Wednesday, 22 February 2012



Anon said...

Vote fraud is everywhere.

- Aangirfan

bill said...

theirs hardly any difference in any of the political
party's non of them can solve the problems that are facing society like the fact that young people are out of work and in all probabilities will never get a job and if they do it will be on a low wage it would appear that the only people doing well are our so called leaders all of them living on expense account's funded by the taxpayer bill

Zoompad said...

Well, I think I ought to post up the letter I sent to David Cameron before he became the Prime Minister.

He reminds me of the cuckoo, because cuckoos change their song, and that is what he did after he got his feet through the front door of number 10.

There was an air of optimism in the country before he became PM, and in the letter I told him that people would give him a chance to prove himself, and if he was a good PM the people of the UK would love him for it.

But he has attacked the poorest and weakest in the UK, and everywhere I go all I am hearing is how much people hate him now! People see him as arrogant and out of touch with ordinary people.

A good leader can do amazing things, even in the most dire circumstances. I think of the story of Ernest Shackleton, who managed to get the whole party of explorers back home, without losing a single man. He must have been an excellent leader, to be able to keep the morale of those men positive.

Attacking disabled and poor people frightens everyone. That is not good leadership at all.

If David Cameron wants to save money, then the first thing he should be doing is to abolish every one of the moneydraining secret star chamber courts instantly. That would save £billions straight away. Those ridiculous courts are wrecking families, they do absolutly nothing at all to help any of the families that they torture. If all the knaves who are operating their schemes were investigated for fraud, perjury and human trafficking (as they should be) and if found guilty, not sent to prison, but made to work on one of those workfare Tesco schemes, and their assets stripped and given to the people whose lives they have destroyed, David Cameron would not only be a national hero, but I would personally volunteer to lend my own shoulder to carry him through the streets of London in a parade of celebration!!!

Zoompad said...


I won't be posting your spiteful comment about those two decent people you and your grubby child abuse covering up friends are trying to smear.

Zoompad said...

I do beg your pardon.

Yes, I have seen Stuarts post about him.

But the other person you mentioned, I won't post your comments, because the allegations about that person were from a political agenda, rather than from genuine concerns about corruption.

Zoompad said...

I didn't read what you wrote properly and thought you were alluding to someone else.

Gazza said...

When we bring the famous Farce Blog back next month you don't mind us doing a story on all your mental health issues do you?

Zoompad said...

Well, if you want to break the law yet again by committing more hate crime, how do you expect someone like me to be able to stop you? After all, you seem have some of the wickedest and most powerful men in the British Isles at your beck and call, judging by the way you seem to be immune to prosecution for breaking the laws of the land.

I will tell you this much though. The more you persecute and harass me, the more you will expose yourself and your wicked protectors, and one day you and your wicked protectors will be brought to justice. You are going to go to jail for what you have done one day.

Zoompad said...

For the record, I absolutly forbid you to do a blog posting about my mental health problems (caused by institutional abuse and unlawful and persistant harassment)

I am stating that for legal purposes, so that it is very clear to everyone that you do not have my permission to do a blog post about my medical condition. I want it to be absolutly clear to everyone.

Gazza said...

You should of thought of that before you brought attention to yourself.

Gazza :-x

Zoompad said...

I brought attention to myself to try to stop the unlawful vindictive malicious persecution I was being subjected to.

If you want to break the law again, by committing hate crime against me, then I can't very well stop you, but what I can and will do is to make sure you suffer the full penelty for the continuation of your criminal acts against myself.

Zoompad said...

Every time you post your nastiness and threats on my blog you leave behind an electronic footprint.

I can't check that electronic footprint, as for me to do so, even if I had the technical expertise to do so, which I don't, would be against the law. But the police can do it.

Just because you are pally with some criminals in uniform who have managed to wangle and con their way into top positions of authority you should not assume that those wicked people are untouchable and beyond the reach of the law.

Most police officers are decent law abiding people, who get very upset with people who smear their profession with corruption.

You would be wise to leave me well alone, as I have the Lord Jesus Christ protecting me, wheras you only have some very corrupt politicians and a few bent policemen.

Zoompad said...

But I remember, you mock the Lord God. You despise him, and his teachings, and you call me a Nutter for reading and believing the Holy Bible.

Zoompad said...

Perhaps you shouldn't post anything else on Robert Green's blog. I would stop reading it if I were you, obviously it's upsetting you to read the posts on there.