Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Royal Court gives man with ‘appalling’ record a chance

A MAN with an ‘appalling’ record has escaped a prison sentence for receiving stolen goods worth £1,480 because of his efforts in the last ten years to change his ways.

David Philip Carrel, who spent his 47th birthday in the Royal Court yesterday, was found guilty by an Assize jury recently of criminally receiving 148 CDs and DVDs which had been stolen in a break-in from Offshore Solutions in Rue des Prés.Yesterday, he was sentenced to 210 hours’ community service for that offence.Crown Advocate Nuno Santos Costa said that videos and CDs worth £10,144 had been stolen from the company and the man charged with their theft was sentenced in July.Police had searched a flat at Le Marais occupied by a friend of Carrel’s and when Carrel was searched there they had found a list in his jacket of CDs and DVDs.Advocate Santos Costa said that Carrel’s ‘criminal career’ had started in 1971, after which there had been 118 convictions.Sitting with Jurats Tibbo and King, the Deputy Bailiff, Michael Birt, described Carrel’s record as ‘appalling’.However, he said that because of the efforts Carrel had made to improve his life the court had decided to sentence him to community service to encourage him to continue that progress rather than go back to his old ways.

Article posted on 24th November, 2003 - 12.00am

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Anonymous said...

I know this is a different topic but,
Today Sky News, a comment from Jersey.
Posted by: trollfinder on April 12, 2011 12:02 PM
Trolls are nasty uncaring people, they have little remorse for their actions, there is a political troll in Jersey, and he targets the victims of child abuse and the Bloggers that question the government. He is actively protected by Jersey Data Protection and authorities at a high level.
Recently he overstepped the mark and made an abusive phone call to one of his victims, it was recorded, he was sent to court and fined, listen to the tape, google “my pet troll” its on you tube.

Come on people, we must pull together and overcome the oppression that is the Jersey establishment,

Zoompad said...

I won't be posting any abusive comments about myself, so if you want to waste your time submitting them go ahead, I don't care, as the more time you waste throwing insults at me the less you have to persecute other people.

Ian Evans said...


Anonymous said...

Google Gerald gardner

Anonymous said...

A crucial point is being missed here and I feel that the headline you have posted is deliberately misleading. Stuart Syvret was not jailed for protecting anyone. He was jailed for contempt of court. Anyone who deliberately fails to attend a court hearing is risking jail. So he was treated in exactly the same way as anyone else. I find it ironic that the court is beiing criticised for being even handed. Like it or not Carrel was clearly seen by the court as having tried to comply with the law, but having failed. Stuart Syvret, on the other hand, had not tried. That is the difference.

Zoompad said...

And who might you be? You sound like someone who has studied this case a great deal.

Let me make another point then. The only reason Stuart Syvret was in court in the first place was because 10 police officers went to his home without a warrent, to turn the place over, to find information about the horiffic child abuswe and possibly murder he had blown the whistle on.

Do you think it was right for the police to act in that manner? Should the police not have been working with Stuart Syvret, to try to prosecute the people who have abused innocent children? Was it right for the police to use their power to maliciously arrest this man and turn his home upside down, as Hollie Greigs home was also turned upside down?

Zoompad said...

I will give you a little bit of free advice Anonymous. You know how the Illuminati depends on ensnaring people, and bullies people into spying on each other, to cover up bad stuff and get away with wickedness? Well, the Lord does not need to do any of that. He just sees everything just as it is. And anyone who loves him can talk to him any time of day or night, and sometimes the Lord will whisper little secrets into their ears! Isn't that a wonderful thing!

I should think twice before posting here if I were you, if you want to keep your anonymity!

Zoompad said...

I think it drives these people crazy, the way the Lord does things. It is so unlike the way the Illuminati do things! They cannot understand the simplicity of the Lord's way of talking to his children, because it is too simple.

There are so many simple things that the Illuminati do not understand. One is a very simple thing that Jesus said to do. He told us to trust him. I do not think people in the Illuminati free masons can trust anyone, as they are all scared of being stabbed in the back. I feel sorry for anyone who is in the Illuminati, it must be a very nasty way to live, in total distrust and constant fear of being done in my your own associates. I am glad Jesus s ways are not the ways of the Illuminati

Anonymous said...

