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Council ‘tried to have horse trainer jailed’

Published on Thursday 28 April 2011 08:35

DONCASTER Council has been accused of trying to ‘imprison’ a woman for speaking in Westminster - as the row over the use of injunctions intensfied.

Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming used Parliamentary privilege to name the woman at the centre of the case as Vicky Haigh, aged 40, from Doncaster.

Mr Hemming told MPs: “Vicky Haigh, who is a horse trainer and previously a jockey, was the subject of an attempt by Doncaster Council to imprison her for speaking at a meeting in Parliament.

Mr Hemming said the court ordered she should not be jailed, but the terms of an injunction ‘gagging’ Ms Haigh prevent any further details being disclosed about why Doncaster Council took the unusual steps or the subject of her controversial Parliamentary speech.

Ms Haigh, who is due to give birth to her second child in three weeks, said she had spent more than £20,000 she had saved for her wedding this summer on defending herself in the High Court in London.

She added: “It has been so stressful.”

Mr Hemming, who previously used privilege to name former Royal Bank of Scotland chief Sir Fred Goodwin as the subject of a High Court super-injunction, revealed the case of Ms Haigh in Parliament as he spoke out about the use of injunctions, censorship and creeping privacy laws.

A council spokesman said: “This is a matter which is before the court and the council must keep this matter as confidential as it can to protect the individuals involved in the case.

“For that reason the council cannot comment further.”

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