Monday, 4 April 2011


I have just been sent this beautiful tribute to Princess Diana from a friend who dedicates her YouTube channel to the memory of this beautiful lady.

I am quite sure that if Diana was still alive she would certainly have been at the Trafalger Square rally yesterday, sharing the stage with Bill, Chris and everyone. She was a lovely person and cared very much about ordinary people. I remember how people were queuing to sign the books of condolences, and the carpet of flowers outside Buckingham Palace. I remember seeing people weeping in the streets. I also remember the wicked control freak government and phony christian leaders moaning about people grieving for what should have been their future Queen.

It's good to see this lady's little Youtube channel, because some things ought never to be forgotten.

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AndrewM1 said...

I think though that in many ways she was a 'tortured soul' looking for something but not knowing what. Her death still leaves far more questions than answers and it is perhaps best if we just remember the good things about her.