Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Stafford Police are telling me that it isnt a crime, and I find that absolutly shocking, especially considering how I was persecuted for seven long years, falsely accused of Parental Alienation Syndrome, which was invented by the paedophile Richard Gardner, and repeatedly threatened with jail/removal of my son/psychiatric hospital if I committed "Contempt of Court" which umbrella term could mean simply talking about how I was being abused in the secret family court!

So the things you would think are crimes arent, and the things you wouldn't think are crimes are, according to Stafford Police.

Its like living in TopsyTurvyland!!!

The secret family court of Stafford is still up to its tricks, using PAS and Threat Therapy. I can't name the lady, but I have a contact who is suffering the same legal criminal harassment as I did, but I will say that the criminal gangster law firm that is shafting her is based in Rugely. I expect they troll this site though, just as Stafford Police do, I'm not stupid, I know full well what goes on, so I just want to say this much, you had better leave this one well alone, she's not on her own any more.

As for me, I'm smashed up and can't do very much these days, its PTSD, I keep having episodes, and its like a spiral of thunderstorms in my head, dispair. Ive been trying to relax a lot, did some ukelele cases, I mean to post the pattern onto my other blog, the craft blog. I made a really nice one with George Formby embroidered on it, for someone who is just amazing at playing the uke. I've been doing quite a bit of embroidery, and painting, just funny little paintings of birds and cats and people. I try to keep positive, but I still feel so terrified inside, and wonder if that horrible feeling will ever go away.

To the Christian man who posts on here - I know what you're saying, but I dont think you understand, its not bitterness, its righteousness, and the horror of what is still happening here in Stafford. The Lord gives us a moral duty to care for others, He doesnt want us to turn away, like in the story of the Good Samaritan. We're living in TopsyTurvyland right now, thats what the Bible means when it says the whole world groans, we who love Jesus groan in pain at the goings on of this world, we groan for justice and righteousness. If I sound bitter at times, well, the Lord does understand, its a bitter cup we are all having to drink from, even though the Lord drained it down to the dregs, He also wept in pain and heartache, as we do.

I just want to mention the Moody Blues at Glastonbury. It would have been very nice to see that concert, but the BBC decided not to film it!!! They are my favourite band, and when I was going through that horrible seven years of secret court persecution I was touched by two tracks in particular, The Voice, and Dawning Is The Day. The lyrics of those two songs, I used them as a mantra, I knew deep inside the Lord wouldnt let those wicked people destroy me, in faith, I clung to the Lords promises like a drowning person clings to a piece of flotsam. The paedos mocked me for trusting in God, I remember that, they abused me and mocked me for that too. I actually met Justin Hayward a few years ago, that was a special day for me, he's a nice man, kind and I like kind people.

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