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I am one of the Staffordshire Pindown child abuse survivors, and we Pindown children have been deliberatly and systematically persecuted by MI5. My late solicitor, Richard Wise of Glebe St SOT told me that, his last acts of kindness on this earth were getting as many women who had been jailed for crimes of poverty - non payment of BBC TV licence fees, non payment of Poll Tax ect, out of jail because of this. And he died very suddenly, not how the local newspaper said he died in the tiny weeny little space that they gave to his death.

John Hemming MP pretends to help people like me, but the reality is he does no such thing, he was on a website called Mothers for Justice pretending to care about people who were being persecuted in the Secret Family Courts, but the stange thing was, he was only interested in the MSBP cases and never the PAS cases, and when I told him who invented PAS (Richard Gardner an American paedophile) he didn't want to know!

There were other people on MFJ, friends of Hemming who were doing the same thing. Paul Randle Jolliffe, Ian Josephs of Monaco (Oxford school chum and business partner of Michael Heseltine), Nigel Oldfield (convicted paedophile) were also there, and they attacked me on that blog because I kept posting the truth about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager both being paedophiles and both founder members of the FMSF (the BFMS is part of that paedophile network, both these horrible organisations are registered with the Charity Commission)


Zoompad said...

John Hemming MP works for the Military Secret Services, as does David Rose (Daily Mail journalist) and as did Jimmy Saville OBE!

Anonymous said...

this is a friend

I am ok but laying low, I was found and was harrased by police, they ended up in the back garden of a house I was working at

It's been hell and lots happened I have been let down by thode I trusted, it's ok.

I didn't kill mused because it's not gods will and I promused to have your back at all times

I am here always reading always here I shall post more when ready, please carry on Barbara I am here we all are

A friend

Anonymous said...
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Zoompad said...

I can't post two of the comments, but yes, the systematic abuse and cover up is massive, I don't know anything about Oakwood yet, is it something to do with them beingcaged at Peterhead Prison? Thats what came up on a Google search, and I know stuff about paedophile gangsters is being removed by Google leaving a sort of shell behind (dont know the technical term for it)

GOD will look after us victims of abuse and persecution, thats who I put my trust in, I have been let down so many times by so many people and agencies. He won't allow me to be destroyed, and I know that every time I get attacked by them they leave a trail behind, like a snail trail.

The wicked ones are using Gods power and authority, they snook into the church, they pretend to be Christians but they dont even believe in God. They will fall onto their own swords without any help from you or me!

Zoompad said...

I removed that other link because it led to Hotmail, just send the actual comment, if you want to, copy and pasted

Zoompad said...

"I didn't kill mused because it's not gods will "

I don't know what you are talking about here, but you are right saying that it isn't Gods will, Jesus Christ said we weren't to kill or do any harm to anyone.

Yet still people use the banner of God to lift up weapons against one another.

MIPaedo think they have a Licence to Kill, just as in James Bond films. When I was a young girl I was confused by this, and thought it was true, but as I got older it didn't make any sense, Remembrance Day makes sense to me, to remember the fallen soldiers in the war, never to glorify it, but to simply remember it as a time of sorrow and mourning for the wickedness of the fallen human race, so far away from God.

We should never seek to hurt one another, thats what Jesus message says to my heart.

Paedophiles are made that way from being abused themselves. They will go to hell if they don't repent - they are already in hell inside their own bodies. They need to repent and beg God to forgive them their crimes against children and victims of abuse, and ask God to heal them. God can heal anyone, if they humbly ask him, and have faith in him.

The Police and Governments and all authorities should be arresting ALL the paedophile gangsters, but the trouble is, the paedophile gangsters are crafty as snakes, they play tricks.

We who were abused need to tell what happened, we need to simply tell the truth. We must NEVER EVER take the law into our own hands, if David the Shepherd Boy and Jesus Christ refused to, then neither should we!

Zoompad said...

Please dont anyone follow me, I'm not a good person, I get angry and have faults, just like anyone else, Jesus Christ is the one to follow, not me, I am just a woman who got abused as a child who is too stubborn to push it all under the carpet.

Zoompad said...

My advice to other victims of institutional abuse is to keep telling what they have done to you.

Do your own blog, and make a record of the abuse, also keep a diary of the abuse.

Some people seem to be able to push the stuff under the carpet, but I just couldn't, it would have driven me insane I think if I had done that, how on earth can someone stay sane and be forced to pretend that all the stuff that happened to them as a child was all their own fault? I couldn't do it, so I have been forced to have all my life exposed, and I feel like a goldfish in a bowl.

