Sunday, 24 March 2013


I am so worn out, and my partner wants me, for my health's sake, to stop blogging about child abuse and just get on with my life, doing nice things.



The BBC systematically and deliberatly tried to cover up the Staffordshire Pindown child abuse. ATOS are their IT partners.

I am having to deal with the fall out of all this malicious crap. My daughter and her partner are having rows, and I am having to keep go in and help them both, its all because of this shitting bullying load of bastards ATOS, who are in league with this horrible paedophile mafia the BBC.


Zoompad said...

What the fuck happened to us Pindown victims getting the best of care to get over what was done to us, as Allan Levy QC said in the Pindown report (which has been taken out of all the libraries in Staffordshire)?

All I have had is years of malicious vindictive persecution. They have deliberatly and systemnatically poersecuted the Pindown survivors and their familys AND THEY ARE STILL DOING SO RIGHT NOW!!!

Zoompad said...

They sent me to EMERGE for "therapy" at the same frigging place where I was abused as a child YOU COULD NOT MAKE IT UP!!!!!

They did it on purpose, to bust me up. WELL IT DIDNT WORK DID IT!

Zoompad said...

They sent me to a gay child abuse councellor, Trevor or Terence or something, I dont even know the fuckers name, with EMERGE, and he spent an entire session trying top persuade me that my parents were to blame for me being fucked up in the head because of the abuse NO THEY WERENT!

Anonymous said...

thankyou for highlighting this,
The BBc has always been rotten when Lord Rothschild got his pervey apostles places at the BBC Guy Burgess bragged of shagging boys there back in the 1930s
so Savile is nota new thing,
I can name several people who have rang childline to speak to esther Rantzen and were fobbed off why ?

Anonymous said...

I think there are many female paedophiles operating in the uk right now, and rantzen set up child line to help cover up abuse, there's a case in Suffolk where an abused child rang child line and nothing was done.
Unfortunately the man in question won't speak to anyone and seems to have disappeared along with all paperwork.
There are rumours of a female magistrate in Suffolk being involved in a cover up and of a current female Suffolk social worker having abused young boys but nothing being done, I found the man in question but he won't talk and there are rumours he has burned all his paperwork.
Suffolk seems to be an interesting place for child abuse cover ups, why?

Anonymous said...

Peter richton had links to a senior no 10 parliamentary aide, and links to lord henniker in Suffolk, just google it and the links are there.

Saville is nowhere near a new thing, this has been going on for years, and is why it's all being covered up, and why MI5 and others are involved and why they persecute zoompad, they don't want it coming out, as it will not only topple the government but all three of the political parties as well, leaving no one to control the people.

Revolution will happen, but it needs to all come out, perhaps some sort of enquiry like the south Africans truth and reconciliation committee, this is why Eileen fairweather printed an article in the guardian saying they no longer wanted enquiries a few years ago, she's dodgy and part of the cover up, there aren't many genuine people left, zoompad is a genuine person and with her aid, with us gathering under her banner we will win, and have it all exposed.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We love your blog, but its not just children, one of my close relations is a doctor involved with the Deepcut barracks scandal,
he said adult young men were being forced into depraved homosexual acts, everthing was all hushed up and several men were murdered in the fiasco, all the army was worried about was hushing it up,
there have also been royal mail horrendous bullying cases, like the kings lynn investigation of 10 years back, again all hushed up

Anonymous said...

Several people have reported that Jimmy savile came to their school to give a talk.
I went to Warwick schoolin East london and we were excited when Jimmy Savile came with another man,
it has since been said he was one of the Krays but i cant say for sure. We were told back then that Jimmy was queer ( the old name for gays ) but we saw no sign of it he just told us about pop music, his life and to support Israel it all went over our heads really
J Taylor

Zoompad said...

Deepcut barracks, yes, I remember that case where a dead soldiers father said that if his son had shot himself the way he was supposed to have he would have had to have 20 foot long rubber arms.

Anonymous said...

I was working as a social worker and was moved to cover for a lady on maternity leave, the case of 9 year old Simon Edwards who used to hang around outside football clubs to get players autographs, and was picked up and raped by two black players.
I was disgusted when a top hole lawyer put a gagging order on and got the players off ona technicality, it turned out several big players would rape boys as sport, and we could do nothing about it

Anonymous said...

We live ina communist dictatorship, in the Soviet Bloc etc the top echelons have always used this to push their sexual
predilections on others, its the way things are

Anonymous said...

Its still coming out about the BBC
John bannaman and cliff richard
both abused boys there, and so did the two men who ran doctor who, right back to Guy Burgess the BBC has been an anti-british communist jew sinkhole of depravity

Zoompad said...

I remember Jimmy Saville saying he'd never been to Jersey, and now a video of him at the Battle of the Flowers in Jersey has turned up.

So why didn't the Jersey Parliament say something about this when Saville was pretending he'd never even been to Jersey? Phillip Bailhatche must have had a rotton memory lapse not to remember this!

Anonymous said...

I was a workshop technician at a london school back in the late seventies, one of the teachers was a stunning full bodied woman who reaked sex appeal, at lunch the male teachers whipered to me she was slepping with several of the senoir boys, he said if we did it to the girls there would be hell to pay, i was quite jealous

Anonymous said...

During W W II me who was 11 and my 15 year old sister got evacuated to Norfolk, my sister was only 15 but she had the most gorgeous pair of tits, they were an F cup even then, and the men went crazy for them, she said to me why should i give them away ? so she started charging 10 bob for a feel round, we always had loads of sweets it was an amazing time.
Hilda. C

Anonymous said...

