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This is the WIKI entry for Hugh Fraser (in case it ever gets altered, as Lord McPaedopines entry was!)

Also, according to Anthony Sampson in his book ANATOMY OF BRITAIN TODAY, Hugh Fraser was appointed by Nathan Rothchild (p453, chapter titled Insurance, page titled "Just a Jolly Good Club") to be one of the "The Alliance", along with Selwyn Lloyd and the Duke of Devonshire.

Anyway, here is that Wiki entry for Hugh Fraser:

Hugh Fraser (politician)

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For other people named Hugh Fraser, see Hugh Fraser (disambiguation).

Major The Hon. Sir Hugh Charles Patrick Joseph Fraser MBE (23 January 1918 – 6 March 1984) was a British Conservative politician and first husband of the author Lady Antonia Fraser.

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[edit] Life and work

[edit] Youth and military career

Fraser was a younger son of the 14th Lord Lovat and a prominent Roman Catholic.

He was educated at Ampleforth College and Balliol College, Oxford, where he was President of the Oxford Union, and at the Sorbonne. He was commissioned into the Lovat Scouts in 1936. Fraser served in GHQ Liaison Regiment. Lieut. Fraser was promoted to temporary Captain wef 14 April 1942 and became second in command of ‘C’ Squadron. On 11 September 1943, ‘E’ Squadron commanded by Maj. Fraser embarked on HMS Aurora for Taranto, Italy, but it was allowed just four Jeeps fitted with Radio. In June 1944, he was serving with 'F' Squadron. On 22 October 1944, he was serving in ‘F’ Squadron.[clarification needed] In November 1944, he was posted to IS9 as an Intelligence Officer.

Fraser was appointed MBE: "In February, March and April of this year, he was responsible for planning and organising infiltration and evacuation operations in Southern Holland. Throughout, his work with IS 9 (WEA) has been outstanding, and his powers of leadership and sympathetic handling of agents have largely contributed to the success the operational teams have had during the past months."[citation needed]

Fraser was awarded the 1940 Belgian Croix de Guerre with palm: "Capt Fraser was dropped by parachute near Somleuz in the Ardennes on 1 Sept 1944 to act as Liaison Officer between HQ SAS Troops and the Commander of Zone the Belgian Arme Secrete in whose zone SAS parties if the Belgian SAS Regt were then operating. The Armee Secrete in the Ardennes was very short of arms and it was largely as a result of Capt Fraser's efforts that some 2000 arms were dropped to them in the next three weeks. He also organised the supply of local guides and of intelligence to the advancing US forces. From October 1944 until March 1945 Capt Fraser was in charge of an I.S. 9 Field Section in the Canadian Army sector in Holland where he did valuable work in arranging the exfiltration of allied evaders collected by Lt Kirschen (Belgian SAS Regt operation Fabian) in the Velune district."[citation needed]

Capt. Fraser was entitled to the 1939-45 Star, the Africa Star with First Army clasp, Italy Star, the France and Germany Star and 1939-45 War Medal.[citation needed]

[edit] Political career

Fraser was elected Member of Parliament for Stone in 1945, later Stafford and Stone following constituency boundary changes, from 1950 until 1983, and then Stafford again until his death. He served as an MP continuously from 1945 until 1984 but did not become Father of the House as he was sworn in as an MP on 15 August 1945 while James Callaghan had been sworn in on 2 August 1945 and so he, rather than Fraser, became Father following the 1983 election. He was Parliamentary Private Secretary to Oliver Lyttelton (1951–54), a junior minister in the War Office (1958–60) and Colonial Office (1960–62), and Secretary of State for Air (1962–64). He was an unsuccessful candidate in the Conservative Party's 1975 leadership election, gaining 16 votes in the first round challenging incumbent Edward Heath, with the leadership eventually being won by Margaret Thatcher.

