Tuesday, 29 June 2010


I am making this post so that there will be an online record of how the man whom I have formally accused of raping me in a 3 hour video statement to Staffordshire Police at Blyth Bridge Police Station on Monday 12th June 2005 at 10.00am

Staffordshire Police are well aware of who this man is, so I won't name him here. They decided not to prosecute this man, and did not even have the courtesy of formally informing me, I found out by bumping into a local policeman in my town. I think it is a disgusting way to treat someone who has suffered not just rape but child abuse and illegal persecution in the secret family court, including a two hour kidnapping by two lawyers at Stafford County Court (my own legal team!), with the aforesaid rapist placed directly behind the door, with me crying and eventually screaming all that time, begging to be allowed to go. They were trying to force me to sign documents against my will.

Yesterday, I had a telephone call from my son's school. It was his headmaster, who has been head of that school for 22 years. I am not going to name him here either, because I do not want to draw any attention off criminals posing as public servants towards him. That might sound paranoid, but when you have experienced the sort of malicious vindictive persecution that I have, from the Common Purpose criminals, it makes you wise. This headmaster, who is much beloved by all the children, staff and parents of that school, is shortly retiring and I want him to have a bit of peace and quiet, not harrassment off Common Purpose criminals, he told me that the man who I have formally accused of raping me had turned up unnanounced at the school, and wanted to know if the Court Order, prohibiting no direct contact between my son and himself was still in place, and I told him that it was. The headmaster told me that he thought as much - he has a copy of the Court Order, and told me that he would show this man to the school gates.

Now, the rapist, I have found out from another source, is going round my mother's house and also my brothers and sisters houses, and causing trouble. I can no longer see any of my brothers and sisters, as they are all playing this sad little game of "Happy Families", and sadly, my relationship with my mother, which has always been fragile, seems to be destroyed beyond redemption. My relationship with my mother has caused me a lot of heartache, as no -one wants to be at odds with their own mother, but it has always been fragile due to the guilt she felt about me being raped by my brother and then put into a Pindown home run by paedophiles (Chadswell Assessment Centre), and, as is typical in this sort of situation, it seems easier to make the victim of abuse the scapegoat, than to accept what happened and deal with it. My mother and siblings wanted me to cut out a huge chunk of my life, and pretend that it did not happen, which I have always point blank refused to do. Ugly as it is, my childhood is my past history, and I can not and will not invent a lie to cover up my past. Neither will I bear the shame of what was done to me as a child - I did that for many years and it nearly destroyed me. I have written letters to my mother, begging her to understand how I feel, about the way she is playing Happy Families with the man who I have accused of raping me. I can't go round to see her, as everything I talk to her about gets back to him. He even tried to use a story I told her in innocence, of how I had taken some rotten onions back to a shop and got my money back, against me. He retold the story to the judge - he had only heard the story third hand, off my mum, but he told the judge a twisted version of the onion return incident, coloured and distorted to make me out to be some sort of a raging aggressive lunatic who ought to be sectioned!

So the rapist continues his obsessive stalking. I am posting this here, as a record of what is going on. I have not informed Staffordshire Police, as I am quite sure that if they can't be arsed to deal with complaints about child abuse and rape, they are not really going to do anything about stalking. Obviously, if anything should happen to me, this blog posting will bear witness to the dreadful way I have already been treated.


Zoompad said...

Again, just for the record -

We are noticing cars which park up outside our house which suddenly drive off as soon as they see us. There might be some innocent reason for this, but all the same, I am keeping a tally of dates, times and numberplates!

Zoompad said...

Stalking is supposed to be a crime in the UK. So is child abuse, rape, perjury, fraud, kidnapping, torture, libel and treason.

I think it is very odd that if I committed even a tiny little offence, I would have police cars clanging all over the place. Yet the police are not a bit interested in stopping this wicked evil creep from stalking me, and I am expected to forgive, forgive, forgive, forgive ....forgive forgive forgive.

Where is justice? How can this creep get away with such a catalogue of crimes? What is the Ministry of Justice actually for?