Monday, 16 January 2012


Like I said, I'm not publishing any more of your nasty hate filled comments. I have however spent about 5 minuites (that's all you are worth of my precious time) penning a little song specially for you.


In my inbox, every day
What's the insult for today?
Adding hate comments to all of my posts
Sending it via Google, the host

Telling me I've got no brain
Hassling me again and again
Calling me "nutter", "a freak" and "a slag"
Telling me I'm just a stupid old bag

Oh Haworth!
You troll and you troll without ceasing
Every day
Oh Haworth!
I won't post any more of your bleating
And I wish you Good day
Now go away.


Anonymous said...

Oh Haworth! What kind of song is that? You really are messed up like a fruitcake. I think it's time they took your blog down, you are a danger to the public and need medication.

Zoompad said...

Well, I showed my blog to Stafford Police, unfortunatly they are (predictably) not going to do anything the hate crime you have committed.

So, for now, it looks as thought you are going to get away with that, plus the two cowards from Rentathug who smashed my 80 year old mothers broken window have not been punished.

We have no proper justice system in this country or in Jersey, because bad people either get away with stuff such as making death threats, or get just a tiny little slap on the wrist. But there will come a day soon that the wicked lose their licence to be a damned nuisence, and that day cannot come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, I dont remember how the whole song goes but the chorus is great.

To anon at one you speak like a twat and lets be honest you are a twat.