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Earlier this month, Queen Mary, University of London, launched a specialist legal advice centre for gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people.

The Pink Law Legal Advice Centre, the first of its kind in higher education, has been established in partnership with three top City law firms and will offer free and impartial legal advice on issue such as employment discrimination, civil partnerships and cohabitation.

The guest of honour at the launch event was Sir Adrian Fulford.

In his address, he spoke about his experiences as an openly gay man in the legal profession and reflected that in the past decade: “it’s as if the warp-drive has suddenly been attached to LGBT rights.”

Mr Justice Fulford’s appointment as a High Court judge in 2002 was the first time that an openly homosexual QC had been appointed to the court.

Mr Justice Fulford, known outside court as Sir Adrian, was subsequently elected at the United Nations in 2003 to serve as a judge on the International Criminal Court.

Here are his remarks at the launch of Pink Law Legal Advice Centre:

One of the advantages, and I assure you there aren’t many of them, of what sometimes feels like extreme old age, is that you gain a perspective on events that you simply didn’t have before.

Particularly you get a historical focus through which a bright light shines on events taking place today.

For me the past has been crucial in appreciating how vitally important this new venture within the Queen Mary legal advice centre is.

When I came of age in the law in the mid 1970′s, nothing remotely resembling the Pink Law project existed.

Although even then was a time of seismic and exciting change as regards to the provision of free legal advice.

I worked for some years myself as a caseworker at a centre in Earls Court, now sadly long gone. And there were other organisations which at the time seemed unbelievably revolutionary.

There was the Advisory Service for Squatters which, I was amazed to find courtesy of Google today, still exists. Release, which continues to give advice and assistance to those with drug problems and numerous other similar organisations.

But the area of sexuality even in those times of radical change and progress, was a complete desert. A few enterprising lawyers set up a gay legal advice service on a voluntary basis providing evening telephone advice but it was wholly dependent of volunteers and I can find no trace of its existence now.

The legal profession has always been conservative, although less so now than the days gone by. And back then for many who did not conform to the heterosexual standard, particularly if you were not from a privileged background, there was simply nowhere to go for advice and help.

It’s perhaps in 2008 world in which we live in Western Europe to get across how intimidating and hostile it could be thirty years ago.

There were no firms who specialised in this area or made it known that they specialised in this area. And as a result it was extremely difficult to find a decent hearing from your solicitor if you were to see him or her or any kind of proper service.

And the Bar was as bad if not worse. In my early days, I defended countless men on gross indecency and importuning charges. And I can vividly recall the raw hostility that came flooding, first in the direction of my clients and pretty quickly, my way when some of the older pin-stripped prosecutors and dinosaur judges realised not only was the defendant gay but horror of horrors also was his barrister.

To be out as a practitioner in the year 1978, which is the year I was called, was something of a rollercoaster of a ride. Some of my colleagues were fantastic, others were simply gross in their rudeness and prejudices.

People lost jobs, families were destroyed, lives were broken by the large number of prosecutions of men for such absurdities as allegedly chatting up other men in places such as Old Brompton Rd, thereby ‘persistently importuning for an immoral purpose.’

It sounds quite ludicrous to think of those court cases now. Policemen in supposedly provocative tight t-shirts and jeans, acting effectively as agent-provocateurs along that stretch of road between the Colherne pub and the Brompton cemetery in Earls Court.

And that was something that was repeated in every town and city, the length and breadth of the country. What a waste of time and money. What warped morality and how unbelievably destructive it was.

The workplace could be an equal nightmare for the LGBT community.

Men and women losing their jobs and facing real discrimination because of their private life. And as for adopting children, you were practically branded a paedophile for even suggesting the idea. And few lawyers were prepared to assist in any attempt to redress those sorts of discriminatory practice.

And inheritance arrangements, what actually happened in respect to the true legal position, when one partner died in a relationship, could be dire.

So many men and women suddenly found themselves homeless and without anything, when the relatives of the person who had been ostracised by his or her family for years suddenly descended out of thin air, having not been seen for years, on the day they departed to take every last stick of furniture. No ‘civil partnerships’ back then and the law did not smile sympathetically on claims that were akin to spouses or wives.

Now why am I visiting the past? It’s not just the autumnal reminiscences of an aging judge. But rather, I seek to highlight that we have suddenly travelled a long way in a very short period of time. To use the language of ‘Star-Trek’, it’s as if the warp-drive has suddenly been attached to LGBT rights.

In truth, I cannot conceive that we will in the predictable future return to the ghastliness of thirty-plus years ago.

But that said, when you scratch the surface, particularly in times of difficulty when people feel threatened, prejudice, misunderstanding, fear and conservatism with a small ‘c’ can be found on occasion lurking surprisingly close to the surface.

While we have every reason to be confident about the future, we should also strive to ensure that we do not become blasé about the present. We should not take these fundamental advances for granted.

And the more deeply rooted the projects like this become, providing an invaluable service and benefit to both the legal advisers and to clients alike, the more certain we can be that Pink Law will not be an anomaly but rather the shape of things to come.

From the perspective of this somewhat seasoned campaigner, my thoughts are that the monthly Pink Law advice sessions that are a deeply welcome development and should be nurtured and encouraged.

Not just for those that participate in them, the advisers and the advised, but also for what they represent of the changed circumstances and the far healthier environment in which we now live.

