Monday, 30 January 2012


If you dozy bird brains are going to keep spying on me and hacking me, there's not really anything I can do to stop you.

But you are wasting your time if you are looking for contacts and stuff. The Lord shows me stuff. He can see everything all the time and doesn't need a computer.

You people ought to say you are sorry to the Lord, he's coming back soon you know. What on earth are you going to say to him when he comes back?

You lot need to think long and hard about that.


bill said...

how do you know that their hacking and spying on you it's not as though you know any state secrets bill

Zoompad said...

Every computer I use ends up virus ridden, and it does not make any difference what anti virus protection I use. I get signed out of my places that have been saved.

Plus they have openly boasted on a blog site about how easy I was to hack. I've told the police but they said they were too busy to look at my complaint and the evidence of them boasting about hacking me.

Zoompad said...

The state secret that I know is the use of Parental Alienation Syndrome and False Memory Syndrome being used in secret court sessions all over the UK, and the inventors of those two syndromes being American paedophiles. It was a state secret, but it isnt now, but the paedophiles want to try to make sure as few people as possible find out what is going on all over the UK.

Anonymous said...

I reckon its Ian Evans who is trying to hack your accounts. Told somebody he wants a photo of you naked.

Zoompad said...

I have decided to publish this comment. Clearly it is off someone who wants to cash in on my row with Ian Evans, over the Trafalger Square/enticement to commit perjury Brian Clare incident (still unresolved)

I don't think my computer problems have anything at all whatsoever to do with Ian Evans.

Zoompad said...

With the help of my new anti virus software I have just erased two Trojan viruses from my computer, and the source was namastepublishing.

Anon said...

Hope you are well and that your computer is now working properly.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoompad,

First thing is, I am posting here as a friend. (genuinely)

I have been reading your posts on the Robert Green Blog.

I believe you 100% in your accounts about your history of terrible abuse.

It is also easy to see that you are a genuine and good person with a truly good heart.

(A little about me now: I have suffered from abuse but not physical/sexual but more mental abuse and consider myself a recovering victim and have a similar good heart to you. We are both somewhat damaged by our bad experiences of others who I believe are evil. You are right to use this word too because they are evil)

Now, If I may, I would like to offer my observations to you in the spirit of my hand in support?

My observations come from knowing the signs from my past experience.

I do not know you but you share so freely and honestly in your posts that I recognise the truth in you and it has been genuinely painful to see what has been happening to you (I'm actually crying writing this, it upsets me so much)

There are several people who have been posting on Robert's Blog who have been taking advantage of your good, open, honest and trusting nature.

Make no mistake these people are evil.

I also noticed, when trying to figure out how to contact you that some more evil paople are tormenting you on your own Blog.

They are all despicable people who threatened by the good in Hollie Greig, Robert Green, You and me.

Pyro - from fire (a play on words is the Devil - he is likening himself to the Devil! and laughing about it)

Mr Matt Quinn - very peculiar behaviour don't you think from someone who claims to detest paedofiles?

They have been playing with your sensibilities and taking advantage of your trust.

Please read just their posts over the past few days on the Robert Green Blog and I am sure you will see their venom and spite? and see them for what they are?

(I met Robert in 2008, when he spoke publicly for the first time about Hollies plight. I was horrified and felt physically sick for the pain and hurt for Hollie. However, I looked into Robert Green's eyes on that day and knew that Hollie had hope as the man was full of compassion and selflessness. He was then and remains today 100% solemly in support of Hollie's right to get justice and has forsaken his own life and family for this path. I have tremendous admiration for him for this difficult path he has chosen)

In my life experience (what has happened to me) my Mum is always saying I have had a difficult cross to bear (Mum is very spiritually aware) but when I look at Robert Green and see the sacrifices he has made, knowing that during this fight for justice that those evil souls out there would attack him fiercer and fiercer, he has maintained his dignity and resolve, then I am reassured that there is good in this world (sorry, I'm in tears again)

Us good people need to stick together, there are too few of us and we are becoming less and less.

Please remember that for every bad person who has acted against you and still seek to continue to torment you, there are good souls who are praying for you and sending their love to help you banish the bad ones away. Even if the good ones are not as vocal as the bad ones, they are still there for you.

I've said my bit and hope you have taken solace from my words.

I hope you agree that Robert & Hollie is worthy of your continuing support and the more good, positive posts, will keep those bad souls at bay.



Zoompad said...

Dear N,

Thanks xx

I just want answers to my own questions. I want to know why so many people have told me to shut up about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager, for one thing. Also, John Hemming - if he is that concerned about child abuse why has he been so quiet about the Colin Tucker scandal, when it's right in his back yard? And why are so many people unconcerned about that?

I just want people to stop creeping around and be straight and true - and I don't think that is too much to ask.