Friday, 14 May 2010


She is STILL being persecuted by the Freemasons of Liverpool.

She has been repeatedly threatened with prison for sending a birthday card to her own son.

This is just getting silly now.

Also, I have had a death threat. Nice work, boys!

Can I just remind you lovely lads from the old boys funny handshake society that the Lord God Almighty has his eye on you, and going round threatening innocent folk is not really the sort of thing that he approves of, to put it mildly. Not a good idea to wind up the King of Kings - many have tried it and come to grief, read the Bible and know your history!

Maureen Spalek wants her kids back, and she wants them back now. You stole her kids off her to cover up a medical blunder, and it's all gone out of control now.

You lot carry on if you want, but I tell you as bluntly, if you carry on persecuting Maureen Spalek, what you are actually doing is picking a fight with God, a fight which you will lose. God will turn his flashlight onto all of you, and everyone will see who you are, and what you do. The people you are roping in to do your dirty work, the Police ect, they are sick of you involving them in your corruption, and they will turn on you!

Maureen Spalek wants her kids back, and that is all she wants. She does not want revenge, compensation, anything, just her kids. You'd be well advised to leave this child of God well alone, you don't want to make her Heavenly Father angry!

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