Other faculties should follow this innovative and imaginative lead and other leaders in the legal establishment should emulate the steps taken by Reed Smith, Field Fisher Waterhouse and Mischon de Reya, who have shown real generosity and imagination.

Finally a word about Queen Mary’s. The academics and other staff who have enabled this to happen are too often taken for granted or are forgotten all together. In my view, you are to be congratulated heartily for ensuring that this has come to pass. I wish you all the very best of luck.


Zoompad said...

High Court judge and the child sex ring: Adviser to Queen was founder of paedophile support group to keep offenders out of jail

Lord Justice Fulford was named last year as an adviser to the Queen
He was a key backer of the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange
Police suspect the group of abusing children on an 'industrial scale'
He is revealed as a founder member of campaign to defend PIE

At the time it was calling for the age of consent to be lowered to just four

By Martin Beckford

PUBLISHED: 22:02, 8 March 2014 | UPDATED: 22:02, 8 March 2014

Zoompad said...

One of Britain’s most senior judges actively campaigned to support a vile paedophile group that tried to legalise sex with children, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Lord Justice Fulford, named last year as an adviser to the Queen, was a key backer of the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) which police suspect of abusing children on an ‘industrial scale’.

An investigation by the Mail on Sunday has discovered that Fulford was a founder member of a campaign to defend PIE while it was openly calling for the age of consent to be lowered to just four.

Zoompad said...

It can also be revealed that the Appeal Court judge and Privy Counsellor:

Planned demonstrations outside courts where defendants – described by prosecutors as ‘sick’ and a ‘force for evil’ – were on trial.

Wrote an article claiming PIE, now under investigation in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal, was merely a way for paedophiles to ‘make friends and offer each other mutual support’.

Sought help with the campaign from future Labour Minister Patricia Hewitt, then in charge of a controversial civil rights group.

Attended meetings to discuss tactics with PIE chairman Tom O’Carroll, who has since been jailed for possessing thousands of pictures of naked children.

Was praised by the paedophile group for coming to its defence.

Fulford was a founder member of an organisation called Conspiracy Against Public Morals set up to defend PIE leaders facing criminal charges.
It later published a sickening pamphlet claiming that children would be freed from the oppression of the state and their parents if they were allowed to have sex with adults.

The 60-page document, unearthed by The Mail on Sunday, is adorned with disturbing child-like pictures and sexual cartoons.

At the time the organisation went under a slightly different name but had the same postal address as Fulford’s group had.

When asked last night about his involvement in the group, Fulford said: ‘I have no memory of having been involved with its foundation or the detail of the work of this campaign.

Zoompad said...

He added that any contribution he made would have been in general terms against a law banning ‘conspiracy to corrupt public morals’ which he believed ‘could be used against a wide variety of people in potentially inappropriate ways’.
‘I have always been deeply opposed to paedophilia and I never supported the views of the PIE,’ he added.

Fulford is the most senior public figure to be implicated in the work of PIE.

Today’s revelations follow controversy over the roles of Labour grandees Patricia Hewitt, Harriet Harman and her husband Jack Dromey, who were all involved in the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL) when it counted paedophile activists among its members.

Last night Fulford said: ‘On reflection the NCCL gay rights committee should never have allowed members of PIE to attend any of its meetings.

'I am very sorry for what happened. I have never espoused or in any way supported the objectives of PIE – the abuse of children – which I consider wholly wrong’.
Nonetheless, the revelations are likely to raise questions about what vetting he underwent during his career.

However Fulford insisted ‘There was nothing to report to the Lord Chancellor’s department... at the time of my various appointments.’

The revelations also prompted fresh calls for a full investigation of the links between the Establishment and paedophile groups, following long-running allegations of cover-ups.

Scotland Yard is already looking into PIE as part of Operation Fernbridge, its probe into allegations of a child sex ring involving senior politicians at a south London guest house.


As The Mail on Sunday revealed last year, the Home Office is also carrying out urgent checks into a whistle-blower’s claims that taxpayers’ money was handed to PIE.

Labour MP Tom Watson said: ‘Today’s revelations reinforce the argument that there should be a full investigation into the role of PIE.

'It’s incredible that someone of such distinguished legal authority could misunderstand the need to protect children.’

Tory MP Sir Paul Beresford added: ‘I find it staggering. It wasn’t a clever or appropriate campaign. They were a paedophile group and at the end of the chain were little children’.’

Peter Saunders of the National Association for People Abused in Childhood, said it was ‘more than alarming’ that anyone in the judiciary could be linked to PIE.

Fulford, now 61, is the most senior public figure to be exposed as an apologist for paedophiles among Left-wing political groups of the 1970s and 1980s.

He has enjoyed a stellar rise through the legal profession, becoming a QC in 1994 and a part-time judge the following year.

In 2002 he became the first openly gay High Court judge, being nominated for a knighthood by Tony Blair, and in 2003 took up a prestigious role at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Last year he was nominated as an Appeal Court judge by David Cameron and appointed to the Privy Council, the elite group of senior politicians, judges and clergy who advise the Queen on constitutional matters.

Back in the late 1970s he was a newly qualified Left-wing barrister when he joined the NCCL, now known as Liberty, which had links to known paedophile groups and attempted to lower the age of consent to 14 and water down child pornography laws

Fulford’s involvement with the radical movement to legalise child sex goes even further than that of the Labour Ministers, documents uncovered by The Mail on Sunday show.

