slur or fact.

We have laws that protect discrimination based on sexual 'orientations' This could include peadophiles. We have high street retailers trying to push goods that sexualise children.

Either way something very sinister has been allowed to go on not only in family courts and the stealing of our children but within state owned childrens homes and such like.

Everywhere around us the boundaries of what is acceptable are being pushed to the limits by those in power.

It is only a matter of time before the true extend of the deravity of those in power comes to light and decent people wake up and take action against these monsters.

Zoompad said...

Yes, I've seen those Gordon Brown rumours, and at first I did not believe them at all.

I'm not so sure now though. I've written to Gordon Brown many times regarding paedophile activity in the family courts, and judging from the responses I have had, either the people who are dealing with his correspondence are very evil and corrupt people, or else the rumours are true.

It's hard for me to believe that he is a paedophile. He certainly does not come accross as one, to me. But I just cannot understand why he is so tolerant of the paedophiles that surround him.