[edit] Private life

Fraser married the future author Lady Antonia Pakenham, daughter of the Earl and Countess of Longford, on 25 September 1956. They had six children, Benjamin, Damian, Orlando, Rebecca, Flora and Natasha. In 1975, while she was still married to him, Lady Antonia Fraser met and started living with playwright Harold Pinter, who was also married at the time. The Frasers divorced in 1977; Lady Antonia married Pinter in 1980 when his divorce became final.

Sir Hugh was the intended target of an IRA car bomb on 23 October 1975.[1] The bomb had been fitted to one of the Fraser's cars outside their house at Campden Hill Square, London, W8. A noted cancer researcher, Professor Gordon Hamilton-Fairley, was walking past the car when the bomb exploded prematurely, killing Hamilton-Fairley immediately.

[edit] Death

Sir Hugh Fraser remained in parliament until his death from lung cancer in March 1984, aged 66. Bill Cash retained the seat for the Tories at the by-election two months later.

[edit] References

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[edit] External links
Hansard 1803–2005: contributions in Parliament by Sir Hugh Fraser

Parliament of the United Kingdom

Preceded by
Sir Joseph Lamb

Member of Parliament for Stone
1945 – 1950

Constituency abolished

New constituency

Member of Parliament for Stafford and Stone
1950 – 1983

Constituency abolished

New constituency

Member of Parliament for Stafford
1983 – 1984

Succeeded by
Bill Cash

Political offices

Preceded by
Julian Amery

Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies
1960 – 1962

Succeeded by
Nigel Fisher

v ·
t ·

Conservative Party leadership election, 1975

Outgoing Leader: Edward Heath

Hugh Fraser ·
Edward Heath ·
Geoffrey Howe ·
John Peyton ·
James Prior ·
Margaret Thatcher ·
William Whitelaw


Zoompad said...

"in case it ever gets altered, as Lord McPaedopines entry was!)"

Just to make myself clear, I am not making any presumptious statement at all about Hugh Frasers character. I am just pointing out that Wikipedia entries are being altered to cover up stuff that certain individuals do not want the ordinary people to know about!

Zoompad said...

I am one of the Staffordshire Pindown child abuse victims, and have been treated like a lump of shit ever since I was abused in "care", presumably to cover up the vile way I was treated, I think the idea was that I was supposed to have been driven to take my own life, which I can assure you, I never will.

So this stuff in the past really matters to me. I want to know who did what, and why. Its personal!

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoompad,

Recently news has come out that an Oxford graduate, Dr Suzanne Dow who tragically committed suicide was the victim of historic child abuse, the verdict of the coroner was the abuse she suffered was the cause of her death.

Don't take my word for it, it was in the east Anglian daily times last thursday, and I believe the daily mail Friday or Saturday.

The man who caused her death and who abused her is still out there.

I believe people are now reading this blog, who want to arrest or speak to us posters.

Understand this, if you want to speak to anyone, ask, publically on here, don't start getting court orders, it will get you nowhere, you know what is being said is true, understand this also, no one is going away, we are still here, still fighting, and will never stop until the danger to children from organized abuse gangs stops.

Start speaking to people, we know more than is posted currently on this blog.

A friend

Zoompad said...

Thanks, I didn't know about this.

I do know that evil people working for councils do target child abuse survivors for the sort of malicious vindictive persecution as described above - and I know that first hand because it happened to me a few years ago - Staffordshire County Council moved a notorious family of druggies next door to me, it was horrible living next door to them, it all ended with a 15 year old girl going missing and the police having to search for her, knocking on all our doors asking if we knew where she was. That family was moved next door to me on purpose, they had young kids coming and going as well, whilest I was fighting a horrible battle to keep my son safe, from the Secret Family Courts, me being falsely accused of something a paedophile made up, Parental Alienation Syndrome, these druggies were taking up thge floorboards to hide their drug stash at 3.00am in the morning (I know that because the neighbours that moved in afterwards found a massive hole in the floorboards and drugs paraphanalia in it, and the neighbours from hell had woke me up making the hole one night with power tools at 3.00 in the morning, which is not a very sociable time to be doing DIY)and I have good reason to believe that the Council knew damned well what those people were doing, plus the danger to those children that they were exposed to!