He personally set up a group to support the ‘executive committee’ of PIE in the summer of 1979, after they had their homes raided by police.

Images of child abuse and group literature were seized and five leaders, including chairman O’Carroll, were charged with the rare offence of ‘conspiracy to corrupt public morals’.

Fulford and his colleagues called the organisation the Conspiracy Against Public Morals (CAPM), and it went on to distribute leaflets calling for the PIE ‘show trial’ to be dropped, and held protests outside courtrooms.

Zoompad said...

In October 1979 Fulford wrote a full-page article in gay rights magazine Broadsheet, in which he was described as ‘the founder’ of the PIE support group.

He claimed that classified adverts placed by PIE members, which led to the trial, were ‘simply to enable paedophiles to make friends and offer each other mutual support’ rather than to contact children or exchange banned images.

A leaflet distributed by CAPM and available through PIE’s mailing list went further, claiming: ‘This is a trumped-up charge designed to silence a group merely because it is unpopular with the guardians of public morality.’

And the prosecution was condemned as ‘an attack on PIE’s right to freedom of speech and freedom of association’.

A longer briefing note put together by the CAPM called the paedophiles a ‘minority group ripe for bashing’ because they were open about their aims.

In 1980, a Marxist collective used the almost identical name, Campaign Against Public Morals, and the same Central London PO Box address as Fulford’s group to publish a 60-page diatribe that called for the age of consent to be scrapped ‘for the liberation of children’.

Fulford successfully proposed a motion at the August 1979 conference of an established gay rights group, the Campaign for Homosexual Equality, that it should affiliate itself to his new group and also call for the PIE leaders to be cleared.

His actions were praised in the paedophiles’ in-house journal, Magpie, which declared: ‘No longer alone – new group to support PIE’ and said they ‘owed much to a speech by barrister Adrian Fulford, which Gay News declared to be the best made at the conference.’

The following month the CAPM held its third meeting at which Fulford and O’Carroll himself were present, as well as several members of the NCCL gay rights committee.

Minutes of the gathering show that they discussed picketing the magistrates court where the PIE defendants appeared and state ‘Adrian’ would ‘ask Patricia Hewitt about the possibilities of using NCCL’s number to take messages’.

Probe: Labour MP Tom Watson said there should be a full investigation into the role of PIE

Records show PIE leader O’Carroll – who was jailed for two years in 1981 – was a member of the gay rights committee at the same time as Fulford.

The paedophile group was often discussed at the gay rights committee’s meetings, and O’Carroll was given its support as he came under increasing public pressure.

Last night, Fulford admitted he attended meetings of the NCCL gay rights committee when O’Carroll was there, but added that his presence ‘left me feeling extremely uncomfortable’.

He added: ‘In the main, I provided some legal advice in the context of general civil liberties objections to the wide-ranging charge of conspiracy to corrupt public morals.’ And he stated that he has never wanted the age of consent to be lower than it is now.

PIE folded in 1984 after the arrest of several more leading figures, including one – Steven Adrian Smith – who had worked at the Home Office.

Miss Hewitt, Miss Harman and Mr Dromey have now expressed regret for the paedophile activists involvement with the NCCL, while insisting they never condoned child sex and that PIE did not influence their policies.

However archive material shows the NCCL’s Nettie Pollard actually invited PIE to become an affiliate group in 1975, offering them the chance to propose motions and take votes at its conferences.

Last night, Fulford said: ‘On reflection, the NCCL gay rights committee should never have allowed members of PIE to attend any of its meetings and a clear separation should have been created with the two organisations.’

Additional reporting: Stephen Johns, Paul Cahalan and Peter Henn

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Anonymous said...

Jeremy Thorpe was a well known visitor to several boys homes for sex, staements from his chaefuer and gardener
show he had contacts in the judiciary who also visited boys homes for sex, its a funny thing that all these men admit to being homosexuals but not pedos when the two are identical

Zoompad said...

The son of the authors of the Topsy and Tim children's books was a leading member of the notorious paedophile lobby group PIE, it has been revealed.

Leo Adamson, whose parents have sold 21million books, is said to be obsessed with underage boys and has twice been jailed over his links with the Paedophile Information Exchange.

Three years ago, he was convicted of trying to block a police investigation into a child porn ring involving members of PIE who shared drawings of children being raped.

The 52-year-old is the son of Jean and Gareth Adamson, who created the much-loved Topsy and Tim series in 1960 and based their adventures partly on their own three children.

The books, which have made their creators into multi-millionaires, were last year adapted into a BBC television series shown on CBeebies, the channel aimed at children up to six years old.

However, it has now emerged that Leo Adamson, who lives with a male partner in south London, was on the board of PIE at a time when it was campaigning for sex with children as young as four to be made legal.

A whistleblower from the notorious paedophile pressure group said in the 1980s that young boys were 'all [Adamson] talks about at meetings'.

After the group was disbanded three decades ago, Adamson was jailed for 18 months over his links to PIE, and in 2011 he was again convicted of offences linked to paedophilia.

During a police investigation into Stephen Freeman, a former chairman of PIE who shared 3,000 drawings of child rape with other paedophiles, Adamson refused to hand over a password which would have allowed officers to access computer records.

He was sentenced to a year in prison for his role in obstructing the investigation.

Read more:
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Zoompad said...

I would like to meet Jean Adamson, because I would like to explain to her exactly how ruthless and utterly devious paedophile gangsters are, as it's obvious that she does not have a clue.