I take it 'these people' are some group I belong to?
Sorry-I don't.
I don't know who you are, Zoompad, and I am not asking. Like you value my anonymity at times.
I'm not posting here any more-not because of the reasons you allege (I've been a follower of Jesus since my teens and I'm now heading to be a grandfather) He whispers in my ear all the time.
You have said some outrageous things in those posts responding to my point (which was a general knowledge issue-that's just how courts work-most people know that).
And your threats, accusations and suggestions that I should 'think twice before posting here' are rude and offensive and your 'free advice' (gee, thanks) is an attempt to intimidate and undermine me. And this from a rights campaigner. Wow.
Not appreciated, Zoompad. I am in fact very upset by how you addressed me and although you will very likely dismiss me now, the truth remains that I find your words to me abusive.
One thing-how come one anonymous person promotes an occult author (Gardner) about which as a follower of Jesus you raise no comment but when I offer in a civil respectful fashion an interpretation of an event I incur such abuse? just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I thought it unlikely that you would post my response. Nor will you post this, I expect, so you can regard it as a message for you. which is offered in the hope that you can see how you upset me.
I am not part of anything sinister and the way you addressed me just upset an innocent person. Everything I know about the Carrel case I got from your blog. I haven't studied it a great deal, as you allege.I didn't even know about it until I read your blog. Please don't post a reply to this as i don't want to be involved. Please take a look at how you addressed me, calling me a part of 'the illuminati' and then calling in God as your enforcer. It was really horrid and I want to tell you that I felt that I had been subjected to snide unkindness. I don't hold it against you and forgive you. However the reason i only ever tentatively post on blogs connected with the 'Jersey way' etc is because people fire allegations at me that I am part of a cover up etc just because I dare to disagree or question some things. So this is a message to you urging you to consider how you spoke to me. It was not OK.
But I am.

Zoompad said...

The reason I did not post your response straight away is because I was having a nice day out.

I dont care about hutrting your feelings, why should I, you are stupid enough to come onto my blog anonymously and have a poke at a person I greatly esteem and respect, who has given up his career, his home and his happiness so that he could help peoiple like me, people who were raped and abused and reabused and reabused.

If you dont want me to get mad at you, then perhaps you should avoid coming onto my blog and making even slight criticism about Stuart Syvret. You just dont have that right.

As for my "threats", how silly you are! Thats no threat - its a promise! And if you truly were a Christian you would understand me very well, and you would rejoice about what I wrote, because it would mean that Jesus is indeed alive, which he is. If Jesus goes round silently and invisibly whispering things into the ears of a poor old woman like me, then surely that is something to rejoice about, for it means that the Word of God can be trusted with everything else!

Though if you are a member of the Illuminati I can see why you would not like what I wrote, or, come to think of it, what God wrote. Well, I can't help that, that is not my fault or concern is it?

Anonymous said...

Earlier I said I wasn't going to dignify that last post with a reply. But on reflection I felt it better to say something as i walk away.

What I won’t do is pick up your stones and throw them back at you. However I will gently tip them back over the fence into your territory, as I don't want them. You threw them at me, but they are not mine and I have no use for them.

If, as you say, as you say, you don't care about other people's feelings) then I am sad for you.

Although you appear to run a blog, from your response it appears more aptly described a fan club for Stuart Syvret. The invitation to the world is there to 'post a comment'. So I have the right to say what I think to be fair comment. You have the right not to publish it. I have the freedom to offer any view I think appropriate, and you are free to disagree.

However you are not free to decide who is and is not a Christian.

As to my anonymous post-unless you were born to Mr and Mrs Pad, and they named their child 'Zoom', (unlikely) you are anonymous too.

Because I dared to raise a comment about the (apparently, in your eyes, infallible and unassailable) Stuart Syvret I am immediately labeled a member of a secret society, an 'illuminatus' subject to your critical appraisal of my integrity, you tell me I am not a Christian , I am called 'stupid' 'silly' and you say you are 'mad at' me.

The irony is you are opposed (rightly) to the use of bullying tactics against people who speak up.
Then you proceed to speak in a way that leaves me feeling that i am being subjected to online bullying.... ironic to say the least.

I Googled 'Zoompad" and came across some posts on another forum. Here's what you said about someone taking a pop at others:
"Also, you ought to apologise to Jesus Christr (sic) for being so horrible to all those people. That’s what I would do if I were you."

So those who are horrible to other people should apologise-and that is what you would do? Really?

Go on, then. Oh, sorry. You also say don't care about my feelings. Wonder which statement is correct?

There is one thing I can agree with you about, though. It was indeed a very stupid decision indeed for me ever to post on this ‘blog’. I have now had a look around and apart from one or two exceptions ( another 'anonymous' and an Ian Evans), the only person posting on your 'blog' that I have found is you!!!! Why did I ever bother?

Zoompad said...

Don't ask me, because I don't know. Perhaps you were bored?

Zoompad said...

If you're that bored, why don't you go out into the garden and do some digging? Or knock on one of your neighbours houses and offer to do a bit of gardening or something for them, especially the old ones? It would do you far more good than coming onto this blog criticising my hero Stuart Syvret and getting a rollocking from me for doing so. It would be better for your self esteem, and healthy exercise as well.