Wednesday, 15 February 2012




Zoompad said...

I am the lady in the orange dress. I had nothing at all to do with the planning of this event, or the making of the bright orange banner.

I was, I believe, the first person in the UK who exposed the two American paedophile psychologists, Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager. I was hounded and harassed on the website Mothers for Justice by people caught up in the Operation Ore police investigation for doing so. I was called all sorts of nasty names, man hater, lesbian, religious bigot, nutter, because the people who had wangled their way into the admin did not want me to post the truth about those two dead American paedophiles.

I would like to know who funded the Child Stealing By The State conference in Stafford from where this photograph was taken.

I would also like to know who was responsible for designing and paying for that orange banner.

Zoompad said...

The person who is credited with setting up that event is in the photograph, but I am not allowed to mention her name, as she is also the person who sent Stafford police round to my house to falsely accuse me of sending her malicious emails.

I do not believe that lady had the means to organise that event by herself at all. There was free food at drink at that event and I do not believe that she could have paid for it all, plus paid for the hall.

I would like to know the real reason this event was organised, as it certainly was nothing to do with child protection.

Zoompad said...

I thought I was amongst friends at that event. I thought that the people in that photograph were all people trying to stop institutional child abuse.

How can anyone who was at that event be pretending not to know who I am? They all knew I would be wearing that very bright outfit. Did they commission that banner in that colour on purpose? Why was I positioned right in the centre of the photograph?

Anon said...

Buddhists wear orange.

- Aangirfan

Zoompad said...

I realise that now, but at the time I didn't.

That patchwork dress - it was made from two sorts of materiel. The yellow was some materiel that had been dumped, and given to me, and I thought it would make a good vicars outfit for the red balloon mothers for Justice Mothers Day rally that we held as near to Downing Street as we were allowed to get. the idea was to burst 29 red balloons for the 29 children that Womens Aid had been talking about having died as a result of the family courts incompetence. But Sally Clark died that week so we added an extra balloon for her.

The orange materiel came from a market stall on every Saturday that the weather is fine enough that an old lady runs to raise money for Greenpeace. When I decided to not wear that vicar outfir any more to rallies, (I felt the Lord didn't want me to wear it any more, in case I got funny ideas about myself being some sort of holy personage, you can get a bit funny like that when you are campaigning against something so evil) I chopped it up and decided to incorporate it into a skirt. I didn't realise it was the colour Buddists wear, but I did know it is a colour that some colour therapists choose to help depressed people, and that orange oil is a tonic against depression, some people call it the happy oil.

George said...

Embed the video with your speech Zoomy

Zoompad said...

God bless you George, that's a good idea, thanks xx

Zoompad said...

I said the skirt was made out of two sorts of materiel. I forgot about the old curtains that my neighbour gave me! Three sorts of materiel. I just cut big rectangles out of them and sewed them together. I wanted to make something so that if any of the persecuted women on Mothers for Justice came to any of the rallies they would be able to spot me straight away. I know there were people on Mothers for Justice who were too terrified to post anything on the forum. The lady who was running Mothers for Justice was getting women in tears phoning her up, and I was getting desperate people posting private messages asking me to help them. I didn't put my phone number up, or else I probably would have got phone calls as well. It makes me so angry that the Orees wormed their way onto that site. The lady who set that site up was desperatly trying to help other women, she is such a good kind woman.

Zoompad said...

One day everything those horrible people have done will be fully exposed and people will be able to see it all.

Zoompad said...

I know their game plan now. That bloody MI5 bitch, she sidled up to me, she gained my confidence.

What was meant to happen is that I ended up in prison like Robert Green. They were feeding me with propaganda, and they were wanting me to make malicious statements about innocent people. But I didnt.

They are as crafty and malicious as hell. I am so glad the Lord kept me safe, that He took care of me when they surrounded me. Praise to the Lord, who watches over the little sparrows!

Zoompad said...

The lady who set up Mothers for Justice had 5 comnputers hacked. She was paying for the website and those bloody malicious evil scum bags were having the biggest laugh ever. They thought they were untouchable, that noone would ever find out what they were doing.

They forgot that the Lord can see everything!

The Lord used me, because I kept close to him, I didnt know what the Lord was doing. I got mad at the Lord, I kept thinking he had forgotten about me, and I was scared, but he hadn't. He looked after me when I was surrounded by some of the nastiest people on the planet. It was like I was in a pit of snakes, and the Lord kept me safe. Thank you Jesus!