I do feel sorry for her, of course I do, but when she says that her son is a gentle and naive man she is talking rubbish.

I would simply show her what Richard Gardner of the FMSF has done to families like mine in the UK and round the world. I would show her my hospital bracelet that I have kept from when I was seriously ill in North Staffs hospital with pneumonia, my health run down to a frazzle from years of Secret Family Court persecution. I would show her what the paedophile/human trafficking network that her son belongs to did to our family.

Perhaps if she could see that she might understand what her son and his friends have done.

Zoompad said...

I would like to show her the graves of the children whose mothers were accued of Richard Gardner's PAS, and had Richard Gardner's "Threat Therapy" used on them. 29 of them according to Womens Aid in 2005, but I know there are far more because there have been more since then.

Anonymous said...

Reading through this one is eft witha sick feeling in the pit of ones stomach and i can see whay people so dislike homosexuals i really can
Brian Turner

Anonymous said...

all of this is a subtle war on heterosexuality.
We should protect children physically and morally from the taint of homosexual teachings in schools, when was the last time a churchman spoke out about child abuse, the dangers of homosexuality or even the genocide that is occurring daily in palestine

Anonymous said...

its all coming out now barbara
alan yentob told the BBC to ignore savilles sex attacks on kids at the BBC

Anonymous said...

What sort of an animal is this fulford ?
Todays news claims that tory deputy Nigel Evans hada long history of homosexual attacks on men and boys, everone knew but kept quiet, implications are he has been named as having attended "boy-nobbing" parties.
what a disgusting wretch this man is

Anonymous said...

It just gets worse barbara,
a christian group i think they are called
"say NO to perversion" penetrated
stonewall and discovered Nationwaide funds Peter Tatchell, the carton "peter and the perverts has been removed from youtube.
If you wish to register your displeasure at those who want child sex

Anonymous said...

email the man responsible for funding the tatchell perverts at,

Anonymous said...

Hello barbara, i dont think this fulford is alone in this and i wonder how many others ?
Experts said that from the special date 6-6-06 there would be changes, and so many whistleblowers are coming out of the woodwork not just about the enciuargement of sex perversions, but in every area, even adolf hitler is being re apprasied in a kinder ight , see this please

Anonymous said...

have you abandoned the website Barbara ? i wa sreading about this fulford chappie and hes not very nice

Anonymous said...

another boys home used by homosexuals as a brothel

Anonymous said...

Brbara has not checked this blog for 3 days, its good shes not harassing us homosexuals about sleeping with gorgeous young boys, has she got herself laid at last ?
thank god for that.

Anonymous said...

Justice fulford is not the only one, this keeps being removed from the net but Tesco and Nationwide have beens ecretly funding pedo groups

Anonymous said...

Brabara likes to criticise us homosexuals for our love of young boys, what is she up to ? why is she away ?
probably got her mouth round some filthy black mans cock no doubt.
live and let live barbara

Zoompad said...

No I haven't abandoned my blog, nor have I been assassinated.

As for the crude comment above, I will ask the anonymous coward who wrote it one question: would you speak to your own mother in that disgusting way?

Zoompad said...

"Brabara likes to criticise us homosexuals for our love of young boys"

You call yourselves homosexuals but you are actually paedophiles. You're not interested in having any long term same sex relationships, all you lust for is to be able to molest children.

You are not homosexuals, you are paeophiles and you are like vampires.

Anonymous said...

Barbara i just read those awful comments, i would have thought these homosexuals would have better things to do ? its disgusting to put a woman who has been through what you have to this degrading talk
Susan foster

Anonymous said...

please show some respect, no one can belittle what barbara has gone through, some of us have been through similar, so please any homosexuals reading this, just hold back on the abuse , ok ?
Kevin Thompson

Zoompad said...

They're not homosexuals, they're very aggressive paedophiles.

They pretend to be homosexuals so they can hide behind all the new "hate crime" legislation that they have aggressivly lobbied for.

I'm not and never have been "homophobic", my position on other people's sexuality is the same as it always was, I don't actually think it's any of my business what other ADULTS do with one another as long as they don't push it into my face and as long as it doesn't involve children or hurt anyone else. Apart from that what other people do with one another is between them and God. I'm also aware that many homosexuals are grown up victims of child abuse.

I remember feeling sorry for Quentin Crisp, that was the first time I had ever heard of homosexuality, seeing The Naked Civil Servant on television. I remember feeling sorry that he was beaten up for not being "normal", although I didn't watch the whole thing, so didn't really understand what I was watching then. Neither did I understand then that television doesn't always tell the truth. I used to think that if something was on television particularly the BBC that it was the absolute truth. I am older now and realise that the television sets are broadcasting machines and that its people who make the programs for those machines, and some people in television programming are using their authority to brainwash other people into believing lies.

Zoompad said...

The homosexual lobbying groups (which were actually being led by very aggressive paedophiles ie Tom O Carroll) were spreading the lie that homosexuals were being beaten up all over the UK, when statistically the group of people most likely to be beaten up and abused were actually women in DV situations, and children in Pindown/Borstal type homes.

But because television is such an effective brainwashing tool they managed to make lots of people feel sorry enough to allow laws to be changed.

I didn't realise until now that Quentin Crisp went to Denstone College in Uttoxeter, a stones throw from the hell hole Chadswell Assessment Centre Pindown home where I was banged up as a child, on a "Place of Safety" court order, and that the 1985 Ben Elton BBC TV series Happy Families starring Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie had been filmed there.