The Paedophile John Wills that has been mentioned in your blogs comments has been found, he is helping to run the 1st Chopwell scout group in north Durham.
A convicted paedophile running a scout group can't be right, but the police there do nothing, it isn't right, someone ought to tell the parents and the people there that a convicted paedophile is in their area before he abuses more boys, he's been there ten years, so he has had access to boys all that time
A friend

Zoompad said...

"Anonymous said...
During W W II me who was 11 and my 15 year old sister got evacuated to Norfolk, my sister was only 15 but she had the most gorgeous pair of tits, they were an F cup even then, and the men went crazy for them, she said to me why should i give them away ? so she started charging 10 bob for a feel round, we always had loads of sweets it was an amazing time.
Hilda. C

26 March 2013 06:07"

I know who Hilda C is, she is not a slag and never was, you have hacked my phone via Google to get the names and telephone numbers of all my contacts.

There's no-one I can go to to complain about you MI Paedoes, even the Lord my God seems to be giving paedos the power to do anything they damned well please, GOD WHERE ARE YOU? HELP! HELP!

Zoompad said...

"The Paedophile John Wills that has been mentioned in your blogs comments has been found, he is helping to run the 1st Chopwell scout group in north Durham"

I know, and it makes me feel sick at heart. Like I said, the police are covering up for paedos.


Zoompad said...

Stowmarket: Second convicted paedophile teacher linked to abuse claim school

Colin Adwent Crime Correspondent Saturday, December 22, 2012
8:53 AM
A SECOND convicted paedophile teacher worked at the Suffolk school which is at the centre of an inquiry into nearly 100 child abuse allegations, it has emerged.An internal report obtained by the East Anglian Daily Times has provided proof that John Wills spent six years helping care for boys at the former Oakwood School in Stowmarket on one, or two, evenings a week.

Suffolk Constabulary is currently conducting what is believed to be its largest-ever child abuse investigation after 95 ex-pupils of the school made accusations of being physically or sexually abused.

In the late 1980s Keith Hatton, a teacher at Oakwood, was sentenced to four years in jail after pleading guilty at Ipswich Crown Court to nine indecent assaults on pupils.

A further inquiry into sex allegations against a clergyman connected to Oakwood led to his arrest in 2003. He subsequently took his own life before a decision was made on whether there would be any charges.

However, now it can be revealed Wills, who was a teacher and a single parent foster carer, also worked at Oakwood as a part-time assistant, according to a county council report before his conviction 17 years ago.

Wills – who was aged 43 at the time and taught at Claydon High, Westbourne High and Holbrook High - was jailed for eight months in October 1995 after admitting indecent assault on a boy.

Wills is also one of the people who have been named to Cambridge-based solicitors Andrew Grove and Co which is pursuing a civil claim against the county council on behalf of the 95 former pupils.
It is understood one of the claimants has made an allegation against him.

Andrew Grove said: “We are claiming against Suffolk County Council as Mr Wills’ employer, and possibly against Mr Wills himself.”

Wills, who was also a scout leader, was only ever convicted of sexually assaulting one boy. However, a second male was awarded £11,400 in August 2000 by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board after allegations of sexual abuse. It made the payment on the ‘balance of probabilities’ with the bias in favour of Wills’ alleged victim.

The allegations being made against staff at Oakwood School range from the 1970s to the 1990s. The school, which catered for boys with behavioural problems, closed in 1999, after concerns were raised. It re-opened, but then closed for good in 2000.

A spokesman for Suffolk Council said: “It would be inappropriate for us to comment on the particulars of the allegations during a police investigation. We would however urge people who feel they have any relevant information to contact police to help with their inquiries.”

Meanwhile, earlier this week several former pupils of Kesgrave Hall school called for an inquiry into physical and sexual abuse allegations to be re-opened. The original investigation occurred in 1992, although no charges were pursued at the time. Central Suffolk and North Ipswich MP Dan Poulter has also sent a letter to chief constable Simon Ash urging him to re-open the inquiry.

A major investigation is also continuing into abuse at a third Suffolk school, St George’s in Great Finborough, near Oakwood. Two former teachers at the independent school have already been jailed. Another took his life after being arrested on suspicion of sexual assault.

On Tuesday a 59-year-old man from the Ipswich area was the fourth person to be arrested during the long-running investigation over an allegation of sexual abuse. He has now been released on bail until March.

Anonymous said...

I am good freinds with my husbands cousin, shes married to a chap who was a Labour MP, he reckons that New Labour was as corrupt as hell
and he said when the operation got close to Tony Bliar he sacked Chris smith from the cabinet, as he was a well known user of bumboys.
Incidentally on radio the weird singer Boy George also named chris Smith as an exploiter

Anonymous said...

My kids were being taught explicit
sex techniques as used by homosexuals, my son came home talking about felching, and how boys advertise their bums for sale by wearing their trousers below their bottoms exposing their pants or bare bottoms, appareently this began in US prisons and went on to the outside world, so i made immediate arrangements to home school and i advice every other parent to do the same.
Karen Cummings
S London

Anonymous said...

I know that since the DWP and Ian Duncan Smith employeed, or rather, contracted Atos to medically assess claiments, but truth be told, Atos medical assessors are NOT qualified under the GMC and have no legal right to medically assess anyone in this country. So if your medically assessed by Atos, ask the so called medical professional for his GMC certificate to prove they can legally medically assess you, and also use this in your tribunals, because the gvmnt and DWP are legally responsible for Atos's illegal medical assessments of claiments, so stand your ground and shove it in their faces!