Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Saturday, June 11, 2011We'll be back!
As we are being missed so much by other bloggers like the chuckle brothers that call themselves 'Team Voice' and some States of Jersey Deputies we will be back in plenty of time for the October elections!

Amongst our future agenda items will be:

A look back at the time wasted and recorded stupid comments by some Deputies on subjects like the Napier Terms of Reference amongst other things;

A look back at the lack of work carried out by these same individuals during their term of office and why people shouldn't vote for them ever again;

A look back as to why none of these people will risk themselves on an Island Wide Vote;

We will be looking at the serial standers putting themselves forward 'again'.... Is it because some are unemployable elsewhere maybe?...

The 'new people' standing and their Manifestos and what they can deliver in real terms and what they cannot;

We will be having a really good chuckle at what the other blogs have been ranting about to date and the extremes they have even gone as reported back to us to get this Blog shut down during 2010....Including un-provable claims that so many people are involved in the cover up of child abuse though never actually taking any of this evidence to a proper Authority to take action because they make it all up.

But finally we will be updating our World Wide readers on our most avid reader whose side show has become one of the biggest clown acts Jersey has seen in the Courts/Politics ever!

So watch this space as we'll be back delivering the truth again very soon with some new writers and people in the 'know'!

Posted by Andy at 11:59 AM 4 comments:
Anonymous said...
Welcome back guys you've been missed!

June 15, 2011
Anonymous said...
Bring it on!

Trevor Pitman has been slanging off this Blog. Rico still talks about it and Ian has even built a parody of it.

You should do more posts like the one on Southern.

June 15, 2011
Andy said...

Gazza is no longer involved and we have two new Administrators joining us this week.

Before you ask retro comments have been removed as they are old news and we want to start from scratch as it’s a fresh blog but do not worry the theme which was a hit will continue.

First analysis of changes since we went offline on the Haut de la Garenne Murder Farce is not very much and the mainstream media no longer report on the story.

The cover-up rumour mongering has become so incessant with a couple of blogs it has become a farce on its own and you can see that the interest in the story has dwindled to only a few people regularly partaking in this fantasy.

Therefore we will mainly be concentrating on the next elections and we will not be pulling any punches.

June 15, 2011
Anonymous said...
These links to the other Blogs are about right.

The Bald Truth, is he really real?

June 15, 2011


Zoompad said...

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank you for helping all of us survivors of child abuse and anti child abuse campaigners. You have been very kind to us all. We have had such a journey, and this hidden wickedness that has gone on for many generations is being exposed. You have honoured us by allowing us to carry this burden. You detest child abuse, but I can see what you are doing, it is an amazing thing, you are using the SURVIVORS of child abuse to bring an end to the organised abuse rings! I am sorry I sometimes lose faith, Jesus. It's just that I cannot always see clearly what you are doing. It is a really amazing thing what you are doing.

Thank you for showing me the faces of the people who hate us so much. I don't want to call them our enemies, as we have done nothing to offend these people, apart from being abused and raped and speaking out about it instead of curling up and dying.

These people mock us, they persecute us. They try to get us put into prison. They hate us for no proper reason at all. They are your enemies, Jesus.

We can't fight these bullies, because they are too strong for us. They have connections in high places. But to you, they are like nothing at all. They are puny little men, and you are Almighty God.

So I am asking you to fight for us, to protect all us survivors of abuse and all the people like Stuart Syvret, Rico Sorda, Ian, Neil, Graham Power, Lenny Harper, Bob Hill and everyone else who devote so much energy and time into trying their best to make the Channel Islands and Great Britain a safer place for children.

I am asking you that if any of these wicked people tries to do any bad thing to any of us that you will not only reveal the truth but that the dark shadow falls onto their own lives instead. I ask this in your name, Jesus, so that everyone can see that you are who you are and not to be mocked.

Thank you dear Lord for hearing my prayer. xx

Zoompad said...

Jersey 130

United Kingdom 76

United States 50

Australia 10

Portugal 8

Canada 6

Germany 6

Russia 6

India 5

Ireland 4