Zoompad said...

Talking of Denstone College:,d.ZG4

More than 20 private schools investigated over sexual abuse: Savile scandal prompts dozens of former pupils to come forward

Some of country's most expensive schools are facing legal action

Compensation claims of up to £400,000 could close schools say experts
Boris Johnson's former school among those accused of abuse

In December the Mail on Sunday revealed Ashdown House faced action

ByNick Fagge

PUBLISHED: 01:42, 12 January 2014 | UPDATED: 00:12, 13 January 2014

... "Denstone College in Staffordshire is among the schools facing claims for compensation"

Zoompad said...

So perhaps this is why the paedophiles are getting more potty mouthed with me, after all their mentors RALPH UNDERWAGER and TOM O CARROLL did advise them to brazen things out.

How Tom O Carroll is still walking free amazes me, in my opinion that man should be locked up for ever, he is a very wicked, disgusting and dangerous man.

Anonymous said...

Hello i often read the comments and everything right across the spectrum is exptressed here even comnents from gays here but i have some sad news.
The youngest recorded victim
of Jimmy Saville a cub scout at the time aged just 7, was taken from his home with the blessing of his parents at the time to go to the BBC with celebrity saville, not knowing of course the boy would endure 5 months of hell on different trips,
he had several years of acoholism depression and took his life aged 47.
I checked the main news and it was not covered, my church prayed for savilles victims, but what were the staff at the BBC doing ? its security dormen etc when savile would arrive with this young lad and lock themselves in his dressing room ?
it beggars belief

Anonymous said...

every christian should read this

Zoompad said...

It would be nice to know who Jane Doe really is, as obviously that is not her real name. Funny that she is the same age as me, and that I also have had unlawful imprisonment in a mental hospital (aged 14) used on me.

In my case the mental hospital was inappropriatly used as a "PLace of Safety", after I had been abused. I now know I'm not the only child abuse victim this happened to, thanks to the whistleblowers of the Haut de la Garenne child abuse scandal.

I'm still waiting for someone to simply apologise to me for what they did. Suing anyone over this is out of the question, as no lawyer wants to take it on that I have asked. All decent lawyers flee like the clappers every time someone like me approaches them to try to do so. PINDOWN victims are treated like outlaws in the UK.

Zoompad said...

The only hope I have of seeing justice, which is in the form of a public apology, that is what I want, is if the wicked ones take me to court. But as the Lord has told me to never give them any reason on my part to do so I don't see how that is going to happen.

I have tried to get a lawyer but no-one wants to take on my case.

Some days I just ask the Lord, "Why have you let this happen?" Some days I feel really upset and let down and frightened. It's frightening how I've been treated, it's frightening to feel that you have no access to the justice system of your homeland.

But the Lord shows me the bigger picture, He reminds me, for example, that it's not just me, there are people all over the UK, all over the world who are like prisoners in their own country. Peter was put into jail for preaching the good news about Jesus rising from the dead 2000 years ago. John the Baptiser was murdered on the whim of a wicked woman who he had offended by speaking the truth, and a silly girl.

Every time I feel tempted to give up on hope and justice, the Lord reminds me that the battle I find myself in has been waging for thousands of years, even before I was born, or my parents born, because the battle is between good and evil.

But that doesn't stop me wanting that apology! I might be only a very tiny cog in a huge wheel, but I am a cog all the same. A butterfly flapping her wings.

Zoompad said...

"Hello i often read the comments and everything right across the spectrum is exptressed here even comnents from gays "

Let me stop you right there to correct you.

The people who have made those disgusting comments to me are not "gays", they are paedophiles.

I just think it's very important to make that point.

Zoompad said...

"I checked the main news and it was not covered"

Can you please tell me how you found out about it then?

Anonymous said...

Barbara we all love you but you are making a mistake, you are faiing into the trap that david cameron wants, you are separating pedos from homosexuals and you cant.
Police records show that in each case where a man has been arrested with offences against boys they are homosexuals, what else can they be ?
all the advertisements put into Boyz mag,Bottoms Up, MANBYS etc
all talk of men with boys
thanks Alice.

Anonymous said...

If i may make a point.
I worked many years in child protection, most of my kids were boys not many were girls.
before puberty a girls vagina cannot give pleasure, to a pervert any under age child is wanted only for their bottom, e g gay sex.
That is why all child rapes are homosexually related.

Zoompad said...

Hi Alice,

I'm trying to seperate the abused from the abusers. The paedophiles are so crafty, they pretend to be just interested in homosexual sex, but, as you say, their advertisments tell a different story.

As for Cameron, I haven't forgotten what that crafty man did on Philip Schofields television program, I haven't forgotten what I read in McAlpines devilish book, and that is the reason I am choosing my words very carefully.

If theres been any witch hunt at all it's been against Pindown child abuse victims and Cameron is fully aware of that, just as I am fully aware of the frightening mental health "treatment" that Cameron's grandfather Donald Ewen Cameron was involved in.

Zoompad said...

Dangerous men are involved in this, they think they have a "licence to kill", they pretend if it for the good of the country they can murder people and cover it up.

Anonymous said...

I am pleased you mention David cameron on the Philip Schofield programme, because cameron let the cat out of the bag that pedophiles are homosexuals.
Look at the mc'dougall report
it proves it

Zoompad said...

