Wednesday, 26 May 2010


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Wednesday, 26 May 2010
Breaking...beware Council propaganda in the Skegness toddlers 'kidnap' case.

The Skegness twins with their natural father

Councils will try to use the Skegness case to hold on to
their arbitrary powers. We must resist this.

I note with great alarm that within hours of the Skegness 'kidnapped' children being found, the Lincolnshire CC Social Services propaganda machine has begun to start demands for 'more powers' to deal with such incidents. The last thing any social services department should be given is power - let alone more of it.

The Slog and its mother ship nby fought (along with thousands of others) a three-year battle to stop the nefarious activities of mad SS departments from Plymouth via Stafford to Liverpool. Earlier this year, the new Justice in charge of childcare described the actions of SS workers in many cases as "more reminiscent of the USSR than the UK". Now that we have a new watchdog, and are finally rid of the two criminals - Harman and Balls - who watched all this happen, we must all beware unaccountable State-paid idiots pleading lost powers.

The key points of this case are as follows:

1.Social services twice told the mother she could have the kids back, and then changed their minds.
2. They were supposed to be closely monitoring a mother-in-law's visit to the kids. But as usual they screwed up, and the mum pinched the children.
3. The mother's elder daughter was immediately arrested, although she had nothing to do with it.
4. The mother and her partner have been charged with kidnap and banged up without their feet touching the ground.
5. The kids were found in good health and completely unharmed.

It may well be that the mother is (as alleged) a dysfunctional alcoholic - a high proportion of the others with children under Council care are. But cases of such women snatching kids from the SS and police are more rare than hen's teeth. The Lincolnshire County Council SS don't need more powers: they need more employees who know what they're up to.

Interesting, is it not, that when the State wishes to demonise a mother (as in this instance) all Court reporting restrictions are lifted immediately. Funny how that never happens when the boot's on the other foot.

The great Nye Bevan once said "The purpose of power is to give it back". How right he was.
Posted by John Ward at 16:45
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