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The removal of part D of the Napier report, they tried to cover up the illegal suspension of Graham Power. please listen very carefully to what Deputy Hill is saying in this video.

The criminal prosecution against me - initiated by William Bailhache - has plainly collapsed.

It was unlawful - a malicious prosecution.

Worse - so direct and immediate were his improper motives - the policing action he initiated - the raid, arrest, charging etc - was quite obviously - a criminal enterprise.

That is not some empty assessment of mine.

We now have affidavits from witnesses of no-less calibre and stature - than the former Chief Officer of the police - and the former Deputy Chief Officer of the police - both of which - in sworn testimony - powerfully indicate that William Bailhache is a criminal.

But - even without such direct and powerful evidence - the law says that public authorities - when making decisions - such as the decision to prosecute someone - MUST be objective, and fair, and not conflicted.

Therefore - the decisions of the Office Jersey Attorney General - and specifically, the decisions of William Bailhache - in respect of charging and prosecution against me - were - unlawful.

End of.

So - given Graham Power's affidavit - I, in order to - quite reasonably, and in accordance with my human rights - have this absurd, corrupt, malicious prosecution and oppression against me ended immediately - went to court to have the decisions of William Bailhache quashed.

I notified the court secretariat of this in proper time - sent them the relevant statement - and sent them copies of the affidavits of Mr Power and Mr. Harper - and said to them - quite specifically - that they would have to provide me with an objective and impartial judge - one who was not corrupt nor conflicted.

And that is not some unreasonable demand of mine - all people are entitled to a non-conflicted judge.

But they tried to tell me that I would have to wait until next Friday to make this urgent quashing application - because that was the earliest occasion upon which William and Philip Bailhache's and Michale Birt's friend - Christopher Pitchers - could get to Jersey.

Not good enough, I said - I want to have my quashing application rejected today - not next Friday.

So I went to court today - hoping that their hubris would win-out - as usual - and, sure enough - even though they knew I was coming to court to argue that the unlawful decisions of William Bailhache be quashed - they ensured that William Bailhache would be the judge.

Isn't that great?

I mean - really - you know?

How much would you have to pay to make that kind of thing happen in a law-abiding jurisdiction?

Perhaps they imagined his presence would - in some way - intimidate me - and deter me from pointing out that he is a criminal?

Hell - I long ago ceased to be surprised at the stupidity of these people.

Anyway - he argued that I would have to wait until his fiend could hear the application next Friday - and I argued - correctly - that if the Jersey judicial system could not provide me with a non-conflicted judge today - in accordance with Article 6 of the ECHR - then the Jersey judicial system was broken.

I'm right - he's wrong.

Now - I know - and they know - and they know that I know - and I know that they know that I know - that their criminal enterprise against me has collapsed.

And the spectacular self-immolation of the Jersey judicial system today just adds to that stark conclusion.

Samuel Beckett could have written the script.


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Zoompad said...

Jersey 101

United Kingdom 59

United States 33

Australia 6

India 6

Germany 5

Argentina 4

France 4

Belgium 3

Canada 3

Zoompad said...

Well now Stuart Syvret, that is proof that the world is watching, I think!

Zoompad said...

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...
Court events today were pretty much predictable.

Apart - apparently - from one thing.

But firstly - the initial points.

I asked at the outset if people could twitter from the court - which was accepted - so that's a whole new departure for the administration of justice in Jersey - a first, small step towards making justice more open in this island.

Next the recusal application was rejected - then we went into the strike-out application - whereby the oligarchy argue my case should be thrown-out - and I argue it should go to a full hearing.

And a full hearing would - of course - mean that we get into examining - in open court - the evidence of the conduct of Jersey's civil service in their concealing of child abuse - in 2007.

But - this is where a sense of surprise seemed to permeate proceedings - and I had to fend-off repeated attempts to define my argument - to rail-road it down a path not of my choosing.

I think the establishment were somewhat confused. They seemed to have believed their own propaganda - and expected me to base my argument on a claim that challenged the events in the States assembly - which would, of course, have been futile - as parliamentary privilege dictates that a court cannot challenge the internal decisions of a legislature.

I knew that of course - which is why this case has always been based upon the unlawful conduct of the senior civil servants - and the unlawful conduct of the defendants in failing to control those civil servants - and the consequent damage I suffered simply as an ordinary person, trying to conscientiously carry-out my duties.

So now they're going to have to rush-off and come up with a new reason for striking-out the application.

Because if they don't - then we get a full trial of the conduct of the civil servants and of the failures of the Chief Minister, States Employment Board and Attorney General - in oppressing me - with their motivation of concealing child abuse.

Really - the oligarchy arguments today had an air of desperation - of floundering - about them. They seemed taken aback at the straightforward simplicity of my argument.

But - regardless - one way or another - the child abuse cover-ups are going to be exposed.


Monday, 13 June 2011 21:27:00 GMT+01:00

Zoompad said...

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank you for taking good care of all of us.

Please, let your presence be felt in the Jersey court tomorrow. Please let these people who have done so much wrong see their own wickedness, so they might have a chance of turning away from it, and so be saved from the wrath to come.

Love Barbara xx