David Cameron said that there was a witch hunt against homosexuals, even though homosexuals had not been mentioned before he brought it us, as that little list Philip Schofield handed him was of PAEDOPHILES!

So for Cameron to say it was a witch hunt against homosexuals, well, yes, it did let the cat out of the bag.

Zoompad said...

Sorry for typos I need to clean my computer keyboard it is sticking!

Anonymous said...

this is important Barbara

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

John Hemming MP looks on alongside others

Anonymous said...

christian pro family groups win huge victory over homosexual child molesters

Zoompad said...

That is a really interesting video, thank you for posting it.

John Hemming moving about in the background, he reminds me of Rothbart hovering over the palace ball.

Look at how Norman Smith responds to Bill Maloney's interruption at 0.47 seconds, not a twitch, either Norman Smith has nerves of steel or else he is a well rehersed actor in a little play, which is what I strongly suspect. Reminds me of the little play that was put on for my benefit at Trafalger Square between Brian Clare and Ian Evans entitled The Mystery of How Did Brian Clare know Barbara Richards was standing right next to Ian Evans so he could ask to speak to her on Ian Evan's mobile phone when neither of them had never even met her before? - Bill was at that one as well, so was Brian Gerrish, so was David Icke.

Who is writing these scripts?

Does anyone know who the BBC reporter is at 0.54 seconds?

Zoompad said...

Bill Maloney still has not answered my question of why he shared a platform with Peter Tatchell when Rat Singer came to park his backside on the Queens throne at Westminster Abbey.

Why would anyone who is truly 100% against child abuse share a platform with an evil man who has publicly announced that he sees nothing wrong with adults having sex with children?

Zoompad said...

christian pro family groups win huge victory over homosexual child molesters"

What's happened?

Zoompad said...

Norman Smith (journalist)

Norman Smith

1960/1961 (age 52–53)[1]


Political correspondent
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Yesterday in Parliament
BBC News

Norman Smith is a British journalist. Since 2011, he has been the Chief Political Correspondent for the BBC News.[1]

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Smith was educated at St. Peter's College at the University of Oxford, where he read History.[2]


Smith began his career in regional newspapers in Birmingham and Bristol.[2] He joined the BBC as a local radio reporter in 1986. Smith became a parliamentary correspondent in 1993, presenting Today and Yesterday in Parliament on BBC Radio 4. He has reported for the BBC from the Palace of Westminster since 1999. In 2010, he became Chief Political Correspondent for Radio 4.[3]

In July 2011, he was appointed to his current position, as Chief Political Correspondent for the BBC News channel replacing Laura Kuenssberg who departed to ITN.[3] Smith tweets his thoughts on the latest activities at Westminster.[4]

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BBC Radio 4's Norman Smith gets TV job

Radio 4 reporter Norman Smith is to take over as the BBC’s Chief Political Correspondent, working across the corporation’s News Channel and main television bulletins – as well as providing analysis for network radio.

He replaces Laura Kuenssberg, who is leaving the BBC later this year to become ITV’s Business Editor.

50-year-old Norman’s appointment was announced by BBC News Channel controller Kevin Bakhurst on Twitter.

He has been at the BBC for 25 years, starting out as a local radio reporter. For the last couple of years he has been Radio 4′s Chief Political Correspondent with regular appearances on both Today and PM.

Sue Inglish, head of Political Programmes at the BBC said: “Norman brings a wealth of experience and political knowledge to the News Channel. His sharply focused analysis, well known to listeners of Radio 4′s Today programme, will enable the News Channel to maintain and enhance its reputation for cutting edige political reporting.”
Posted on Tuesday, July 19th, 2011 at 9:22 am by Stuart Clarkson.

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Norman Smith, the BBC Radio 4 reporter, is to replace Laura Kuenssberg as the corporation's chief political correspondent.

Smith, 50, will front the BBC's political coverage alongside Nick Robinson, the political editor, and James Landale, the deputy political editor from next month.

Kevin Bakhurst, controller of the BBC News channel and deputy head of the BBC newsroom, confirmed Smith's appointment on Monday afternoon on Twitter.

A long-time radio correspondent, Smith was a surprise candidate to replace Kuenssberg, who joins ITV News as business editor next month. Kuenssberg was a rising BBC News star and tipped to be a successor to Robinson.

Smith has reported for the BBC from Westminster since 1999. For the last 18 months he has been chief political correspondent for Radio 4 appearing regularly on the Today programme and PM. He joined the BBC as a local radio reporter in 1986 and became a parliamentary correspondent in 1993 presenting Today and Yesterday in Parliament on Radio 4.

Contenders for the post are understood to have included the BBC political correspondents Ross Hawkins, Iain Watson, Ben Wright, Carole Walker, and education correspondent Reeta Chakrabarti.

Kuenssberg's surprise move follows the departure of Matt Frei, anchor of BBC World News America, and Newsnight's Jackie Long, who joined Channel 4 News as Washington correspondent and social affairs editor respectively in May.

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Meet the team

Norman Smith is one of the BBC's most experienced political correspondents. He has covered every election for the BBC since Tony Blair's first victory in 1997 and is well known and respected among senior politicians and political insiders.

Before joining the BBC's Westminster staff, Norman worked as a general news reporter covering major stories for the BBC including the fall of Gorbachev and the first Gulf War. He has also worked in Brussels covering politics at the European Commission and European Parliament.

