Tuesday, 14 February 2012


They are at it again. 5.35pm, another silent withheld number phone call.

Just posting this for my own protection. Sick of it.


Zoompad said...

And another one, 7.15.

Cowardly morons.

Zoompad said...

Checking up to see if I am in.

Creepy cowardly morons.

Zoompad said...

Hee hee, I have a very loud whistle ready by the phone for the next time they do a creepy phone call.

Anonymous said...

Here in Jersey if you dial *227# it will from then on block any Number Withheld calls from getting through. The caller just hears a message saying you're not accepting calls with such blocked numbers.
It's free (JT).

Does your phone co provide such a thing?

Anon said...

We all get these sometimes; but they stop when we ignore them and don't mention them.

When I get calls from call centres in India, on the other hand, I always ask about the weather in Mumbai; and I ask if they think Sonia Gandhi is an MK ULTRA victim.

- Aangirfan

Zoompad said...

Well, I have had another one, at 11.17. I also had a cold call at 1.14 but it was different from the other creepy silent calls, in as much as a man with a foreign accent actually spoke to me, trying to sell me something or other.

It's the creepy silent calls that I am grumbling about rather than the cold callers, they are a nuicence as well, but not creepy.

Zoompad said...

I will get on to my telephone company and ask them to block withheld number calls, thanks

Anonymous said...

Silent calls are usually from "Cold Calling" call centres. To squeeze as much productivity as possible out of the battery hen like workers, they have an automated system that dials numbers, and answered calls go into a queue so that the workers just pick up the next open line, without having to waste time dialling themselves.
It often means that a silent call results, because no-one at the centre connects and completes the call.
Unfortunately, some call centres are international calls with numbers withheld, and still get through the Number Block - JT says the number block may only work for local/UK calls.

Zoompad said...

They want me to pay £2.50 a month to block out the calls! I won't be doing that, I will just blow my whistle down instead, if I get any more of the creepy silent ones.

Zoompad said...

I think it is people doing the silent calls.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried registering with 'Silent call Guard'?

Call them on 0844 3722325. It's free!

My number is ex-directory, registered with Telephone Preference Service and Silent Call Guard. (All free)

My rubbish calls have dropped by about 97%

Give it a try. Good luck

bill said...

their trying to scare you cowardly morons don't give in to them and don't let it get to you best wishes bill

Zoompad said...

The silent phone calls have stopped again. The 11.17 one I had two days ago is the last one.

I wonder if they are scared of the football whistle?