Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Or are they simply spying on the people who have contacted them for support, stalking them?

Lets put it this way: How come the woman I spoke to this afternoon round about 3.00pm from Stafford Samaritans with the Cannock accent knew what I was going to say about Drake Hall prison before I'd even had chance to say it?


Anonymous said...

This is very interesting Barbara i wonder if samaritans have been infiltrated ?
I will say that whistleblowers like yourself although considered heros by the public are hated by those in authority, and Rupert Murdoch has an office now where people can get cash for passing info on about whstlebloewers which will be used to silence them

Anonymous said...

Talking of psychics barbara,
i traned for some years to be a medium, and yetserday while i was cleaning my teetha troubled soul spoke to me and said his name was laverack, i said whata strange name, and the spirit said i am christopher laverack, i thought no one i know, so i googled the name and was almost violently sick
as this was a little boy kidnapped molested and killed some years ago and this boys soul was crying out, he was so lonely confused and bewildered.
I lay down and made menatl contact and helped him into the light of gods love, we both cried and then i knew he was at peace.
I would ask each of you to just say a quick prayer for christopher laverack

Zoompad said...

Poor little boy, I googled his name and found this:


I became a Christian in 1984, that is when I first came to believe that Jesus is alive, that he rose from the dead after he was murdered.

I believe that the innocent children who are murdered go straight into the arms of their heavenly Father, never to suffer any more.

Wicked people who die without repenting will not be allowed into heaven, they will end up in hell.

Zoompad said...

"This is very interesting Barbara i wonder if samaritans have been infiltrated ?"

It's not the first time I have been treated in a strange way by the Samaritans.

I would be very surprised if they hadn't been infiltrated, the bad ones get everywhere, but what that woman said to me, well, how the heck did she know what I was going to say, unless she'd been snooping on me online?

I know all sorts of people are snooping on me, well this is what I want to say to all you creepy snoopers who have got into organisations that were set up to help people but that you are using to isolate people like me instead.

You had better remember what Jesus said, because when it all comes out about what you've been doing, persecuting people who have done nothing but try to live their lives in peace, persecuting people for no good reason and trying to cover up wickedness, you are going to have to face up to what you've done sooner or later, and eternity is a long long time, ask yourselves wether hiding from your crimes now is worth facing eternal damnation?

Zoompad said...


I just know this involves me, because I've contacted the MET as well as Stafford Police to try to stop my family being persecuted, and they've done nothing about the serious issues I have raised, ie American paedophiles influencing secret family courts and using legal abuse on mothers when they are just trying to protect their own children.

Zoompad said...

The Metropolitan Police corruption scandal has deepened after The Independent uncovered the existence of a previously secret investigation into criminal officers that went much further than the files destroyed by Scotland Yard.

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intelligentenergysolutions.comOperation Zloty, a wide-ranging inquiry spanning at least nine years, found dozens of rogue detectives in the employ of organised crime and operating with “virtual immunity”.

The “long-term intelligence development operation” included information on police corruption originally gathered by 17 other investigations – including Operation Othona, the contents of which were inexplicably shredded sometime around 2003.

Crucially, Zloty included bombshell evidence from Othona about a “persistent network” of corrupt officers that could have been beneficial to a landmark review commissioned by the Home Secretary into how the Stephen Lawrence murder was handled by the Metropolitan Police.

Mark Ellison QC was forced to inform Theresa May earlier this month that he could not finalise conclusions on whether police corruption tainted the Lawrence case because a “lorry-load” of Othona material was mysteriously shredded by the Met more than 10 years ago.

However, the emergence of Zloty means some of the Othona material may still exist – and the network of corrupt officers could still be brought to book.

Mr Ellison names dozens of sensitive investigations into police corruption in his report. But Zloty is not among them. The Independent asked Mr Ellison’s office whether or not Scotland Yard had disclosed Zloty to his team, but a spokesman said he was “not able to comment”.

Earlier this week, the Met Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe admitted corrupt police officers may escape justice due to the controversial destruction of Operation Othona, which included intelligence on detectives trafficking drugs, fabricating evidence and selling sensitive police information to organised crime syndicates.

Zoompad said...

A senior former Scotland Yard source with knowledge of its anti-corruption command said of Zloty: “There is no way the Met would have just stopped its deep-cover inquiries into corruption once Othona had been wound up in 1998.

“It sounds like Zloty may still exist and, if it does, I am surprised there is no reference to it in the Ellison report.”

When Scotland Yard was asked whether Operation Zloty was shared with the Ellison review, a spokesman replied: “This is a report marked ‘secret’ – it is inappropriate to discuss it publicly.”

Keith Vaz, chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, said: “Anything less than full disclosure on these issues is unnerving.

“The committee will want to hear evidence from Mr Ellison to be satisfied that he was given all of the information he requested during his inquiry. We will also want to be reassured all other relevant inquiries were disclosed to him.”

A leaked police report from 2002, codenamed Operation Tiberius, concluded organised crime syndicates were able to infiltrate Scotland Yard “at will” through the bribing of corrupt police officers.

Buried in the small print of Tiberius is a reference to Othona and Zloty.