He began his career in regional newspapers in Birmingham and Bristol after studying History at St Peter's College, Oxford. Norman is married with two daughters, and a troublesome spaniel. He is a law abiding cyclist who has so far managed to survive the London traffic.

Sean Curran finally abandoned all thoughts of a serious career in favour of life as a journalist after he was attacked by a rattle snake in the middle of Liverpool. And so in 1988 he joined the BBC as a trainee reporter. For more than ten years he has worked at Westminster reporting on politics and parliament. He is a regular presenter of Today in Parliament and Yesterday in Parliament on BBC Radio 4. Sometimes,when everyone else is busy or looking the other way, Sean is allowed to appear on television news bulletins.

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Sean's parents hoped he would become a member of a respectable profession and to this end he was educated at: St Mary's College, Crosby; Liverpool Polytechnic; the Inns of Court School of Law and Leicester University.

He has a law degree and was called to the Bar by Gray's Inn. He also has a Master's degree in Mass Communications. In spite of all this, he still thought he could make his fortune as a journalist - which goes to show that academic qualifications and intelligence are not the same thing.

Sean has promised his wife, his two children and his bank manager that one day he will get a proper job, but not just yet.

Susan Hulme has presented the BBC's coverage of Westminster for many years, with a ringside view of the drama of British politics in parliament itself. Away from Westminster, she's also presented Analysis and Heart and Soul on the BBC World Service.

Susan was born and brought up in Edinburgh, but came south to study English at Pembroke College, Oxford, and later joined the BBC's radio newsroom where she discovered that her skills in English were not nearly as useful as her ability to run fast to get a breaking story on air.

As a Scot, she has a passion for the great outdoors and natural history. She has three children who share her passion - when it isn't raining.

Dennis Sewell is an author & broadcaster and a Contributing Editor of the Spectator. During more than twenty years working for BBC News he has been a reporter for The World Tonight and BBC2's Newsnight and presented BBC Radio 4's Talking Politics and "In the Think-Tanks".

Born in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon and brought up in Beirut, England and Germany, Dennis was educated at the universities of Oxford and London and at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.

He has written extensively on religious affairs as well as politics and is vice chairman of the international development agency Progressio. Married with twin daughters, he lives in London.

The person with the good fortune to work with such talented presenters is Elaine Thomas, the editor of Politics UK, and its predecessor People and Politics, for the last ten years. It's her job to come up with ideas and to think of interesting people to contribute to the programme (in the hope that they'll say yes).

Before working on this programme, she was a producer of political and current affairs programmes at the BBC, mostly in television, including The Money Programme, Newsnight and Family Matters, and has made documentaries on a various subjects, including The Windsor Jewels and The Vote Race.

She was educated all over the world, but finished up at Reading University reading German. Despite a peripatetic upbringing she has deep roots in West Wales where all her family come from. Outside the BBC she is involved with several charities, particularly in micro-finance, organises a choir, and attends to her family.


Politics UK is lucky to have a fabulously talented team of studio managers to support it, though in case anyone should imagine we have too much help, only one of them works with us each week. But without the expertise, knowledge and ideas of Neil Churchill, Annie Gardiner, Hal Haines, and Richard Townsend, the programmes wouldn't get on the air. Their contribution isn't just technical either, as between them they have degrees in music, drama, science, French and German, so they have a great deal to offer the programme.

The programme is put together here at the BBC's Westminster studios, just a stone's throw from the Palace of Westminster.

Anonymous said...

I think Bill Maloney is wonderful the way he has exposed the pervs,
the pop music festival shambala
secretly donates money to Peter Tatchell and his child sex group
I am horrified

Zoompad said...

I used to think Bill Maloney was wonderful as well, until he shared a platform with Peter Tatchell when Rat Singer came to the UK, and when I asked Bill why he had shared a platform with that pervert Bill refused to answer me, so now I do not think he is wonderful any more just as I do not think any of the John Hemming Gangsters are wonderful.

I think that video of him interrupting the Lib Dem press conference was a little play. I don't worship Aangirfan either, because I only trust people who are 100% anti child abuse, not people who pretend to be for a bit then turn out to defend paedophiles.

Zoompad said...

On Aangirfan's blog post titled BILL MALONEY:

"Bill Maloney hijacked the BBC broadcast to proclaim, "institutional pedophile rings are operating in this country..."

Well just look at that video of Bill Maloney SUPPOSEDLY hijacking the BBC broadcast. It doesn't look very hijacked to me.

Norman Smith the BBC reporter needs to brush up on his play acting skills before he gets involved in any more of the John Hemming Gangsters capers, because the surprise element is totally lacking from his body language in that video!

