Saturday, 16 April 2011


Teresa Cooper is a very brave lady who wrote a book called "Pindown". That was how I came to know her, as it was the first time I had seen any book about the horrific Pindown children's home regime, of which I was also a victim.

Teresa was less fortunate than me, because she was repeatedly raped and sexually abused whilst in the not so loving care of Kent SS. The home she was in was being run by the Church of England, who have shares in the Glaxo pharmaceutical company, and Teresa and other children in that house of horrors were used as human lab rats.

Teresa and the other survivors are still waiting a proper apology from the Church of England. Knowing how stiff necked and arrogant those people are, it looks like they will all be waiting until the end of time - until the Lord returns. Come back quickly Lord Jesus!


Zoompad said...

The paedoscum have got to her. They have told her that Kendall House was nothing to do with the abuse at all the other Pondown children's "homes", and they have told her that the victims of the other Pindown homes (including myself) are greedy compensation seeking liars.

She's fallen for their lies. Thanks a bunch Teresa.

Divide and conquer, the old masonic device. But it wont work.

When she comes to her senses I will forgive her for the punch in the teeth she has given me, I do already. There's no point bin being angry with another victim of Pindown abuse, she's been to hell and back, she doesn't need any more crap. She'll realise what she's done one day.

Julie Ashmore said...

I was force fed haliperidol when I was in a Warwickshire care home in the 80's..It messed my head up and as a then training athlete and poet I had to give both up..Because of the drugs. Thank God my children were born healthy.