Zoompad said...

The Freemasons of Staffordshire and Warwickshire (Coven Tree!!!) united to persecute me to hell and back. Thats what they do to people like me, people who fight their corner instead of laying down and dying, like the good little idiot I was supposed to be. They wanted me dead, suicided, or criminalised, they wanted to shut me up about Pindown. Its so fucking evil what they did.

The best of it is, I wasn't even any threat to them in the first place - all I wanted was an apology, and to be allowed to live my life quietly, and they wouldn't leave me alone - so I fought like a tiger, as real mums do - to protect my family!

Zoompad said...

"I believe people are now reading this blog, who want to arrest or speak to us posters."

The BBC have covered up Pindown, tried to, and persecuted the victims.

They can go and confess what they have done, the Niel Morrissey "Care Home Kid" mockumentary was a fucking disgrace.

The Staffordshire Police attempt to falsify my documents was an insult to my intellegence. They couldn't even be arsed to do a proper job of the cover up - Keystone Kops comes to mind when I think about that little fiasco!

Zoompad said...

"The police treated this incident with little interest, and when I suggested that my neighbours might be responsible, and asked that they speak to them about it, the police simply replied 'Can’t you go round, love?’. This exchange set the tone for my dealings with the police ever since. "

That is exactly how Staffordshire Police treated me. They actually asked me to put 3 of them up overnight, when one of them went beserk with a knife, a few Christmasses ago, after 3 of them came banging on my door in the early hours of Christmas day.

Zoompad said...

"After the long struggle to ensure that Mr Robinson was given a 'red warning’ ... I have just been informed that he has been advised that he will soon be served with a 'notice of eviction’ which entails a further 12 months’ 'last chance’. I find this to be staggeringly lenient as a way of dealing with someone who is known by the police to be using and dealing drugs within the property, who has a history of violence and theft, and after I have for three long years been subjected to theft, verbal abuse and harassment, criminal damage to my property and now threats of violence. "

The Freemasons have their Rentathugs, that they can inflict onto people like me, people they want to silence permenantly. They've been getting away with this sort of crap for years.

Anonymous said...

Right from the start of that case you can see the a abuse Dr Dow suffered was covered up, and yes, strangely I myself suffered from nuisance neighbours for a while, it's a standard trick used against abuse survivors.

Only thing this, Dr Dow is an Oxford graduate, has a memorial fund in her name, was well known, it's not going to go away now.

The press at one point tried to say it was the neighbours who caused the suicide, it wasn't, the coroner himself said it was the abuse.

Over twenty years after the abuse, Dr Dow was murdered by her abuser as far as I'm concerned.

Her abuser remains in the Suffolk community today.

The 90 odd victims of oakwood school remain in limbo whilst legal action goes through.

The victims of St georges seek closure.

The thousands (yes thousands) of other victims in Suffolk are coming forward whilst the police desperately try to cover up what's going on.

There are still victims now, who continue to be abused zoompad.

Remember the police are coming to silence us, with their stories and assurances, they want us to stop posting.

Please don't be manipulated, this is too important for that.

A friend

Zoompad said...

I will do my best, thats all I can do, just keep on telling the truth, like a broken record. If the police start hassling me for simply telling the truth, then everyone is going to see that for what it is, more harassment and persecution. Thats up to them, if they decide to harrass me some more. They know what they've done, and more harassment and persecution isn't going to put anything right, for me or for them!

The paedophile gangsters have wormed their way to the top of all institutions, including the police. Its up to the police to sort themselves out, they need to clean out their own Augean stables, from the top down, starting with the politicians who are mucking about with the laws of the land in order to cover up institutional child abuse and murder.

Zoompad said...

I know theres still victims, the paedophiles are getting them via the Secret Family Courts "protection" orders.

I've just been reading about Liam Lucas, absolutly disgusted but not at all surprised.