Thursday, 19 January 2012


When I was young I spent about a month learning the opening of this piece. I don't know how he manages to play it so fast!

I learned to play this when I was young, and impressed my friends at school, but probably encouraged the bullies to pick a fight with me, which ended my school days because I belted them back and ended up getting big stones thrown at me and Mum wouldn't let me go to that school any more and got me into college instead.

I just like to listen to this, he makes his guitar sing the blues

Listen to the end of this track - you can hear the sea in this song.


George said...

Aah the guitars ... you've brought back memories Zoomy ..

I've got one for you.
I just couldn't get away from his sound for years but you need a good sound system really to appreciate it as he's using a 10 string guitar.

His name was Narciso Yepes and the piece I chose for you is 'The Cathedral'.
I hope you enjoy it and if you think it's too slow go to 2.10.

Narciso Yepes

A13 said...

beautiful stuff zoomy :)
love it..
All the best to you and yours.
Cheers A13

Zoompad said...

I told you Troll, I won't be publishing any more of your sad comments, so you are completly wasting your time.

To compare Gary Glitter with these musicians in my opinion is like comparing a piece of snot to a diamond. But I suppose everyone is entitled to their own taste.

Anon said...

Very good!

- Aangirfan