Zoompad said...

And I have been targetted by the paedophiles because of that, because they are so utterly ruthless and cruel, they will go for their victims again and again and again, not realising that they are exposing their own wicked selves by doing so!

That is what I mean by them falling onto their own swords.

Anonymous said...

I dont give a monkeys if jews and homosexuals shaout and rant, it wont stop me exposing the filthy deeds.
i have no sympathy for soldiers in the war, they joined up to kill people, and they just got it back thats all, and the recent publicity about how british soldiers behaved with rape and torture, makes me full of disgust for them

Anonymous said...

I dont know if people know but when child molesters go to prison, they are given a very rough ride, when dr harold shipman went to prison for killing and robbing 250 women, some experts said it was twice that, and like fellow jew jimmy savile he would at times rape the bodies, my brother in law was in the same prison, and he said a bunch of gays got in to shipmans cell and gang raped him, he did not like that and killed himself next day

Anonymous said...

please sign this petition to stop gay porno films shown in schools

Zoompad said...

I have sympathy for the soldiers though, they're only boys looking for work when they join up, and a lot are good boys when they join up.

My Grandad fought in two world wars, and I know he did it because he loved his country, how can I not have any sympathy for the soldiers when my own Grandad was one of them, in two wars?

How can I condemn people for killing bad men? I don't have any right to pass that sort of judgement on people. I can't see everything that happens, I'm not God! All I know is what the Bible says about it all, and what has happened to me in my own little corner.

There shouldn't really be any wars at all, but I remember what my dad always used to say if we complained about bullies at school, he told us never ever to start a fight, but if someone else started thumping us to make sure we were the ones to finish it! My dad avoided the church and vicars and he only went for hatches matches and dispaches, so thats not biblical, but I suppose thats probably why I fought like a tiger in the Secret Family Courts for all those years!

Jesus laid down his life, he told Peter off for cutting off the ear of the soldier who was arresting him, but he didn't do that because he was too scared to fight, he did it because he had such strong love burning in his heart that he couldn't let all the whole human race go to destruction without trying to save us from our own wicked selves, so he came to live as a man to show us how to live with one another, knowing full well what the human race would do to him, and we did do it, we murdered God.

Men like Lord McAlpine have rejected God, thats why he has written that vile book, encouraging other people like Margaret Thatcher and David Cameron to be wicked and selfish and unkind, in order to "succeed".

Zoompad said...

"Now despite a successful campaign, in which Britain First played a major part in getting the sale of a pornographic "sex education" CD-ROM produced by the BBC being withdrawn from sale, that you can read about here, Westbury Leigh C of E Primary School in Wiltshire has shown it to a class of 12 year olds despite the wishes of parents and one principled school governor with 12 years service, Keith Miller who resigned in protest at its showing.

'All the other governors approved of it being shown and it was suggested I might like to abstain when we voted, but I objected and they went ahead anyway.

We will be updating this article with the details of the other governors once we have them. It is also interesting to note that Wiltshire Council supported the school in showing the pornography to the children, some as young as 10, as did the Rector Jonathan Burke who is also a governor of the C of E school.

Now if any person was to show young children pornography they would quite rightly be arrested and imprisoned for their sick deeds and so to, should all involved in the making of this filth at the BBC, as should the pornographers of Wiltshire Council and the paedophile pornographers who sit on the board of governors of the school."

Do you know which church Jonathan Burke is rector of, as I think the parishioners need to know about this!

Anonymous said...

It should be said that just like iraq the men who joined up for 2 world wars
did so ona bunch of lies, they had to be lied to or they would not have gone, look up the men who tortured the mau mau set the bombs in iraq etc etc
i am ashamed of our menfolk
Helen Cheeseman

Anonymous said...

hello i dont know if anyone reads this but, i know someone on the evening standard and they wanted to run the story of this tory nigel evans
going to barnados homes,
more "pink ballets " no doubt,vile bastard !

Anonymous said...


Zoompad said...

I didn't delete the comment - it's here!

What the blinking heck is going on with my blog, comments dissapearing then reappearing - why and how?

Zoompad said...

That comment 5 May 2013 01:06 (thats not the time here in the UK, its now 10:01am but I have tried and failed to alter the time on my blog) dissapeared, I assumed I had pressed the delete button, bit here it is, so what is going on?

Zoompad said...

And I trust Tom Watson as far as I can spit.

Anonymous said...
barbara this shows that margret hodge knew masses of boys were victims of homosexuals in the care homes and looked the other way