“Operation Zloty is a long-term intelligence development operation designed to assess the current threat that organised criminals and their associations with serving and retired police officers pose to the MPS, other law enforcement agencies and the criminal justice system,” the Operation Tiberius file says.

“The analysis of intelligence available indicates that a persistent network continues to thrive within the MPS, particularly the north-east London area.

“These subjects have been undermining the MPS with virtual immunity for the last 10 years and were identified during the course of two previous Directorate of Professional Standards intelligence-gathering operations, ‘Othona’ and ‘Centaur’.”

A spokesperson for the Met said: “We retain a powerful anti-corruption unit and the Met is a hostile environment for corrupt officers. The Met’s Anti-Corruption Command investigates allegations and intelligence relating to corrupt police officers and to those that may seek to corrupt them.”

Zoompad said...


A spokesperson for the Met said: “We retain a powerful anti-corruption unit and the Met is a hostile environment for corrupt officers. The Met’s Anti-Corruption Command investigates allegations and intelligence relating to corrupt police officers and to those that may seek to corrupt them.”


Anonymous said...

some interesting comments here today.
During W W II the jews all got excused service, and there were loads of them about, the architypal
spiv was a wartime jew, they had all the blackmarkets sown up, because duruung the air raids they would break into shops steal the stock and burn it down and saya stray firebomb got it.
Dad joined the blackshirts as women were being forced on the game by these jews and the blackshirts protected the families and the women.
My aunt Doris lived alone and had to work in Edware road as a prostitute for the jewish gangs

Zoompad said...

I have made a complaint about the Samaritans, and I am glad to say it is being dealt with.

I want to stress that I am not wanting to attack the Samaritans, but they are definatly not allowed to snoop on people, it is supposed to be an anonymous service to help people who are at their wits end, a support service to help vulnerable people. I have been helped by them in the past, when I was a child, it might not have seemed to help but that lady who helped me then did it out of the goodness of her heart, and at least tried to help.

I wouldn't even mind them reading my blog, but if people are going to do that they shouldn't then be trying to cover up the criminal activity they learn about! If people are going to come here reading my blog I would expect them to at the very least be disgusted about what has happened to us Pindown/secret court victims, not just be wanting to help cover it all up, because thats just adding to the problem then.

Zoompad said...

I would never want to attack any agncy which truly helps people, but if bad people infiltrate good organisations, as they did Mothers for Justice and Mumsnet and so many others, then they do need rooting out.

You only have to look at what Jimmy Saville did at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, which was trying to heal people to know that much. It must be horrible for the nurses who witnessed the abuse but were stopped from being able to report it, or who tried to report it but were threatened.

Anonymous said...

I agree barbara people should not read your blog and then attack you, but they say you try to stop homosexuals having their boys.
I read with interest about the jewish gangs, my gran used to talk about them, they would force women into prostitution, and many had no choice but prey on lonely soldiers, Gran would aften ask for help from Oswald moseleys men
but there was never enough of them

Anonymous said...

Gosh it took me back to my childhood to read about W W II
grans next door neighbour fell foul of the jews over a loan of 10 shillings, they took her ration book as security, then of course she could not get food for herself or the 2 children.
The jews put her on the streets of central london, after the war when her husband frank came home
from the army the men could not get work, because the government said the men were to lazy to work and they would have to offer the jobs to men in the west indies, frank was unemployed 5 years and was very bitter about it all

Anonymous said...

My sister Kate works ina solicitors office and they handle some big cases, she was saying that just as david Cameron tried to steer the abuse of boys away from Homosexuals, so apparently cameron was in league with the BBC to hide up all the boys that were abused by Jimmy saville, some estimates she said there were more abused boys than girls, and get this bit
The BBc did not know, year right pull the other one

Anonymous said...

i had a long chat with a man from Saudi arabia yesterday he said boy abusers get the death penalty, i thought great, if they can do it why cant we ?
He said homosexuality and any destructive perversion is highly frowned upon

Zoompad said...

I got the day wrong, it was Tuesday not Monday.

I'm saying that for the benefit of the Samaritans who read my blog.

It's hardly surprising me getting a bit muddled about the day considering the state I was in, its very very very upsetting to be subjected to this sort of nasty vindictive cover up abuse

Zoompad said...

She asked me if it was Monday and I was so muddled, because I'd been crying, and I said yes, but it wasn't, it was Tuesday.

I'd got really upset, because of the cover up of them taking my son and his classmates to Drake Hall prison, and all the continuous lies and cover ups, and feeling like I am the Invisible Woman, thats how they make you feel, as if you dont even exist, its very upsetting, it makes me want to scream, its too upsetting to be treated like that all the time, having no-where to complain to, having all the doors of justice slammed in your face all the time.

She said was it Monday and I said yes but I got muddled up, because it was Tuesday.

They'd better not try calling me a nutter over me getting the day muddled.

Zoompad said...

I have been betrayed once more, and in such a nasty nasty crafty devious way.

I have been betrayed by television people, only I had no idea that the people who betrayed me were anything to do with television, the TV series BENIDORM.

I trust television people as far as I can spit, because television is one of the tools that has been used to cover up institutional abuse. Anyone good in television is soon shut up, they are allowed to go so far and no further.