Tuesday, 8 June 2010


As Anna Raccoon has decided to put a full stop to any more comments being made on her blog site to this topic, I thought I would supply a place where the discussion can continue.

These were the last 2 entries

" 149 concerned June 8, 2010 at 19:47
i am not posting to slag anyone else off i did an awful lot for the hollie campaign but did all without seeing evidence i have since seen paper work from drs in respect to examinations done and they do not signify abuse as has been previously claimed.i have seen no other evidence. i was abused by a family member and had to make a video statement to the police about it the member was arrested but cps said owing to the fact it was historical no further action,i would have presumed hollie would have made a video statement but this has never been mentioned tho it is practice to do so.i also question that if robert green and team are that sure of their evidence why they have not bought a private prosecution against the alleged abusers,i also think that anne has alot to answer for whether true or untrue the exposure hollie has had is unacceptable and places her at risk of actual abuse from paedophiles intimate details of vaginal examinations of her being posted on the net is unacceptable and as much as im no fan of social services or police they have a serious duty to investigate hollies exposure it is no conspiracy the police and social services being involved anne has bought this on all by herself for allowing her daughter to be exposed in such manner. as for all the bitching on the net from what i have seen all are as bad as each other and robert green cannot attack people for thinking differently calling them pro paedos etc robert green has stuffed things up big time for hollie and anne greig is more to blame than anyone else for allowing this to happen. i believe this will do alot of damage to robert green , brian gerrish etc and they are more concerned about that than hollie.poor hollie. anne greig cannot now moan about social services involvement she needs to start accepting what she has done to hollie is abusive in itself

150 concerned June 8, 2010 at 19:58
i would also like to add that i also advocate for people who have been falsly accused of abusing children as well as being a victim myself but i like to see actual evidence i have been stung in the past so i know from both sides had i been in robert greens situation i would have produced the evidence or instigated a private prosecution until such happens people should not be attacked for wanting answers especially when they have neglected their own campaigns and fights for the hollie campaign .

Read more: http://www.annaraccoon.com/madeleine-mccann/intimidation-and-coercion/#ixzz0qID6dLn2

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Zoompad said...

Well, Concerned, you started off well by saying that you were not going to slag anyone off, but then you proceeded to viciously tear into Anne Greig like a kestrel with a mouse.

It is very easy to throw big rocks at people like Anne Greig, she is such an easy target. Surely you remember what Jesus said about casting the first stone? He also said something about logs in people's eyes.

I am sure Hollie and Anne would love the opportunity to take all this to a proper court of law.