Thursday, 13 May 2010


I am a survivor of the Staffordshire Pindown institutional child abuse and the secret family court persecution.

As a result of all the persecution I was put through, I discovered that there are lots of other people who, just like me, have been abused as children and them maliciously persecuted, in an attempt to shut us up. It hasn't worked, because believe it or not, we do have a Heavenly Father, and it took me a while to figure this out, that if any of us is being persecuted and abused, we can ask Him to help us, and He will. That is what I did, and what lots of other people are doing, and the Lord has helped us find each other, and helped us to find out all sorts of things about the secret family courts, and other secret things that the people who are running this country never wanted us to find out about.

We have just had a General Election, and it looks very much like it was decided through electoral fraud, see the post previous to this one. If this is the truth, then treason has been committed by the people who are responsible for allowing UK votes to be given to people who do not live in this country.

We are going to get in touch with David Cameron and Nick Clegg, I doubt that this is anything to do with them, but they certainly ought to be informed of this. I hope that you people beat us to it, and start a proper investigation into this matter.

This is a great country, but corruption is wrecking it. I hope you people will stop allowing traitors and criminals to use you as some sort of private terror squad, and start investigating the real crime which is taking place in this country. sending ten police officers to a woman's house to arrest her for ringing the doorbell of the foster carers house to enquire after her own children is a complete and utter waste of police time, and the person who poulls that sort of malicious stunt ought to be issued with a stern warning for wasting police time and resources.

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