Anonymous said...

we were sitting in thw orks canteen just chatting when someone said, "i read that sax does no harm to small boys "
this really annoys me and its put out by homosexuals and it could not be more wrong

Anonymous said...

jews behind child porn industry

Anonymous said...

cigpapers30 March 2013 13:26
Lambeth Police Station Paedo Sex Ring Dungeon Scandal

In November 1997 the South London Press reported the finding of a sex dungeon complete with manacles , chains , bedding and a sleazy red light in Lambeth High-Security Police Head Quarters in South London. The civilian staff who leaked the story were suspended and Officers from Scotland Yard’s Criminal Investigation Bureau were called in. From the copious amounts of child pornography found at the Police Station, it was soon realised that Children from Lambeth Care Homes were being taken to the Police Station for sexual abuse, rape and use in child pornography. It is believed several senior Police Officers were renting out Children and using the Police Station as a brothel.
Detective Chief Inspector Clive Driscoll was put on the case and he soon started following up leads. However when his leads led him to politicians, including at least one who was a Lambeth Labour Councillor and is now an MP, he was taken off the case and put on disciplinary charges.
However before his removal DCI Clive Driscoll had discovered that all 25 of Lambeth’s Childrens’ Homes had been run by a large paedophile network for over 20 years. There were around 50 Children who had entered Lambeth Childrens’ Homes and never been seen again by their families.
The leader of Lambeth Council at the time was Ted Knight (Labour) who was a close friend of Margaret Hodge (Labour) who was leader of nearby Islington Council. It is believed that Children were “traded” between Lambeth and Islington Councils.
When Councillor Anna Tapsell, who had campaigned against the sexual abuse of Children in Lambeth Care Homes for over twenty years, complained about Driscoll’s removal she was visited and “warned off” by a senior Police Officer.
The Metropolitan Police set up a five year investigation, and as is usual in Britain three low level paedophiles got a couple of years in jail for minor sex offences. The major players all got clean away to continue their “activities“.
The Police never looked for any links between the Lambeth and Islington paedophile rings, but I found some glaringly obvious ones within five minutes. Abraham Jacobs was convicted in 1986 for his part in a paedophile ring that specialised in picking up run away Children in Piccadily Circus to provide for the sexual abuse by BBC Executives and Labour Party Politicians. Abraham Jacobs had worked at both Islington and Lambeth Care Homes and was known to Margaret Hodge, Jack Straw and Ted Knight.
Other links are Michael John Carroll and Peter Tatchell. carrol was one of the paedophile “fall guys” from the Lambeth Care Home Scandal - this is a quaint British tradition where small time paedophiles get convicted of minor sex offences and all enquiries are then closed in to the bigger picture. Even though he had been a relatively low paid Council Employee, on his release from prison he bought The Hand Hotel on Church Street in Chirk ( just outside Wrexham ) for £725,000 cash. The Crest Hotel in Wrexham is usually linked to the Wrexham Child sex abuse scandal, but The Hand Hotel was conveniently close to the Wrexham Child sex abuse scandal.
Another link is Jason Hoyte a convicted paedophile. He had been warned off by Police from hanging round Islington Care Homes and had somehow avoided a CRB check and obtained a job as a Youth Worker with Lambeth Council. He was sacked in 2006 after being caught grooming Children for BBC Executives on a Council run Youth training scheme.

Anonymous said...

If a man wants to keep a couple of nice young bumboys i dont see whats wrong with that, i dont think many homosexuals would turn it down, whats the problem ?????

Zoompad said...

"Other links are Michael John Carroll and Peter Tatchell. carrol was one of the paedophile “fall guys” from the Lambeth Care Home Scandal - this is a quaint British tradition where small time paedophiles get convicted of minor sex offences and all enquiries are then closed in to the bigger picture. Even though he had been a relatively low paid Council Employee, on his release from prison he bought The Hand Hotel on Church Street in Chirk ( just outside Wrexham ) for £725,000 cash. The Crest Hotel in Wrexham is usually linked to the Wrexham Child sex abuse scandal, but The Hand Hotel was conveniently close to the Wrexham Child sex abuse scandal. "

This is what is worrying me, in Stafford some people who I have very good reason to believe are the same ones who were persecuting me in the secret family courts are trying to turn Stafford prison into a sex offenders prison, but afterwards they will find them homes in the Staffordshire area and I just know I will be targetted for even more abuse, because my town will be full of paedophiles.

Zoompad said...

Anonymous at 23 March 2014 01:48

I've only let your comment be published so that other people can see how you paedophiles are still targetting me for abuse, I want other people to see what you creeps are doing.

I pray to God for release from your infernal and persistant bullying.

Anonymous said...

links proved between homosexuals and boy-nobbing

Zoompad said...

"Expose of Paedophile-Homosex Connection Suppressed by Prime Minister.

Thursday, 03 March 2011 18:41 | Written by Rev. Rob West |

Dr Hans-Christian Raabe, a Christian GP, who backs total abstinence from drugs, has been dismissed from his position on the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, after being in the appointment for only one month. It is believed that the decision to end his connection with the Council was a high level one, made by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, no less, on the grounds that Dr Raabe had published a research paper, in 2005, establishing a modern link between homosexuality and paedophilia. This evidence would have called into question the wisdom of the Coalition Government's policy of imposing homosexual teaching/propaganda in primary schools! Many believe that the sexualising of children in secondary schools under the guise of "sex education" has gone too far and is not helping their schooling, or development, but is rather contributing to the problems of a broken society. The Christian Council of Britain hopes to be addressing some of these problems at its forthcoming National Conference."


Anonymous said...

I dont know if anyone spotted this ?
but a teenage boy died after being abused y a BBC comedian, the BBC had a policy to change all its comedians for homosexuals, so it could be almost anybody

Anonymous said...

The BBC admit to employing nancy-boys in preference to normal men.
Enquiries into why so many perverts worked for the BBC, has met with nothing other than acknowledging that they did have a pro homosexual employment policy.

Anonymous said...

has anyone seen this about the russian man and snuff movies ?
experts say the russian mafia is behind most of these , how many other sick people have sneaked into the country like this ?